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4 Dec 2016 18:36
Current Another message to all those who are waiting on my posts - I plan on playing catch up on Tuesday and Wednesday. So please stay with me.
28 Nov 2016 14:50
To all those waiting, I will be posting in the next couple of days covering all the threads I am involved in.
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29 Oct 2016 13:34
Having two kids and being up for 25 hrs straight, 12 of which spent working does not mark circumstances good for writing...
23 Oct 2016 1:17
The only thing on my mind at this point in time regarding the guild is that I hope greatly the work that I put in my D&D campaign RP pays off.



Greetings Stranger...

My name is Edmund Lloyd Gainsborough and I am not stranger to the guild, at least I wasn't. My activity had pre-dated Guildfall. Unfortunately, after seeing all that work slip down the drain of a poorly maintained internet server I was rather turned off to the idea of writing on the internet. However, my current situation holds that I have a need to express and build upon my creativity. I remember hearing somewhere, perhaps on the television that if you want to do something or become something that you need to pour everything you have into achieving that goal and that every step you take from this day out should in someway be towards achieving that goal. So here I am, trying to break the rust of my fingers and the clean the cobwebs from my mind in order to better write creatively. It is my attention that at some point I will be in the frame of mind to not only finish the trilogy I have been working on for nearly a decade but also to continue writing new content and having it all published. It certainly doesn't carry the same weight, but I suppose even self publishing would be sufficient.

I have been role playing and/or writing for close to two decades on and off working on short stories, characters, settings, building worlds, and trying to establish a solid novel. While many people don't see that as anything to be impressed by, let's be honest - it potentially allows me to be an experienced authority on the matter. Then again these are just words on a screen now aren't they? On any accord, I've also be known to play Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 most often). I've been exploring that world as well as the worlds of Warhammer 40K for the last decade or so. Blood for the Blood God, and Rice for the Rice Bowl of the Greater Good. On any accord, let's say I'm no stranger to being a nerd. I love Final Fantasy. I love The Eldar Scrolls. I'm quite partial to Assassin's Creed and hundreds of other games that you may or may not have heard of. But most of all, I truly dislike the majority of people I come across on a day to day basis so this medium is quite partial to what little interaction is desire.

As for me personally, I work a job that is beneath to help support myself and my three kids along with my fiancee. I have a Doctorate in Law, a Bachelors in both Psychology and Criminal Justice, and an Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies. I enjoy discussing pretty much anything as long as it can continue to be a discussion and not an argument to be won or a power struggle to coax an e-penor out from behind the curtain. A civilized exchange of ideas I should emphasize. Quite frankly, there isn't quite anything else that I haven't already listed above that might prove fruitful in this particular context.

I'm not asking you to love me. I'm not asking you to even like me. But in the immortal words of Tyrion Lannister, "that's what I do, I drink and I know things." So I will ask you to concede even when you think you've won because some random professor taught you something or because you believe you are entitled to your opinion. Because let's face it - even if we all choose to ignore the truth, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the individual. Some lives are more valuable than others. And if it comes down to it, one man should be sacrificed to saved ten. The only thing that changes it how many men need to be saved in order to make you feel comfortable about killing that one.

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Role Playing

When it comes to role playing in groups or with individuals I am looking for nothing less than casual or advanced role play. Something about the free style that many enjoy irks me - the lack of creativity, style, or finesse I suppose. I typically stick to the fictional genre of medieval fantasty but I do look at some steampunk or futuristic things as well - however, I feel I am not as well versed in the latter. I am interested in working in the arena, the nation, and even the 1x1 styles if the setting and the request suits me. But quite frankly if I am involved in more than one or two threads where I am not acting as the game master, assuming that I am currently the game master for one I would certainly be a bit overburdened to be honest. At least as I see it now.
So if you role play with me and like what you see/read please feel free to send me a PM or something if you'd like my company in a thread of your own. I may not be the best, but I certainly am quite skilled in the field.

Current Threads

Participating as a Dungeon/Game Master

Participating as a Player Character

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Here is another to consider, a similar pitch to my previous measure...

Consider a small hamlet or a thorp. A small collection of individuals to partake in the role play of an individual community where the players would participate in normal activities for daily villages. Some might play farmers, others might play blacksmiths. It would be the GMs job to meander about interactions to keep players enticed for a time being. However, the GM will also provide raiding parties, interactions with the men of an unsavory king looking to maintain control and gather a rate much to high for proper taxes or whatever else a village might deal with on a regular basis. This particular thread would deal greatly on player constructed narrative with intermittent bouts of collective interaction to deal with problems or share drinks at the local tavern after a hard days work. What happens when player a) who has children (NPC or otherwise) is meant to deal the theft of a neighbor PCs crops?

While it may sound boring to many. To me is sounds like a good way to pass the time while waiting for other role playing threads to move along. Quite frankly, I'm not sure what purpose it would serve other than to brush the dust off some bones and get people into the mood of writing. Just a thought...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Heddwyn Price ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not even the cleric’s deity could save him. Despite his prayers. Despite his dedication. Pelor’s light had failed to grace the damp stone walls shrouded in darkness. With one great gasp Heddwyn clutched at the arrows that protruded from the scale mail that he had so wholeheartedly put his trust in. Clutching at them violently he struggled to maintain grip as blood began to seep onto the shafts.

