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25 Apr 2017 0:37
Current Dear brits, you know what to do.
23 Apr 2017 0:40
We must reexamine Maximillian Robespierre to dialectically discern his methods - his Praxis - and its implementation in a contemporary setting to seize the memes of production. Also the methods.
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19 Apr 2017 21:47
Also pirate related
19 Apr 2017 21:46
If you're also going to go full pirate, at least vote for the Pirate party.
19 Apr 2017 21:02
Yo, MLK may be pretty cool and all but ya'll forgetting his own radicalism and that the folk truly lit at the time were the Deacons of Defense and Malcolm X.


>You venture onto my profile
>You read this

>You will never a Green Hornet

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<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

yeah why not, I'm not busy atm.

Excellent. First we'll need to obtain some raw French revolutionary solidarity, a seven nation army worth of enemies, and a guillotine made from the purest revolutionary iron bathed in blueblood blood to make the guillotine blade.

We'll then need to draw in white chalk a Tree of Liberty in any town square, preferably in as many as possible.
<Snipped quote by mdk>

no you're not supposed to take it seriously, because you don't discuss anything seriously or actually want to change your viewpoint. you post b8 then mock actual productive responses.

whether you disagree or not with him, Villageidiotx made a thoughtful reply, and you just mock it because you have no real rebuttal.

Doivid, if I told you I had the Necronomicon and I said we can bring Robespierre back into this world would you take me up on conducting the ritual to bring up the greatest world revolution to ever meet this side of the universal divide?
My main beef with the far left is the sectarian nature of it.

<Snipped quote by Darth Squidius>

That's the saddest goddamn thing I ever heard.

But the British don't have Mexicans. They have the Polish.
<Snipped quote by Elgappa>

They gonna give the northern part of the country to Germany as lebensraum?

When you do that, you make Occitania great again.

And no self-respecting French person would want the Occitans to have priority again, right? Right?
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