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The way up was perilous at fast speeds due to the scattered rubble, but Kenza managed to outskirt each scattering of stone. Mistletoe did the same, proving herself just as agile as the other hunter on the way up. A glimpse of light glancing off the cobblestone walls of the stairwell caught Kenza's attention, causing her to move faster in excitement. Clearly there was a gap in the walls, and any glimpse of what lay outside the stone would be readily welcome. Noticing the light as well, Mistletoe followed suit, hope of escape blossoming.

It was a window, and it was too small. The observation caused Kenza's heart to sink, a quick, mental run-through of the hunters' tools confirming that this was not their escape route. Still, she bounded up the last few steps, coming to a panting stop by the opening and thrusting her arms out and around in an attempt to get a proper glimpse of the landscape. Mistletoe arrived as well, prioritizing catching her breath as she watched the other hunter struggle.

Kenza's pulling, bending, and cracking quickly gave way to frustration as realized that the spruce was too well-placed and well-grown to be beaten. giving the branches on more fierce pull -- the scratches on her hands finally breaking open -- she gave up the attempt, crashing her weight against the window's base as she finished her panting.

"Damn it," she said between pants. Mistletoe was silent at her side, reaching a comforting arm out to the other hunter.

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Leisy Takigawa
— Between Stillwater and Feyhollow —

Seeing the the white-striped Pokemon relax, Naunet did the same, finally stepping forward since it appeared that there was no immediate threat. Leisy was too absorbed in watching her Pokemon to perk up at the light rustling, but Ella warned her with a cry.

“Thanks,” she said quickly to Ella, pivoting to face the trembling shrubbery. “Naunet,” she said, meeting her Pokemon’s eyes. The Piplup gave her trainer a nod, taking two steps towards the bush and bracing herself for the unseen enemy.

The bushes gave a final shudder of defeat before a familiar sleek, purple shape emerged, a smug grin curled on its lips. The Purrloin! Leisy realized, having pinned the Pokemon down in her Pokedex after their initial meeting. Giddiness bloomed in her heart when she realized what the Pokemon’s reappearance might mean.

The key word’s ‘might,’ Leisy, she told herself sternly as she bent down to greet the Pokemon. Don’t get your hopes up too much.

“Hello there. How can I help you?” she asked the Pokemon. The dark-type gave her a “meow” of hello, licking its lips to make its goal crystal-clear. “Ah,” Leisy said, heart sinking a little. Well, that was what she got for feeding wild Pokemon. “Sure — I have some extra berries, yes.”

As his trainer reached for said berries, Bidein shot the wild Pokemon a dirty look. The feline responded with a satisfied smirk, planting itself firmly in front of the trainer as its food was delivered.

“There we are,” Leisy said, opening a carton of berries and setting it in front of the wild Pokemon. “This is the last tray though — you’re still a wild Pokemon, so you have to keep your skills sharp. You can’t always count on trainers being kind enough to give you food, so consider this your last freebie.”

The Purrloin chewed slowly as the trainer spoke, yellow eyes focused on its food. Inside its brain, however, cogs were turning and churning out a clever ruse, which it carried out by looking up at the trainer with a pair of bright, shiny eyes that screamed, “Love me!” Leisy, of course, was not immune to cute animals pleading to be pet, so down she went.

“Aw, you poor baby!” she said, squatting and reaching a hand out for the feline to sniff. The Purrloin, hoping to speed the entire process along, headbutted straight into the trainer’s hand to start the petting frenzy — which Leisy gladly played her part in. “Wow, your coat is so silky! Who would have thought a wild Pokemon could be so soft?” she complimented, half to herself. The dark-type sent its deemed rival, the flying-fire dual, a victorious grin — which the Fletchinder responded to with a death glare.

Looking to Ella to see if the girl wanted in on the pseudo-petting zoo, Leisy realized that she was wasting time, and the sun was nowhere to be seen. “Ack, we have to be on our way,” she told the Purrloin with a sad smile. “Go on home — being wild seems to suit you just fine.”

The dark-type shook its head vehemently, confusing the black-haired girl.

“What—” Understanding clicked in her head, and Leisy beamed. “Oh. Really?” she asked, eyes wide. The Purrloin nodded, and Leisy grinned.

Needless to say, Leisy was in a pretty good mood when she and Ella entered Feyhollow’s main square.


In Pokemon: New World 26 Mar 2017 20:44 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@LuckyBlackCat I think it's best if we adopt everything from the site since differences between the site and the may serve to confuse users that are thinking about the hop. So yes, we will be going with the site's rules on ranking up. To make this easier, I will -- sometime in the near future -- set up a new thread so that my post will be the first post OOC (thus making the doc unnecessary). @Balthazar007 and I have discussed this a few times, and now that the site is becoming functional I think it may be proper to start living up to my roles here on the Guild.

