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14 Feb 2017 14:18
Current Give a chocolate heart to the hot girl who wont talk to you.
25 Dec 2016 9:45
Santa is squeezing his way into your tight chimney, getting ready to empty his sack.
20 Dec 2016 5:20
If I had a dollar for everytime I got rejected, I'd stop getting rejected.
16 Aug 2016 19:45
Its all fun and games until you fall in love with a fictional female.
8 Aug 2016 22:21
Pretty much every girl I speak to on the guild is attractive, friendly and has an interest in video games. And you wonder why I need to escape the real world.


I'm Dynamo Frokane

UK person in their 20s who loves (and needs) escapism.

I'm a pretty classic geek, I love Video Games, Movies, Comic Books, Anime Sci-fi Fantasy, Steampunk and Cyberpunk.

Good old action based RPs always work for me, also like squad fellowship type stuff, and ultra cynical mature themes too sometimes.

Also love just talking and making friends, feel free to PM me for my kik, if you'd like a chat :)

See you in the land of imagination!


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@ChaoticFox@bluetommy2 just to keep the momentum going, I might make an opening post today, lets say that Larcen is newest to New York, while Ken has been working in Brooklyn for a couple weeks and Alex has been in Staten Island just over a month, the know each other but only in passing and one or two survey flights. The RP will pick up with Larcen just arriving into Manhattan, and we will bring Skepic and whoever our 'Bronx Bomber'(I'm sticking with that name) will be when they are ready.
@Skepic@Verdaux lets hurry with those CSs! I want to start so bad I cant stand it!
@Dynamo Frokane There a reason you added missile pods to the Harlot's loadout? If missiles are required, that's fine. But I designed it to be a nimble and light fighter that's more for out maneuvering its foes and strafing it with machine gun fire.

Just curious is all.

Yeah its just that an ace might need a bit of added firepower against a boss character, but the two missle pods are very small and wont effect you agility at all.
@Dynamo Frokane I'm gonna be "that person" and snag while its there.

You wanna be the Ace? fine with me

I guess I'll take Fixer and @bluetommy2 can be the Scanner.

Gonna modify your loadouts slightly to reflect the classes, I wont take away anything.

@Skepic can be our rabbit, and whoever takes the last spot will be the hunter.
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