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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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Natalya Kortensky

Camp | Zalera Tundra

As the rest of the SOLDIERs filtered into the mess tent, Natalya took a seat next to them. Her guns, now out of their cases, were stowed safely in their housings on her combat armour. Her gloved hands were clasped round a dented, slightly worn metal mug with a carabiner hooked into the handle. Within steamed a nice piping hot serving of chicken soup from the camp's mess. Although unorthodox, soup in a cup was her idea of warm comfort food. And as the last of the group sat and began their introductions, she waited for a lull in the conversation before getting her introduction in.

"Doctor Natalya Kortensky. Archadian native. Second rank SOLDIER. Medical officer and healer. Quite a motley crew we have here, yes?"

As the others got to talking and introducing themselves, Natalya sat back in her seat and drank her soup. The other SOLDIERs...felt strange. She hadn't seen this many of her fellow comrades-in-arms since her training days, and frankly it excited her. This new mission, although strange, was going to be a true test of their abilities, both to work as a team, and their Aeons. The doctor found it rather weird, though, that they were going to be infiltrating the city she'd called a home away from home for years. Running her clinic in Nibelheim, she'd frequently gone to Archadia to pick up supplies that they needed to run things. She knew the city fairly well, but to think that they were holding a weapon in there, capable of untold destruction... It set her mind awhirl.

Then presumably their leader entered the mess tent, and a briefing commenced. They were to be split into two teams, as detailed in the dossier. She was to be part of the Infiltration team, since the Distraction team already had a medic. Already she knew her decision was going to be bad, but if the teams needed to be balanced, then by jove they would be. Natalya listened to the briefing, noting with a grim nod that their timeline had moved. With a sense of finality and purpose, the group stood, bit by bit, and filtered out of the tent. Strangely, she was the last to leave. Her gaze lingered on the horizon, in the direction that Archadia lay. This would be the last time she'd treat the city as a welcome place.

And it would be the first time she'd consider it a warzone.

The Canal | Shypwreck

Cold water greeted Natalya as she, or rather her Aeon, roused her from her unconsciousness. Her body ached, joints creaking and muscles sore from the crash. The Archadian doctor had used the opportunity of the flight to catch a short nap, but she'd been jolted awake by the attack. It'd left her disoriented, and when the Shyp hit the water, she'd banged her head against a wall and been knocked out. But now that she was awake, she knew that if she didn't move, she'd drown.

Her gauntlets found the straps of her harness that held her tightly against her seat and ripped them apart with ease, her strength and Alexander's melding together as she tore free from her bindings. As Carmen, their defacto leader, set to work tearing the others free, she began to help. With Carmen on one side, Natalya worked on the other, her armoured fists ripping and tearing apart the straps and harnesses that held the SOLDIERs to their chairs. Then, as Carmen found the crack in the Shyp and dove underneath the water's surface to escape, she knew what she had to do.

Natalya grabbed the nearest SOLDIER, whoever it was, and shoved them roughly towards where Carmen had dove under the roiling waves. Body after body she tore from their destroyed restraints and hurried towards their exit. With each SOLDIER that she got up and moving, their chances of surviving improved by just that little bit. And this mission needed every ounce of skill that they had. It didn't matter to her that the icy water was up to her waist, all that mattered to her was the success of the mission. Without thinking, she slapped her helmet on and engaged the seal. The lights within ignited her face in stark white as she waved those already up and moving towards their exit.

"Go, comrades! Swim for it! I will be right behind!"
Natalya Kortensky
Zalera Tundra Base

The air was cold. Bracing and fortifying. It cut straight through the chinks in her armour and penetrated her very core, even with the in-built warmers keeping her pleasantly toasty. Then again, she was no stranger to the cold.

Natalya stepped off the Shyp transport that had brought her to Zalera and pulled her thick coat around herself. As bulky and as warm as her armour was, it only went so far to protect her from the chill. The ride had been uneventful, as far as she was concerned. Horrible food and even worse jostling notwithstanding, the trip was fine. According to the mission brief, they were to infiltrate Archadia, which was where she'd been brought up near. Nibelheim, Faelan's crown jewel of medical engineering, was her home, even though she was of Galbadian birth. Her name, her whole life, had been in Archadian culture. It was her upbringing. And she was to treat her home as an enemy. Funny, how fate dealt its cards.

The briefing for this leg was simple enough: meet up with the other soldiers in camp. That was it. Their transports were the aforementioned Shyps, and frankly she didn't admire them. Unstabilised though reliable, the huge boats were little more than that: boats. Floating army transports, with the horrible food to match. Even now, as she gathered her duffel bag and cases into her hands, she bore witness to the results of such a trip. A fellow SOLDIER, one she didn't recognise, was on hands and knees in the snow, puking his guts out. With a brief chuckle at his expense, she strode forward. Her hands dove into her duffel bag as another SOLDIER, presumably one of her many teammates, helped the stricken man up to his feet. A third young lady made her way towards them but stopped just a few feet away. She walked around her as she approached.

The heat that emanated from him, and the snow around him turning to slush and then melting entirely, only confirmed her suspicions. Her hands left her bag with a strip of tablets that she contemplated as she approached.

Her bootfalls would be loud and noisy in the snow as she approached James and Nic, and she held the pills out to the former as she gave them a brisk smile. Just a moment ago, she'd heard James introducing himself, and noted his name.

"Take this, detenysh. For the sea sickness. I'd hate to see you make another mess, comrade Camron."

She gave the two men a brief but sharp salute as a greeting.

"Doctor Natalya Kortensky. I assume you are SOLDIER comrades also on mission today?"

On the Shyp ride, she'd busied herself with reading personnel dockets of the other SOLDIERs on mission with her. And although she didn't know the lady or the man by face, she remembered brief details about James Camron after she'd skimmed his file.

Back line battlefield cover. Fights with a pistol and a compound bow. His aeon matches mine in temperance, the only difference being its propensity for violence. A new soldier, with little time to adjust to the bond with his aeon. Someone to keep an eye on.

Hopefully she'd get to know the others once they'd all convened in camp. For now, she was content to fill in faces where she knew only names.
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@DjAtomika Long time.

I'll switch Natalya to Infiltration then. Not sure how much use a heavy weapon, riot shield toting doctor will do as a sneaky sneaky.
@Rockette Distraction for Natalya please.
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