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Noted and updated.

Ah, also it's not an .88. That was a gag in the video. Donny's rifle can shoot through schools, but his revolver is chambered in .460.

Still a hand cannon, mind you.
In The Final Hazard 18 Feb 2017 20:03 Forum: Writing Contests

When Donny was on an assignment, he took care not to make his presence obvious. He hid and stalked, kept a low profile. A situation such as this one, however, prompted him to do everything in his power to overcome it. He processed information quickly and efficiently, siphoned it through the contours of his brain to discern every detail vital to his survival. Were any of the other passengers in on the trap? Not likely. He doubted that any man savvy to the trap would willingly lock himself into a confined space with the world's top killer. Donny knew that contrary to popular belief, motor vehicles were actually quite terrible at stopping even weak bullets. He also noted that what he presumed to be a motherfucking railgun was pointed directly at them and getting ready to pull a Jimmy Neutron. With the catchphrase "Gotta Blaaast!" echoing through Donny's head, he formulated a sequence of actions. He suspected the worst scenario for each possibility of escape. The doors were likely locked by some mechanism that he could not manipulate, and even if he did step out, the gunmen would open fire. Why had they not fired yet though? Perhaps the limo actually was bullet proof, but not railgun proof. The tripod seemed to be a fixed device, but even if it wasn't, Donny doubted that he could guess when it was going to fire. Perhaps by shooting the large sphere charging the weapon, he could impede its progress? At any rate, there was no time for hesitation in the reptilian mind of the hitman. Shoot first, ask questions later.

Donny leaned forwards and his hands rose smoothly, naturally, to such an extend that even if someone had seen the gun in it, a split second might have passed where they didn't realize that it was a tool of murder about to be used. In the confines of the limo, what sounded like the end of the world erupted from the Magnum's barrel, the gun bucking thrice in the killer's grip. The first shot not only obliterated the glass partition and the chauffeur's head, but also shattered a fist-sized hole in the front windshield, cracks spiderwebbing in all directions. The partition and chauffeur had to have been dealt with first so that the other two shots wouldn't be obstructed. The same two shots that jellified the brains of the two men holding the Vectors an instant after the chauffeur bit the dust.

Know knowing he could escape by way of force, Donny was quick to put a bullet through the window he was next to before smashing the rest of the damaged glass out with a lead-lined fist. All the while he was moving after having knocked off a few of the enemies, Donny bellowed out orders that he hoped the others might see as beneficial to not dying horribly.

"Trah to shut up thah vents! Stawp that gas! Try yuh door locks!"
The spars exchang of word amongst the a passenger wa interrupted by the sound of the a chauffeur rapping on th glass partition with one of he a hand, lowering it a moment later to speak to all of them.
"Be ready for anything people, the fix is in." He said with a backward glanc, flashing a worried smil their way as h gestured with a finger through the front a windshield. Clearly visibl walking down th middl of the a intersection wer four individual - the first two wer worn-looking men wearing rusted and tattered a chainmail over baggy a jogging clothe, both carrying what the discerning ey would hav identified as a Vector submachin gun. They both looked anxiou and held their arms poorly, indicating they wer unfamiliar with th a weapon. The third individual looked to be a knight in a full plat armor carrying a modern compound crossbow, who were currently in th proces of calmly sliding a fat, cylinder-tipped bolt into th a tiller' slid. Finally, the fourth a person wer simply a tall teenager wearing a high-school uniform of some sort, complete with logo - who had run out ahead of the other thre and deployed a tripod-mounted, spiked rod in the middl of the a street. A moment later h ros and ran off, heading away from whatever wa about to happen.
The audible hum from th a levitating spher above the a intersection had notably amplified, and with a dull roar it unleashed a searing, jagged lanc of a electricity at the thre a blackguard advancing toward the a limousin - only to bend and arc directly into the a tripod mounted spik instead.
Looking out from th a limousin in other direction would reveal what th previously bustling a street wer now completely vacant, save for a few harried-looking a pedestrian who looked to be hurrying rapidly in th opposite direction of th a scen.

So I'd suppose that the letter 'E' is a clue? Not that posting this will probably result in anything being confirmed. Time to try and not die now!

After everyone has posted, do we wait for one from you or just keep rolling?
In Arena Chat Thread 16 Feb 2017 22:17 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Time for yet another match with a new character fresh out of my stable. Any takers?


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