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22 Mar 2017 21:36
Current Ready to support my team tonight in the WBC championship game. #TeamPUR ⚾
17 Mar 2017 18:25
Apologies for delay in posts. An old but very dear ex-classmate of mine has passed away in unexpected circumstances, and my broken heart has affected my inspiration.
13 Mar 2017 16:01
Nothing gets more on my nerves than working hard to make a character only to have someone else make one super similar to mine for the same RP, when mine was posted first.
9 Mar 2017 19:17
When my friends are happy, I'm happy. 💖
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8 Mar 2017 6:16
[@Altered Tundra] You can't tell me what to do. 💁😂


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Like, seriously, how can you not love this Romanian God?!

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@AnaSilan Sunja He did break her heart, after all. XD

And I would like that! Should we use the last doc?
@Blubaron45 Yes. Apologies for the lack of post, college + death of an ex-classmate + WBC + unplanned IRL stuff have taken a toll on my time.
@AnaSilan Sunja LOL hey, I guess he feels guilty about something.
@BrutalBx Thank you! I'm glas you liked it!

PS: Added a little something in the end.
Post is finally up! Apologies for the mega late reply (college + death of an ex-classmate + WBC + unplanned IRL stuff), and hopefully it was worth the wait! <3
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