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Samuel Deniel

Samuel was so busy looking out on the crowd for his partner to come up he didn't notice the ramp being set up and Vyvyan rolling on the the stage. He recognized the boy, and immediately felt slightly guilty that the only thing he remembered was that Vyvyan was the one in a wheelchair. That and you could probably mistake him for a girl if you weren't looking too close. What did relieve Sam though was that Vyvyan seemed about as nervous as he was, but of course Sam refused to show it.

"Ya, Vyvyan, good morning to you too," clearly they were both awkward individuals, and Vyvyan seemed to want off this stage as soon as possible. "Ya, let's do this," Sam extended his hand and placed on top of Vyvyan's, and then the druids started the ceremony. One of the many things Sam had read about in his extensive free time (though some would call it voluntary isolation) was how this ceremony went, though it went a lot fast than he expected. The next thing he knew there was now a symbol on the back of his hand and they were being beckoned off stage by a couple of volunteers who would lead them to their new room and offered to help with luggage. "Thank you, um, be careful with my smaller bag, it has some fragile items."

Soon enough they were off, now he and Vyvyan could actually introduce themselves. "So, Vyvyan, nice to meet you, I guess we're partners now huh?" Sam was still feeling awkward, and he was currently running a loop in his head of Don't mention the chair, don't mention the chair, so he was hoping they got comfortable with each other soon. "Anything I should know about you since we'll be sharing a room? Do you snore? Sleep wa....talking?" Fuck!

Samuel Deniel

Sam was off to the side in the Sun Room, he didn't really enjoy being around such a large group, being caught in the middle of it was the last thing he wanted. So instead he kept himself isolated and admired the room while half listening for his name to be called. The Headmaster's speech was fine, Sam had let out a few polite chuckles. The Sun Room was much more interesting than the speech though. Sam wasn't easily impressed, he didn't care enough about anything to be really impressed, but the Sun Room made him feel something. It was a feeling he couldn't really explain, but it was definitely a good feeling. He wished he could spend all him time in here, unfortunately the Sun Room was only opened for special events, but Sam did make it a point to pass by whenever he had a chance.

As more groups were called up Samuel started to get a bad feeling in his gut. He felt this before, nervousness, anxiety, but why was he feeling it now? Usually this feeling was reserved for when he knew he didn't do an assignment and would have to come up with an excuse. There wasn't a reason for him to feel like this now, he had done nothing wrong. He looked the same as he had a moment ago to anyone looking but his mind was racing with terrible thoughts. What if he had done something wrong but forgot about it and was about to be kicked out? What if his partner hated him and they couldn't get along? What if he was really awkward in front of everyone? That last one was most likely and terrified him most because of it. He didn't have any more time to dwell on it though because suddenly he heard, "...and Samuel Deniel!"

Sam pushed his anxieties out of his mind and walked his way up to the front of the room. He thanked the gods he didn't fall on his face in front of everyone. He was up there before his partner was, and wondered idly who it would be. He wasn't very social, but he could usually put a name to a face, at least for the students in his year. If only he was paying attention instead of thinking of stupid things that would probably never happen he would know who his partner was. But that was in the past, and he didn't hear so there was nothing he could do. He was sure his partner would be there any second now, so he wouldn't be left wondering much longer.

@Invader Len maybe do a friendly mention for everyone who hasn't gone up yet, just to make sure people see :) I'll get something up soon if there's still a free podium when I get home tonight
@Invader Len Awesome :D funny thing about getting wind magic, a name I use for characters sometimes is Zephyr, so it would have been pretty funny if I used that here and got wind magic. But here I am Samuel and I shall make a post as soon as my time comes. I'll be hanging around until then
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