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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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Regal Square, Prince-Edfield_

"They don't pay us, yeah..." Meifeng said, as she briefly looked at her fingertips, she appeared to be uninterested. "... But, remember, we gotta look good. And you can't put a price on that."

She laughed for a moment, before she took a quick look around... God, these events felt so empty without Cindy around. Well, a lot of things felt empty without Cindy, but after the death of Lihua, she couldn't stop for a moment to even appreciate these moments. She was so distant to her fellow RAVENS, she clenched her fist for a moment as the sheer frustration of it all got to her. But, then she realized what she was doing, then caught herself. She turned to face Reed, and kept smiling.

"Y'know, I'm going to get the weirdest-ass carnival food I can find, then we can split it!" Meifeng said, as she took steps towards the door. She heard of things like donut burgers, and fried butter balls (Yuck!), and wanted to try them. If that was the pinnacle of All-American cuisine, then she was going to try it. "And by the time I go see Lijuan, I've already vomited it all out. 'Kay? Bye!"

She was already out the door, and left a confused Reed questioning what Meifeng was even talking about.

Meifeng just decided to get some fresh air, as she marched through the stalls. Honestly, she also didn't want to deal with Maximilian Cornell, especially when it came to mind. She sighed as she walked. The situation with him was... complicated. Probably something that she needed to sit down, and have a talk over (And someone like Quentin or Reed needed to be the moderator).

Actually, Meifeng was going to go see Lijuan first. It wouldn't hurt, since the Lius are doing such a good job taking care of the youngest Zhao.

Audrey spotted the Chinese lady called Meifeng exiting the big building and strode towards her. Her hands were in her pockets, the cap on her head low as she walked in step with Meifeng. She raised her head and acknowledged her with a nod

"Agent Meifeng. It has been a while, babushka. Not since Verthaven have we seen each other. I hope you are well."

To say that the mix of emotions within her was confusing would be an understatement. On one hand, she was grateful to the government forces for the evacuation effort and for keeping the monsters of the Disaster at bay. Indirectly she owed her life to them. On the other, the loss of her friends weighed heavily on her heart. She wanted to give agent Meifeng a hug, then sock her in the face for abandoning those she considered near family.

At first, Meifeng was annoyed that somebody was interrupting her.

Normally, she would had ducked into a the crowd, and never mention any of it again. But, the mere mention of Verthaven... it made her stop on one foot, and turn around. She faced the stranger with a weary look in her eyes, and looked her up and down. She was big, but Meifeng wasn't intimidated. It wasn't about size, but how you used it. The woman was fairly old... Meifeng couldn't, for the life of her, recognize this weird woman.

"Sorry, ma'am," Meifeng tipped her ballcap, "Verthaven was ten years ago... you're gonna have to jog my memory."

With a raised hand, Audrey gathered the smoke from her cigarette into her palm and swirled it into a ball, no subtle use of her powers but small enough to not attract attention. The stream of smoke from the burning cigarette tip wove its way round her fingers and balled into her palm, before she released it into the air in a puff.

"Ten years ago, a NEST agent arrested two young men. Marcus Rowland and John Cole Sykes. They helped the agency fight the Hands of Science. I considered them my family in Verthaven. But now, they're dead. I'm all that's left of that little home I had there. In part, I have you to thank for, at least, helping the survivors out of the city."

This woman was feeding her a sob story while talking about something that Meifeng had no part of (the NEST part). She was a dumbass teenager back then, she had no part of NEST or anything that happened. In addition, this broad talked to her like she knew her! She probably only saw her on TV and thought that she was some omniscient God that had a part in all things RAVEN. She only rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, lady," Meifeng said, as she stared at the woman with a look of contempt. "But, you're barking up the wrong tree. I was just eighteen when Verthaven went down. I had nothing to do with NEST, or it's internal affairs."

That wasn't true.... when the shield went up, she was considered a defacto member of NEST during their attempts to get the hell out of there. She had no idea about Marcus, or John Sykes... while many of NEST activities were declassified, Meifeng just had better things to do (Like figure out just what the high hell just happened).

"And I guess..." Meifeng shrugged "... You're welcome?

"Not you? Hmm...must've been a young lady that looked just like you...the resemblance is uncanny, miss. Did you have any older siblings who were in NEST?"

