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I followed my heart... And it led me to you <3
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[@Gowi] #byeFelicia 😂
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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


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So sorry about the short post and delay! Hopefully it's enough!

Having finished with orders for the morning, JC finally exited his vintage Mustang and made his way to the school building, black backpack over his shoulder. From out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar Tacoma riding up and taking up an available parking spot. A trio of boys jumped out of it, but the bearded young man paid no attention to them and continued on his way. It was only when JC was near the entrance that he caught the eye of Alfredo Zapien, a classmate and customer of his, flanked by George Kowalewski and Daniel Rivas at either side of him. Alfredo and JC shook hands, firm grips from both boys before the former greeted the latter. But before JC could reply, George piped up in that annoying voice of his something about having a job for him. Once again, JC was left with his mouth open about to reply when another interruption came in the form of a blonde girl. Leave it to annoying as hell Haven Michael to be nosey and rude and butt into a conversation that she wasn’t a part of. This annoyed the usually chill JC, and even more so when the blonde had the audacity to ignore him. The young man couldn’t help but let out a scoff.

“Well good morning to you too, Haven.” JC said sarcastically, making a point out of how Haven had ignored him. In all honesty, Haven was one of the few girls in school he’d never tried to go after. It wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive -because God, she had a nice ass and a good-looking rack- but more because he knew she would be a challenge. The idea of getting this shy, well-to-do girl back to bed with him was a hot one for sure, but in JC’s eyes this was no time to go through unnecessary work. Why bother with a difficult girl when he could have a much better-looking one with absolutely no issues. Leave it to Jameson to always take the easy way out.

But focusing back on current events…

The tall man turned his eyes from the blonde girl and onto the group of buys in front of him. “A job, you say?” JC drawled, crossing his arms in front of his chest and raising a questioning eyebrow at Alfredo and Daniel. They both knew about his ‘business’, so why would they let George of all people talk to him about a so-called ‘job’? “Well, I already have a job, so this better be a hell of a proposal. Let's hear it then, Kowalewski”
<Snipped quote by Dirty Pretty Lies>

I'm playing OOC catchup so bad right now.

Personally I think that it would add some fun drama to have them working together.

Also, I'm ready to jump into a hotel bar drink fest whenever you are :)

I think they have enough drama as it is. They'd both get their asses fired of they worked together.

And I'm just waiting for another post on Brutal's end before I bring Bella down to the hotel. I hope that's not a problem with you hun. ^.^
@AnaSilan Sunja True, and thanks for that! But still, Kaitlin and Keisha are both counselors, so I want Lanie to do her own thing. XD I'll make her Edenridge private school's kindergarten teacher instead. ^.^

EDIT: Kait isn't a counselor. My bad. But Lanie working at the same school as Kaitlin is a disaster waiting to happen, so better to avoid that.
I think I'm changing Lanie's job. Far too many people are counselors.
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