As for the battle system, here is the official explanation:

So Showdown is optional (as it is in Spiral) but mandatory for Gym battles. And contests are totally a thing now, and the end results can either be settled beforehand (since our "crowd" is so small) or by vote -- either or.

Hope that helped!
In Pokemon: New World 26 Mar 2017 1:24 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@ToadRopes Thank you for that example of what not to do :)
In Pokemon: New World 25 Mar 2017 8:09 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Leisy Takigawa
— Between Stillwater and Feyhollow —

Sunset was upon the girls when the set foot in Feyhollow proper, but Leisy was still wide awake — most likely an aftereffect of the late-morning nap earlier that day. The same could not be said for the Fletchinder on her shoulder, however, who was constantly adjusting his stance on his trainer’s shoulder in an effort to fend off sleep.He must have stayed up while I slept, keeping a lookout, Leisy realized, smiling at the bird and reaching a hand up to pet it. Silly Bidein — loyal to a fault.

“Bidein, I’m going to swap you out for Naunet,” Leisy told him, using two fingers to smooth out the out-of-place feathers on the fire-type’s chest. “She could use some exercise, and you could use some sleep.” Bopping him on the beak to silence and chirping protests, Leisy flashed him a grin. “You need to rest well, though. I might need your help later, and I don’t want you to be too worn out.”

With that the Fletchinder relented, allowing himself to be returned. Leisy’s Piplup was at her side a moment later, looking around her surroundings curiously before meeting her trainer’s eyes and giving the girl a happy chirrup of greeting.

“Hello to you too, Naunet,” Leisy said, smiling as she watched the Piplup waddle over to Ella. “You’ll have to excuse her rudeness. Naunet doesn’t really pick up on any social cues — other than the ones she wants to, of course,” she told the other trainer. “She’s a Piplup — my second Pokemon. I caught her back in Central a little under a week ago.”

The Piplup, bright eyes practically boring into the other trainer’s Stunky, was cautiously holding her place in front of her trainer as she looked at the poison-type for any indication of anger. She’d been spurned by the rock-type of the team — the grouchy, dratted Larvitar — a few too many times for comfort, and she didn’t want a repeat experience with this sharp-eyed Pokemon.


Cillian Weiss
— Zephyr Strip —

“I don’t think I need anything right now,” Cillian said, frowning as he ticked mental boxes off in his head. Counting the mission rewarded Heal Ball, he was currently in possession of five Pokeballs, so he figured that he had enough to last him. For now.

“Where should we go next though?” he asked, pulling out his Pokedex to check out the nearby locations. “We’ve all been to Feyhollow and now Zephyr. I started in Central City, but wasn’t half as interesting as Zephyr. Central’s a city proper,” he said, shrugging. “I don't have a huge urge to head there like I do some other places.”

And other locations there were — the mysterious Stillwater, the treacherous Atana Mountain Range, and the lore-ridden Tefan villages just to start. There were so many places to go now that Cillian opened his eyes to them, and he didn't know where to start if not all of them.

“Er, do you two have any preferences?” he asked Tora and Juana, hoping they had a better reason than him.

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Shanae Eller
— Ironforge —

As it turned out, Marvin was a better guide than Shanae had hoped for, doubling both as a mission guide and as a tour guide. Pointing out major landmarks while riding his Onix, Marvin proved himself a local history buff by rattling off random pieces of trivia attached to structures and locations easily overlooked.

“That over there is the oldest tree in west Ironforge,” he said, indicating an innocuous but ancient-looking wrangle of a tree. “It was planted by the founder’s family — his youngest son, who went on to become the first silversmith in town.”

This was one of many facts Shanae sat through on her ride towards the likely location according to Marvin. Although some of the boy’s tidbits made her zone out and opt for staring at his Onix rather than him, some of his tangents were fairly interesting. For one, Shanae learned that the abandoned mine she’d been wandering around was home to a colony of Marcago. According to Marvin, they hibernated through most of the year, emerging during the hottest months to bear young before disappearing down the tunnels again.

“So they moved into the coal mine?” Shanae had asked, frowning as she pictured the dark-shelled Pokemon trying to squeeze down tight mine shafts. Marvin laughed, shaking his head.

“No, they were there first. The cavern was there home, but the allure of the coal deposits was too much for people not to go digging,” he explained, smiling wryly. “You’d think people would be smart enough not to go into a nest of fire Pokemon, let alone go into a mest that was made of combustible fuel.”

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