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In The Five Amulets 24 Apr 2017 1:30 Forum: Tabletop Roleplay
I've been following the thread for a few days and this RP looks interesting. It seems you have everyone you need, but if someone doesn't show up could I perhaps take their spot?
Is there room for me? I see a lot of replies but I'm not sure how many people are actually around who will be making characters
I'd be interested in Oblivion Ring or Lords of Sorrow if either of those start up. I'm only looking to join one RP right now so if they both go I'd choose Oblivion Ring
Samuel Deniel

Before Vyvyan could tell Sam if he was right or not a female druid opened their door, she seemed slightly out of breath. "I'm terribly sorry, but you're going to have to pack up your things and come with me." Sam hadn't done much unpacking, so he wasn't as annoyed as he might be if he needed to pack all his things once more, but this was still an inconvenience. "Um, okay, why?" Sam wasn't really angry, more curious than anything. He re-wrapped the small dragon with bubble wrap as the druid explained. "Well, you see, there was a slight mix up and it seems you two were bonded to the wrong people." Her face went slightly red as if it were her fault that the mix up occurred, maybe it was, Sam wasn't going to ask and embarrass her more.

Soon enough they were on their way back downstairs, they were walking at a brisk pace but not running. Sam wasn't sure if it was because the druid was unsure if Vyvyan could keep up, if she didn't want to look suspicious, or she was only in a big hurry to get them from their room so they didn't get too comfortable. At any rate Sam didn't mind the pace, when he walked it was usually with a brisk pace, he'd been accused by his mom on multiple occasions of running away when they were going somewhere. The walk was pretty quiet, guess I'm not as socially adept as I thought I was, Sam thought to himself as they made their way through the grounds.

They entered what Sam knew was a classroom, but it was set up with a makeshift podium to do the ceremony. "There we are," the female druid said as she closed the door behind them. "Now, Samuel and Vyvyan, since you two went through the binding process before we realized there was a mix up we'll have to unbind you before you have your correct partners." Sam could have swore she looked at the male druid also in the room when she said the words "mix up" but maybe he was imagining it. Sam must have looked a bit nervous because she followed it up with, "don't worry, it's almost exactly the same as the binding process."

They proceeded and she was right, it was nearly the same ritual. Sam and Vyvyan joined hands as the druids chanted some words Sam didn't understand, but instead of sprinkling water they submerged their hands in a small tub. The ritual finished and the marks vanished from their hands. Sam felt a strange pang of...something when it was finished, like he was part of something and now it was over. While that was technically true he didn't think he'd feel anything when it was done. "Alrighty, now, Samuel Deniel and Ruby Doer, let's bond you guys first." Vyvyan moved to the side and Ruby got on the podium, "hi Ruby, nice to meet you."

Sam knew a bit about Ruby, same as he knew about almost everyone in his year. Her whole family was part of the Swords of Faith guild, as the ceremony commenced Sam wondered why he never considered joining a guild. It would certainly help him explore the world like he always wanted. He was only half aware the ceremony finished when the female druid told them, "we've called some volunteers to come and show you two to your room, I'm really sorry about the mix up again." Sam just gave her a friendly smile, "don't worry about it, these things happen." She seemed to appreciate that, and Sam went with the volunteers who showed up to go to his new room. "Hopefully there's not another mix up, right?" He hoped Ruby was better at conversation than he was, he'd need some time to get less awkward as he had with Vyvyan.

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