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In Pokemon: New World 24 Apr 2017 5:28 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@ToadRopes Hope you're feeling better! I know how hard it is trying to get back into the loop :/ Hope it's going well for you!

@Silver Fox Hope you find your motivation/inspiration soon! And don't worry, I haven't been sick, and this RP is still going xD (jk I hope everyone around you feels better soon)

Well, glad you're both back in time for the sunset post (one of the two uniting times in this rp, the other being the sunrise post...)
She's done :D

Hope she fits in xD
Alright, tentatively interested, but will only join if I can figure out a character concept :/ It seems most interesting topics off the top of my head have been taken care of, so I'll sit on it for a little.

//edit: jk, found it: the two-faced popular girl who's a total sweetheart until you get to know her ;)
"Nothing," Kenza reported with a softly but firmly. She wasn't about to go through her experience with the last room again, even if this one had the pretense of silence. "We could always double back and check this room out, but just in case we have to find somewhere to hide, should we check it out first?"

Mistletoe considered it, frowning. "I doubt we should run into the room directly across the hall if there really are spiders in the library," she said, shrugging. "I agree with Derrick -- we should just check the library first."

Kenza nodded, figuring the majority would be correct in this case. Besides, she had no real opinion as to which way was better; both seemed equally unfavorable and favorable.

"Alright then. The library it is," she said, leading the way in quietly. Her first few steps were silent compared to usual, but no movement was silent when compared to actual silence, and Kenza knew that, keeping her senses sharp as she progressed inwards.

@hekazu@lord of evil
@Hekazu Yep just that one, since it's the closest.
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