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As Nillie did her analyzing, she'd see the pigs double again so that 110 of the buggers were zipping around like a swarm of fuzzy, squeaking bees. Nillie succeeded in hitting a swath of pigs that had been sweeping through the sky in a V formation twenty strong. As they died, it seemed to enrage many of the remaining pigs!

fifteen of the rodents shot out towards Nillie, seven of them on her left, seven pincering in from the right, and one rocketing forth head on for Nillie's torso.
If a second had passed between Nillie's assault on the V formation and her reaction to the pig pincer, then before impact the Uniformity would double again, and suddenly she'd be on the verge of encountering a quadruple claw barrage! seven pigs aiming for each leg, seven coming in at either flank, and two charging towards her face and solar plexus, respectively.

By now the area would be drowned in squeaks, whistles, chirps, and burbles. Pigs were going down chimneys, bumping into each other in air and on ground, tumbling off of trees, peeking out of rain gutters, smashing through windows, and generally doing guinea pig things.
People were fleeing from their homes, screaming. One man had a docile pig on his head as he ran past, and tears of fear streaming down his cheeks.

It seemed that despite it all, the pigs didn't quite have a hive mind. Or perhaps they did, but it didn't last too long because of their short attention spans. It was probably possible to make them mad enough to all attack at once, but for the most part Nillie only had to worry about splinter groups. That, and the possibility of the pigs multiplying to such a degree that it'd become numerically impossible to deal with them all.

By the time she had said "When pigs...", the rodents would have doubled again. It was like high speed mitosis, each pig suddenly dividing into two of the same mass as the original, defiling the law of conservation of matter. One of them shot out of the blue and towards Nillie's face, whistling shrilly! In the next second if that one survived, then there'd be fifty-six pigs whizzing around.
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After the briefing, Fuubi whirled around into an awkward karate stance, nervously shuffling away from the crowd. If he was challenged multiple times, he'd be forced to either lose or reveal his strategies! He looked like a nerdy loser, and knew it. They'd all want to tear into the weak looking one first.

~I'll become physically dangerous to make them too afraid to duel me! Then I'll challenge the last survivor! FOOLPROOF.~

A pig cut through the air like a fuzzy guided missile set to strike Nillie in the kidneys as she checked the dog. Suddenly the number of pigs had increased to thirteen (minus the dead one that had assumedly struck her), and they were careening far and wide through the air above the cul-de-sac, no longer grouped together. Squeaks rose and fell as they sped about like little Supermans!

Only seven pigs survived, and they immediately started scampering off in opposite directions away from Nillie. Of course, they could only run at a waddling 2.7 miles per hour.

But still...


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