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In The Final Hazard 25 Mar 2017 15:13 Forum: Writing Contests

Donny watched everything transpire with stony indifference, his trusty poker face as impeccable as it ever was. Contrary to said outer expression, his inner self was frothing with turmoil. He hadn't disciplined his mind and body for the rigors of intensive combat just to die some ridiculous Willy Wonkian death alongside a crew of unutterably incompetent misfits. He debated whether he should spend his last moments hugging and repenting, or dismembering everyone.

Triumph of thah will Naow, triumph of thah will. Control yahself, Donneh ol' boy...

Good. Good. Naow haow yah gonnah sahvive bein' turn'd intah a supahsonic Beyblade?

Out of the corner of his eye, Donny watched Hiecro. He recalled how her armor had effortlessly absorbed nearly any energy that it had made contact with. Donny needed no more initiative. He determined to give everyone one minute to fix the problem. He figured that if things got any worse, he might speed up the plan a bit.

Donny brought his watch up and began staring at it. The others might notice the hitman absently shaking out a cigarette and lifting it to his lips as he counted each second.
In The Final Hazard 22 Mar 2017 3:42 Forum: Writing Contests

Donny swaggered over into the pressure field. Just before they assumedly took off, he'd silently pass gas. Flying dutch oven, anyone?
In The Final Hazard 20 Mar 2017 0:08 Forum: Writing Contests

With a grunt donny disassembled his contraption, tugged his shoe back on, replaced his reel, and ditched the piss rod over a shoulder before walking back to the others. His little science experiment had been interesting, but pointless.

Two flat yellow eyes glared into Evvie's, pungent hatred apparent in their disassociative regard. At that proximity, she'd have been able to make out a face as well. A stained slit of a mouth, a nose waxy and cracked with snot. The remnants of a dull gray beard, unkempt and dotted with flakes of dandruff. Suliss did not take good care of the bodies it stole. After all, they were only ever temporary.

The cloaked figure suddenly stepped back and the dagger flickered between them, a darting slash whistling towards Evvie's face.
In The Final Hazard 16 Mar 2017 10:36 Forum: Writing Contests

Donny paused out of sight as he witnessed time and space dilate. It was pretty trippy. Donny then realized that a bolt of lightning had been fired in his direction, but was hilariously slow. For now, at least. Donny had really only been intending to apply cyanide to every weapon he held which could fit through a visor, but under the new circumstances, he supposed that he had time to take a whiz. He unzipped his fly and began peeing against the wall, simultaneously wondering if his rubber soled shoes would prevent him from getting fried if time sped up. He was no scientist, but he had a few ideas of how things worked around here. Then, inspiration struck. He stopped pissing long enough to haul out his retractable golf club. With the push of a button and a flick of the wrist, it extended and locked into its full size. Donny then resumed draining ol' Nessie, only this time he whizzed all over the golf club.

Once he had finished, he pulled off his left shoe and inserted the head of the club into it. He laced it up tighter than a California whore. Feeling very much like his childhood hero, Macgyver, Donny extracted the wire reel from his watch and bound one end through the ring loop at the base of the club. Juggling the equipment in his arms, he slipped his ballistic knife out and removed the blade to tie the other end of the wire around the indented part meant to keep it locked inside the hilt.

Donny moved to the very corner that he had come from and propped the club upright, so that it was in view of both the stop light orb and Hiecro. He glanced back and noted the lightning was still coming closer. Donny slipped around the corner and out of sight of the lightning and orb, in view of the others, an assumedly safe position, and waited for any signs that time was about to speed up again.
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