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My name is DJ.
I am a roleplayer.
A roleplayer of roughly a good decade now.
I write a lot of things, and am able to roleplay a lot of things.

Random Things about me
- I run a small YouTube channel.
- I listen to a helluva lot of music. Love music.
- I'm from Singapore. It's a little island in Southeast Asia.

Anywho, I've not been RPing for a long long time, but here I am, hopefully to make a few friends and RP some.

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@Rockette Why hello there. Long time no see!

I'll keep my eye on this.
Haze and Drono
"Security Blanket"

Hazan knocked on Drono's door. Out of the entire crew, the drell was the one he'd conversed with the least. Other than occasional chats during mealtimes, he barely even saw him around. The fact that he'd been knocked around on Virmire concerned him, since they didn't have a proper medic. Currently they were on shore leave, so he at least hoped to find the drell a doctor.

"Whozzat?" Dronos voice came, somewhat slurred, from the other side of the door. Followed with a thunk as something hit the floor and plenty of Drell cursing. "Give me a sec." There was more noise, more cursing and then the door slid open. Drono looked a bit sluggish, and his room smelled of gun grease and cleaners.

"It's Hazan. I'm taking you to a doctor."

There was a moment of absolute silence. Then the Drell slowly began to close the door. No words, just, inching the door close as if Haze would not notice him doing it.

A firm talon slapped against the door, stopping it from closing.

"I'm not joking, Drono. You need a doctor. Those painkillers won't fix that injury. Y'know I haven't forgotten what you sent to all of us before Virmire."

His tone was firm and insistent. Hazan didn't want to spend his shore leave rotting in the ship, beating himself up over his mistakes. If he had to do something, at least he could show the drell he cared.

"I am seeing a doctor. At Lafayette. But fine. I seem to have fucked up my cocktail. Perhaps they can help me with that." Drono said, the false conviction in his voice fooling nobody. He turned and got his jacket. "Let's go get this over with."

Hazan stood at the door, dressed rather plainly in a shirt and jeans. With his visor still on.

As drono pushed past him, he grumbled "Fucking do-gooders" HIs jacket as it were, had the logo of a famous Turian Rap group emblazoned on the back. Proudly proclaiming that the Drell had been and bought it at one of their concerts.

"C'mon. Nearest doctor's just a block or two away. If we don't get you in working order by our next contract, there's gonna be hell to pay. 'Sides, I gotta see someone for this leg that's not some military medic."

The slender gray turian led the way off the ship, still limping slightly on his left leg. The injury he'd gotten way back on Omega hadn't healed the whole way, even with the gel cast. He walked down the shuttle bay ramp and onto the cool, sunny streets of Elysium.

The human colony stood proud and tall as an example of how hardy the humans were. After the blitz all those years ago, they'd rebuilt. Now Elysium was a shiny colony that spoke of prosperity and progress. But all that bullshit didn't interest him. Hazan was looking for a clinic, more specifically a clinic he'd found on his omnitool while searching for medical stations.

"As I said. I am going to Lafayette station. They will know what to do. For me it isn't as easy to just walk in and go "Hey, take a look at my back" you feel me?" Drono explained exasperated. But even as he spoke, the fresh air seemed to bring some livelyness into him. As they walked past a small stall selling some kind of fried food he motioned for thme to stop. "Hold up." He approached the stall, eyeing the delichius smelling food.

"Seriously? Snack break?"

Hazan couldn't help but make a wry smile as Drono immediately diverted towards a fried food stall, and just like the drell he couldn't resist the temptation of fried treats, especially after the past few days' worth of MREs.

"Yeah. We've lived on basic stuff. I need some grease in me." Drono complained. The stall owner, a portly looking human rubbed his hands and offered them a smile. "What would it be today?"

"Fair point. Fuck MREs, seriously."

"What do you got that a Turian can eat. And what greasy, godforgotten ball of deepfried meat do you got for a hungry drell?" Drono inquired, hungrily eyeing the little charchoal grill and frying wat.

"Hope you got something dex-amino based, friend.

"Oh. Yes yes. We do we do. Plenty of Turians pass here." He said as he fished out what appeared to be some sort of lizard meat on a stick. "Fried in dex-amino based frying batter. The meat is from Hedgemony approved sources. All Dex-amino certified I assure you."

