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23 Mar 2017 23:28
Current Excuse me I'm just using this for storing memes publicly for short-term
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23 Mar 2017 23:27
20 Mar 2017 6:43
16 Mar 2017 22:11
Capitalism can't happen, it's just against human nature [to not have power derived to you through the blessings of the mighty Lord on high]
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10 Mar 2017 1:54
In today's climate: everything is a fucking Spook.


>You venture onto my profile
>You read this

>You will never a Green Hornet

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<Snipped quote by Vilageidiotx>

I, too, am a posadist.

<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

You just have to be careful about it. Sumatran? Communist. Columbian? Communist. Guatemalan? Communist. French roast? You can capitalize it, but natural state is communist. Americana is a commie trick, it's not real American coffee and therefore it's communist. Etc.

Really you have to go to Starbuck's to get coffee, because they exploit the poor overseas, which capitalizes just about any blend.

Starbucks sounds like the sort of establishment that deserves to have its windows smashed.

That'll teach the Deep State

If plain coffee is communist then I have a dependency on the Vanguard-turned-Bourgiese-Ruling-Class fancy shit.
<Snipped quote by Vilageidiotx>

That's what it says on the can.

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