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22 Feb 2017 4:38
Current Bio edited! :D
21 Feb 2017 15:37
Why are cockroaches so damn hard to kill?
13 Feb 2017 4:55
Have a very important test on Friday. Will probably be online (I refresh the page out of habit lol) but will be barely or not active at all.
9 Feb 2017 23:56
[@AllOurPrettySongs] That's me every single day OMG. XD
9 Feb 2017 19:12
Forever my best collab in RPG history #throwbackthursday
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Like, seriously, how can you not love this Romanian God?!

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Expect my character today!!!!

@Ace of flames01 Okay, so before I continue with my CS I have a genuine concern. So far we have 3 hetero females (without including mine, also hetero) and one male. What would happen if we don't get enough males?

| Name |
Renata Gabriela De León Marín

| Date of Birth |
| 23

| Gender |

| Sexuality |

| Status |

| Partner |

| Occupation |
Occasional Model, Part-Time Vehicle Saleswoman at Ann Arbor’s Ferrari dealership, Part-Time graduate school student in the Nutrition M.D. program

| In-Depth Appearance |
At least a paragraph or more like tats, scars, piercings ect.

[ hr]

| Personality |
♦ Social Butterfly ♦ Impulsive ♦ Flirtatious ♦ Judgemental ♦

At least a paragraph or two detailing your character’s personality. Positive and negative, and how they interact with others.

| Likes & Dislikes |
At least five likes (Or more).
At least five dislikes (Or more).

What does your character like to do in their spare time and what do they do for fun?

| History |
Brief history their early life like growing up until now ect

| Family |
[indent][*]Carlos Gabriel De León | Father | Owner of a few Ferrari dealerships, though his main office is in Ann Arbor. | FC: John Leguizamo
[*]Rosalba Marín | Mother | Her husband’s secretary at the main office
[*]Carlos Gabriel De León Jr. | Younger Brother | College Student[/indent]

| Strengths |
  • Public Speaking

| Weaknesses |
  • Three (or more).

| Theme Song |
[url]Song – Artist[/url]
“I'm the type of girl to look you dead in the eye-eye
I'm real as it come if you don't know why I'm fly
Seen you tryna switch it up but girl you ain't that dope
I'm a Wonder Woman, let me go get my rope
I'm a supermodel and mami, si mami
Amnesty International got Bangkok to Montauk on lock
love my ass and my abs in the video called "Promiscuous"
My style is ri-dic-dic-diculous, 'diculous, 'diculous”

| Extra Information |
Anything else.
@Sisyphus Unfortunately it would be the case of opposites also...
@Americore LOL 😂😂😂
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