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23 Oct 2016 4:20
Going to be an Au Pair in SWEDEN!!


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Everyone stop what you are doing! I have to put this RP on hiatus. I just got my visa, and will be leaving for Sweden in two weeks. I had assumed my visa would take much longer, and I had until January to get ready to move to Sweden and start my job as an au pair. Apparently not, and now I have to sell my condo, car, pack up my whole place, and somehow come up with the money for plane tickets within. Kind of freaking out. I am so sorry about just abandoning y'all. Especially with the amount of work, and creativity you have put into your CS. I will be gone, but that does not mean this RP can't continue. If anyone wants to take over as GM, feel free.

@EmmaMay I join as Lason?

Of course! I'll reserve him for you. His name is actually Iason with and I. It's the Ancient Greek form of Jason. :D

Also anyone needing help with finding pics, just PM what you are looking for and I'll go hunting. I have a huge data base of saved pics on my laptop organized by gender, age, hair/eye color, and historical dress.

Whoopsy. I won't be able to post my character yet. I have some more revisions to make. I should have it ready tomorrow after class.

That's totally ok with me! Take your time, and make it yours. I'm still working on Myrrine's bio, and I prolly won't finish until tomorrow.
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