Looking to the drell he said. "And you good Drell, you were after the juicy stuff?" Drono looked at him, he might have been drooling and his stumach gave a growl. The man handed him a plate of something that was practicly drowning in fried fat.

"Oh... man.. " Drono payed the man his money without a word then set to wolfing the food down.

"That's...actually pretty cool. I'll take two!"

Hazan eagerly paid in credits and took two sticks of the fried meat, moving away with the drell so they could eat in peace. While Drono hungrily wolfed down his food, the turian took his time, savouring every bite.

"Fuck MREs, man. This shit is the best."

"Agreed" The drell said as he wiped his chin. The food nad fresh air had done wonders for his disposition. Albeit the fact they were seeing a doctor did put a dampener on things. "You do realize that I am to fucked up for any ol' clinic right?"

"I realise. But if they can get your drugs right, then that tides the trip over some, right? Lafayette is still some time away. Aren't you worried about the interim?"

"Of course I do. I may be the most chipper son of a bitch you'll ever meet. But I am not dumb. Of course I worry. I wake up thinking I am paralyzed in the middle of the night. Compared to that, the trips aint that bad." He pondered for a little while. "Ok, I lied. The trips are really bad when I screw up the dosage. Has to do with us drells and our memories."

"I can imagine. That's why we should get your dosages squared away. Can't have one of our best scouts not at a hundred percent, hmm?"

Hazan eyed the drell while chewing thoughtfully.

"Ah. But I am our only scout besides you." Drono chuckled. "I was hoping we would head for Lafayette next actually. Last I heard, Doc had gotten into trouble with some local thugs or something."

"I'd hope so. Then maybe I can get my leg checked out as well. This gel cast just isn't working..."

He gestured to his left leg, pulled up his jeans leg to show the blue medi-gel cast there.

"Oh man,. That is starting to smell." He said half jokingly.

"Hehe. I think so too. But it keeps my leg from hurting a lot, so I'm keeping it on until I can get a proper doctor to look at it."

"Speaking of." The drell stopped short infront of a pair of doors. "Seems we are here." The drell was visibly nervous and mumbled to himself. "Doctors are good, but I don't know if I should."

Hazan finished off the last of his meat sticks and tossed the empty sticks into a nearby bin.

"Well don't be nervous. It's just about your meds, nothing more."

He strode to the doors and they slid open noiselessly. The turian stood by to keep the doors open.

"Usually I am high" He mumbles as he walks inside. His eyes darted about, fingers twitiching. The smell of disinfectents washed over him suddenly and he almost turned right there and then. Memories of a similair lobby, dragging himself inside flashed before his eyes. But he steeled himself and kept moving. "Ok... Ok I am good. Lets go."

Hazan kept by Drono's side as they walked into the lobby together. He approached the counter first and attracted the attention of the lady there.

"Hey, uh, miss. We were looking for some medical attention? I've got a bum leg, injured a while back. My friend here's got some meds he needs looked at?"

"Does it seem to require surgery or is the damage more surface related?" The woman spoke with a pleasant tone.

"That's the thing, I'm not sure? I had a pretty bad fall, got a cast on it and everything but I don't know if the inside's injured."

"Xray and bonescan. Very well. The waiting room to the left, at the end of that corridor." She pointed to a corridor leading off to the right.

"After you Haze." Drono said, looking down the corridor.

"Right then."

Hazan nodded to the drell and limped down the corridor, going to the last waiting room at the end of the hall and disappearing inside.

Drono was left standing. He glanced at the door. He could leave, claim he saw something of interest. But no, that would be wrong of him. Instead he asked the nurse. "Do I need to follow Hazan?" and slumped down next to him on a chair that seemed to be built for aesthethics rather than comfort.

The nurse shook her head and smiled.

"No need, sir. The procedure shouldn't take that long. Meanwhile, your friend said something about...medication?"

"Ah yes. I have been taking this cocktail"


"You know. Complex condition, needs a precise mix."

"Ah. And you are unsure whether or not you are doing the right amount."

