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Current Procrastinating has put me in a bit of a pickle. Be a bit slow most likely.
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Apologies M8s, been a bit preoccupied, I'll try to get my posts up.
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what about when he isn't a kid anymore? that's a sidekick name!
In Pokémon: Start 28 Apr 2017 8:38 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Well I'm in no big rush, but we could simply say we beat off the zubats and moved along, or perhaps Lucian's pokemon ends up getting hurt during the battle enough to make him heal up while we move along. idk
Anagorm Britia

Well she seemed like a nice enough person. Before the conversation could continue further no other than the famous AllMight himself showed up! Immediately telling them to go to the courtyard. Naturally Anagorm grabbed her stuff and went out with everybody else. Allmight took them on a brief tour and showed them the dorm building. It was pretty big and Anagorm immediately went inside to find herself a form. It was fairly nice room, more than enough for her purposes. Hidden camera were kind of weird though, wasn't that illegal or something: plus this was a hero school for crying out loud. Whatever, she had no plans for doing anything that would get her into trouble. She put her stuff down, not worrying about setting anything up for now, instead changing in to her PE uniform and heading back outside. Just in time to see another student, Asashi, jump from the second story to the ground, implanting themselves into the ground, a fact they seemed unconcerned about. Momo proceeded to clamber down the building in rapid fashion, using Asashi as a landing target to help herself gracefully reach the ground floor. How amusing. She wondered what the test was going to be, though not super worried about it, she was confident she could preform well in just about anything that was thrown at her.
In Pokémon: Start 27 Apr 2017 16:07 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Dawkin Trustram

A bunch of zubats, how bothersome. Not for him of course. They could easily move around or make use of the repels they both had but the latter would be excessive and the former would be quite rude. Once again Wooper found himself released and looking around curiously. "Wooper, watergun down those Zubats." Another one of the trainers he'd met at the start. It seemed these journeys were more prone to trouble than Dawkin had been aware of. Hardly a day had passed and at least 3 people had been met with situations they'd be hard-pressed to deal with individually. He should make sure to do some training after they passed through the Wet Caverns, to ensure he was stronger enough to keep moving forward.

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