A part of Meifeng got defensive the moment when she finally realized just who she was talking about (and another part of her wanted her to get her eyes checked).

"I know just who you're talking about;" Meifeng started off. "... My mother."

"Your mother...well she was an exceptional agent, miss."

Audrey sighed. Her saviour was this young lady's mother. A sore point for her. The whole situation became rather awkward, but she could sympathise with Meifeng; after all, she too was a mother. At the back of her mind, she wondered how her daughter was doing. Probably better than she was, drifting between jobs and friends and homes. But...she couldn't imagine a world where she was missing from her daughter's life. She couldn't imagine the phone call that would ensue if she'd died in Verthaven. The tears that'd inevitably follow. She could only imagine what it was like for her.

A hand dove into her back pocket and produced a worn brown leather wallet. From within one of its folds, she pulled a dog-eared business card for her cafe. With a hand, she gave it to Meifeng.

"I'm sorry, agent Meifeng. I didn't know, but I owe your mother my life. Come by my cafe if you're looking for a less...expensive place to eat. For you, on the house. It's the least I can do to honour your mother."

Meifeng shrugged.

The way she speaks implies that she knows Lihua's dead... maybe I should keep an eye on her. Meifeng thought to herself as she stared the woman down. She briefly looked at the card she received, and raised an eyebrow. She was going to head there later, after work was over.

"Yeah, I'll swing by, Miss..." Meifeng tried to get her name.

"Audrey Novalik. But everyone calls me Aura."

I'll be sure to look up that name, later.

Meifeng nodded her head.

"I just have much work to do here," Meifeng said as she started to walk away. Reed was probably wondering what in the hell she was doing if she took this long... maybe she'd get Reed that nasty food she wanted to, then go find Lijuan.

That girl needed whatever love and support she could get after Lihua's death...

"I shall leave you be then, agent. Come visit me in my café if you have the time."

With a tip of her cap, Audrey vanished into the crowd, the only thing visible being the glow of her cigarette, before that too melded into the lights of street lamps and phones. Her work here, apart from nabbing one more greasy chili dog, was done.
Hazan Volintis
The Borealis

As Dex and Iosif settled in their seats, Hazan placed himself in his. In front of his nav console. His talons danced over the holographic windows and inputs as he went through his own pre-flight checklist, and once done, he began plotting a route to LaFayette Station. When the route had been plotted, he threw it over to Dex's console to let her sort out the minutiae. That was her job, and his was done now. The pilots had it in their hands to take them to the station without a bump in the flight. He pulled out his datapad, threw his feet up onto his powered down console and began reading. After all, the cockpit was his second bunk.

It wasn't long before the rather relaxing atmosphere broke though, as Drono's voice rang out from the speakers all over the ship calling for the crew to convene on the bridge. Hazan stowed his datapad and ambled over to the area just behind the cockpit consoles, where the rest of the crew were clustered around their lone drell and their meeting table. Drono was giving a briefing, and the subject was his long-standing back problem and their current trip to Lafayette where he could get patched up and combat ready. Hazan couldn't help but smirk; just before they'd left, he'd had it in him to bring the sickly drell to a clinic on Elysium for a checkup. His idea, of course. The pain meds he'd gotten there were helping, but not by much, as it was apparent from Drono's sickly expression and demeanor. As the crew got to immediate planning, he let his smug smirk fall away to his normal, more serious expression.

While Dex went for the tech and stealthy approach, Hazan took a moment to think. Then he spoke.

"Dex, d'you think you could pull a map or floor plan of the station itself and send it to me? We need to cover routes, alternate routes, points of entry and egress, cover zones, crowd areas, checkpoints, stuff like that."

The turian paced slowly round the table, taking mind not to bump into anyone.

"Plan A... Plan A, hmm... Well if I were the Eclipse, and Yestin is helping them, I'd be monitoring station traffic in and out. I'd be looking for a transport or shuttle that's carrying a casualty or an injured crew member, specifically a drell. Since this is your former accomplice we're talking about, let's assume they know all about you. So we're talking expecting us at the shuttle bay, at the clinic, and en route. Probably have a transport just off station with more troops if they're expecting company, which they should since they're Eclipse."

Hazan activated his omnitool, quietly cursing the holographic display clipping through his arm, and opened a note file where he began tapping out a list.