"Lady. I ran out of the right stuff two months and a half ago. Been supplementing as I go"

"Um...Right... DO you have a list of what medicines you been taking the past, say half a year?" She asked, She looked at him with some concern. When he produced the list her eyes grew wide. "I... Wait right here." She was quickly walking away to grab the closest person, there was several loud discussions, some gawking at the list as they find a new name on it that made no sense. When she retured she cleared her throat.

"You... You do realize several of these are considered illegal narcotics"

"Depends on who you ask and what race you are lady."

At that moment Hazan stepped out into the lobby, stretching his shoulder as he limped towards Drono.

"Everything alright? I heard a racket out here."

"Ah. It appears my cocktail isn't strictly legal."

"No, Mr Drono." A male voice rang out. "But it isn't a problem. the original components of said medication, while higly unusual for a Drell to imbue, are fully legal." The man that approached them looked old, greying hair and a scraggly but not entirely unkempt beard covered his chin. He was portly gentleman. He took Dronos hand.

"I am Doctor Joel Axelson. This clinics toxicologist. I would like to make a quick medical examination. Mainly to check your blood for any traces of some of these... unique medical components on the list. Do not worry, this is not going to wire to any authorities or get you slammed for posession." Drono hesitated, the mans voice was enjoyable, the kind of grandfatherly tone that made you instinctively trust a person.

"Alright doc. No names or incriminating evidence in your report, alright." Drono said as he followed the man. Once inside the office, Dr Joel frowned deeply and crossed his arms across his chest.

"First, Mr Drono. I would like to know what in stars names you thought when you mixed in hallucigens." He said the last part with extra emphasi while he drew a vial of Dronos blood.

"Well. Ever wanted to escape reality?"

"Yes. I think we all have Drono. However, hallucigenic drugs are a exeptionally poor choice in both health regard and the whole escape reality situation. Your memory store sensory input on a level unique to your race. You simply have to much shit on your mind to ever do hallucigenics safely."


"Ohh indeed. Now. I can only imagine the pain you have to be to take some of these. But Zanhalixide is downright lethal in bigger doses for a human." Joel stared him in the eyes.

"Oh that. I was only once. I puked for like, nine hours. Never again." He said with a sheepish grin, scratching the back of his head.

"Well. I can provide you with the clean mixture your doctor actually prescribed you. In fact. I can do you one better."

"You can score me some Androma?" Drono said before he could stop himself. It was a good natured joke, and his tone reflected such. But the silence that fell of the rumor made him glance at the exit. Then Joel chuckled.

"No. But I can switch some of the mixture for more efficient medicine, meant for your reptilian like biology. I am guessing the people who helped you with your back."

"Wait. I didn't mention my goddamn back." Dronos eyes shot wide in alarm. His hand grabbed for a gun wasn't there. Dr Joel simply rolled his eyes.

"You told me not to put anything on the records Drono. And I haven't, but I ran a search in the medicinal database on your blood. The clinic you go to are mainly for humans, but its part of the same network as mine. I believe they have been working on getting you a specialist, am I right?"

"Yes. I am still a bit thrown at the fact that you clearly know about me."

"Call it destiny. But I know Dr Marcella from several medical conferences. She talked in vague terms, as to not break confindentiality. But whne I heard we had a Drell here with a curious list of drugs and medicine. I put one and one together. " He tossed three bottles to him. Drono looked at it with suspcion.

"This feels... a little... light."

"They will do the job better then the hellish mix you call a cocktail. Trust me. Your liver will be thankful. Now get out of my office before I discover something in your that is downright explosive." He said. Drono didn't need a reminder to get out. He looked to Haze.

"Alright. I will admit. That wasn't too bad." He eyed the pill bottles. There was a note in one of them. He took it out and read it slowly.

-Don't mix with alcohol. You will really die.-

"I swear. That Doc is a spectre or something."

Hazan chuckled and shook his head.

"I told ya. I got my cast changed and now it's back to working order, by the by. Doc told me to lay off any serious running until the fracture sets. Now, you wanna continue wandering around? Maybe we can get some more food. Real food."

"Sounds like a plan."
@Fallenreaper @DearTrickster After Hellis is done posting our thing, I think its time the turians got together for a talk.
@Hellis So I hear from these fine folk that you're looking to do a collab?
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