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25 Mar 2017 19:28
Current liking traps isnt gay, it just means you like surprises
20 Dec 2016 5:20
If I had a dollar for everytime I got rejected, I'd stop getting rejected.
16 Aug 2016 19:45
Its all fun and games until you fall in love with a fictional female.
19 Jun 2016 8:48
Let me give a shout out to all the boys like me, who's fathers aren't around for whatever reason. Use this day to celebrate becoming your own man and setting your own example to follow.
29 Apr 2016 9:46
It's my birthday today, and I'm spending it here on the guild :)


I'm Dynamo Frokane

UK person in their 20s who loves (and needs) escapism.

I'm a pretty classic geek, I love Video Games, Movies, Comic Books, Anime Sci-fi Fantasy, Steampunk and Cyberpunk.

Good old action based RPs always work for me, also like squad fellowship type stuff, and ultra cynical mature themes too sometimes.

Also love just talking and making friends, feel free to PM me for my kik, if you'd like a chat :)

See you in the land of imagination!


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@rawkhawk64@Ryougu Imma give zardonic one more day, if not then you can jump in Ryo
And if theory is flawed, then let's just liquidate capitalism already.

<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

that moment when gloating about how civil your thread is, makes your thread pretty un-civil

ohh I dont think this thread is particularly civil, all hope is lost on this one.

Still doesnt change the fact that some political threads can be civil, as per the ones I've mentioned.

EDIT: but apart from the ace of hearts and pug butter thing, we've largely stayed away from the personal attacks so I'd agree its still civil enough, just not particularly friendly.

The problem with a buzzword like racism is that it has many different meanings, and people tend to think of the strongest use of the word. You could call JonTron racist for his views, sure. We could call Dynamo Frokane a racist for implying that JonTron might be racist, even if he never directly said it. I could be called a racist for calling Dynamo black, because I'm "seeing his color." Everyone's scared of being called a racist because people still think it's a term that only applies to the worst kind of people.

I don't really consider myself black, but I wouldn't think you 'racist' for saying so.


I completely agree that there are a lot of professional victims who throw around words like racism and sexism too liberally, but it doesnt mean that they still arent real terms.

Racism is a real thing, its not a buzzword, or an emotional term, or just weaponised slang. Its a real adjective with real meaning. And its okay to call people racist if they are saying racist things, just because SJWs call everyone racist, it doesnt mean that calling someone racist makes you an SJW.

Also it doesnt have to have an agenda behind it, I can point out someones racism without wanting them to go to jail or lose their job. Maybe its because I want that person to reconsider their views, it doesnt have to be used maliciously.

Again this isn't really about jon tron, he seems to have some strange ideas about race that lean towards racism, but I'm not convinced hes an outright racist, I think hes just sipped some alt right kool-aid and hasnt had enough time to spit it up.

I don't think (and I don't think anyone here thinks) racism is bad because wahhh my feelings *sob* I think racism is bad because its ignorant and doesn't hold up to hard reasoning. Assigning flaky attributes to something that doesn't scientifically exist is just illogical, if youre all about 'facts not feelings' then you should be with me on this.

@SleepingSilenceYep see 'shifting the goal post', you've changed your original claim.

Disagree. Nothing on this forum discussing politics ever stayed civil. But clearly at an impasse. :D

Now you're saying 'majority' that's a goalpost shift, try and keep an eye on what you write bud, so it isnt so easy to expose stuff like this xD
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