"So here's what I propose for Plan A: we draft up a cover story for our approach and do the whole "cloak and dagger" thing the whole way. To draw attention away from Drono, we need a decoy. Someone else who's suitably due for a medical examination. Probably Vellios. That's step one. Step two is the escort. We'll need eyes and ears on the ground before Drono steps out so he's covered the moment he's on site, plus an escort to go with him that's suitably discreet. I'll immediately volunteer for recon duty because being a front scout is what I do. I foresee us needing to spread out and blend in, so maybe one or two more scouts should go with me to pad out the route. And step three is a distraction for our Eclipse buddies on site. Probably best if we do something here that doesn't get us blacklisted and booted off the station."

He wrote all this down onto his omnitool and powered it down.

"Oh, one more thing: Drono, send me all the intel you have on Yestin too. It's one thing for Dex to track his galactic whereabouts, I'm not worried about that bit, but I want to be damn sure that he won't be on site with us. So I'll be keeping an eye out for him on station during the escort. If he's there, I'll ring a big alarm bell for the team."

Six months ago, Verthaven Memorial Cemetery

The woman stood above a pair of graves. The breeze brushed through her hair, messy in its current state, untied and dancing in the wind. She gazed down at the two grave markers, simple stone plinths with names and dates chiseled into their smooth faces. A bottle of vodka was clasped firm in one hand. The other held a small bouquet of flowers. She set the bouquet down between the graves, splitting the flowers between the two. With her hand free, she uncapped the vodka bottle and took a swig. A hearty sigh escaped her lips as she stared down wistfully at the graves, taking in each crack in the stone facade, every chisel mark in the names inscribed on them.

"I hate you both, stupid little idioty."

She spat the last word with all the contempt she had for the dead men. Strength left her legs as she sat on the dirt, the cigarette clamped in her mouth flaring as she puffed in anger, smoke plumes spraying from her nostrils.

"Just had to be heroes, both of you. Fucking glupyye idioty. Mixed up in all that shit. And then you had to be heroes when the disaster hit. Went and got yourselves killed... Left this poor ztarushka all alone."

Tears began to fall from her eyes as she stubbed out the cigarette in the dirt. She stood and stamped the crumpled butt into the ground with her heel, grinding it with barely repressed frustration. The woman brushed hair from her face as she shook her head and took another hit of vodka.

"I'll never did understand you two, and now I never will. But... You two were the best parts of my life, and I loved you for that. You never knew it, but I cared for you as I did my own deti. My own children. My little angels."

With the bottle uncapped, she poured a splash of vodka on one grave, and then the other.

"To you, Marcus and John. I will never forget you both. Proshchay. Ya lyublyu tebya."

Audrey capped her bottle of vodka and strode off towards the exit. The graves of her friends, worn by wind and rain and weather, still stood proudly amongst the countless other unnamed graves.

Present day, Regal Square, Prince Ed-Field

With her hands stuffed into the pockets of her windbreaker, Audrey wove her way through the crowd that was slowly dispersing after the Director's speech. The rally was, for the most part, over. The nearbyfood was something she could sink her teeth into, literally and metaphorically of course. She had a hot dog in her hand, idly munching away while she people watched. The rally itself was boring as far as DOVE rallies went. The usual support garnering for the whole human-metahuman relations thing, trying to lift people's spirits in spite of the terror events in the recent year. She was here mostly to scope out the whole thing, since all her employees were either on their break or schooling at the moment. Her cafe was closed, and Audrey was here, spending time alone.

She briefly wondered if there were any other metas here, when a familiar face caught her attention. Just out of the corner of her eye, she saw a vaguely familiar Chinese lady disappear into the main DOVE building, flanked by other men, presumably her retinue. Audrey paused, plate in hand while she racked her brain trying to remember where she'd last seen that woman. The memories came back slowly. The incident with the Fiends more than ten years ago. Verthaven.

Marcus and John.

The NEST agent that arrested them. Took them away from her like a predator stole away the helpless young of its prey animal. Not directly responsible for their deaths, but part of that troubled period of her life. She was determined to catch her on her way out. Just to see if these...DOVE types were the type to remember past losses and to feel them. Audrey kept her distance from the entrance, but if and when Meifeng chose to leave, the old Russian would be close enough to intercept her for a few words.
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