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10 Aug 2016 5:31
Current What I'm trying to say it's that I don't want to be god I just don't want to be human
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22 Jul 2016 23:00
Now go! Let The Order come back to life!


My name is Drew, i'm a High School teacher. I'm also pretty smelly if I've been left out in the sun too long.

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Good luck on any finals remaining! That's one thing I'm glad I'm done with-at least until I start my Doctoral Program
hey trailblazers, sorry for the radio silence for the past few days. Went across my state (6 hour drive one way) for a job interview; so that took 2 days out of my life. Just got home. I'll look into posting if people are still struggling on stuff to do. Hope everyone's doing alright!
As many of my coworkers like to exclaim: it's Friday! If folks are having trouble coming up with intros, or feel that there's still questions about the world they need to know: feel free to shoot me a pm! I'm always checking this thing and I'm more than happy to help you get on that RP trail!
@Verdaux alright dude! Profile looks good!

And that should finish off all the character apps for now. Unless people start dropping, this RP is now officially full up! Now begins the postmageddon i'm hoping for!
So there's been some questions on currency in the world. I'm gonna add this to the world info stuff too, but here's the gist on money in the rp:

There's a standardized metal currency used in trade between the nations. Coppers and silvers; which represent pennies and dollars. Since there's so much scarcity, 12 coppers could buy you a nice meal, and five silvers might buy you a standard gun.
Gold is also a valuable currency, with coins being worth a lot of silvers; and a gold bar being an extremely precious resource.
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