Heddwyn’s legs began to wobble, turning as if twigs attempting to support their father tree. His knees buckled. The cleric dropped back, finding his balance against the stone wall. As the rest of the party burst forth into the room the cleric found his way to the floor. In the combined momentum of his own body weight and the inertia of the other members surging forth he failed to maintain any semblance of balance.

Heddwyn Price’s body lay still upon the cold stone floor. Motionless. Silent. Pale. Blood slowly began to pull beneath his wounded abdomen. Nearly invisible to the human eye, the blood would hide beneath his fallen body. The viscous vitae was slow to expose itself through wounds nearly sealed by foreign bodies. The only visible sign of life was the soft cloud of dust brought to life by the cleric’s shallow breathes and the shallow words of a humble prayer.

The cleric struggled to clutch the pendant of radiant sun that hung from a leather thong on his waist. His lips moved in silent prayer as his lungs struggled to combat the invading dust and blood. Heddwyn was struggling to find air, his breathes broken by fits of coughing.

Suddenly, a bright luminescence filled the room, exploding from beneath the fallen cleric. A light so bright that it raped the sombor torch light into a hidden existence. A light so swiftly illuminating that it would blind those in the room. Once there vision had returned; however, they would find their dear cleric resting quietly against the wall, his breathes slow and reserved. Two particularly beautifully crafted arrows wallowing in a pool of blood. His blood.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hamelynn Jaegar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rubbing his eyes, the ranger approached the cleric. Upon his further inspection he found the cleric to be in an acceptable state and found his company rather disturbing. While he was no stranger to the influence of magic, his understanding was rather elementary to say the least and the distrust was strong within him. Little concern had he beyond the safety of his home at this point. Of course, he would not turn down his share of the treasure but he would not be so bold as to extend his neck for someone so clumsy. He stood with swords drawn.. Near the door they had just walked through waiting in quiet contemplating.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Dungeon Master ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Upon her inspection, the Spellthief would without trouble discover the trio of elves belongings. This included three sets of studded leather armor, three light shields, three long swords, and three long bows. Kerris would also uncover a variety of coins that totaled around sixty gold pieces. Upon further inspection she would also find a key. Upon her inspection of the iron door she would find no traps. But she would; however, uncover that it is locked. Presumably she would attempt to unlock the door using the key would unlock the door prompting the party to decide what they would do next.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity @yamazaki @aristo
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

Of course I do. I've just been busy. I was sick for a couple days. I've developed tennis elbow which I can only presume is somehow related to either my physical position while writing or my gaming habits so that has been painful since I can't really rest it while working. But I do plan on continuing this. In fact, I will be working on my post immediately.
In Help? 5 Dec 2016 14:25 Forum: Roleplaying Discussion

It would depend on how descriptive you would like to be. On a bow there is a grip which is about centrally located on the shaft of the bow. You would hold this with your non-dominant hand. The arrow would be "notched" onto the string in a small slit that is cut in the shaft of the arrow just behind fletching, which is a fancy word for the feathering. The shaft of the arrow is balanced against the thumb of the non-dominant hand while it clutches the bow. The arrow is generally held with the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger just behind the fletching and pulled back. Typically, the arm is raised to the height of the ear and the user tilts back to add distance to the shot. Regardless of distance the dominant hand is drawn back to the ear before being fired. I would suggest goggling for imagery or searching for a youtube video to get a better understanding.

Edit: If you have questions about melee combat please feel free to inquire about them in this thread or you can send me a personal message (PM) and we can discuss them there.

Edit @2: I also disagree with the above comment that one should refrain from describing the use of weaponry in such detail. Quite frankly, if it is necessary to the story for any reason I would certainly include it. Perhaps your hand position causes the arrow to miss its mark. But you might go into detail not as filler but as introduction to the weapon describing the bow or arrows as you go because they are special to the character. There are a number of situations where I can surmise describing such thins in detail would be a good idea.

If you approach role playing and the guild as a hobby rather than another obligation than making it work with real life is quite simple. I personally have a fiancee, two kids, and another on the way as well as a full time job. I have other hobbies such as Warhammer 40K, playing video games, writing outside of the guild, and a few others. Balancing them is simple really. First of all, don't bite off more than you can chew. If some threads are moving too fast for you to manage or you simply have way to many threads going at once - back out of a few. There is no point in trying to keep up with 20 different threads when you can truly only manage 5 well. Me personally, I keep it to no more than five tops but prefer two or three. But all the threads I participate in have fairly reasonable schedules. My own personal D&D thread has about a 7 day wait period between posts. Another I participate in is 10 days. And the combat thread I am playing in is about every four to five days. I think that is how you manage. Look at it as a hobby, so you will get to it w hen you get to it. And make sure everyone is on the same page. Let them know you can only post once a week and most people will be understanding.
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