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16 Apr 2017 17:22
Current Au Pair adventure in Sweden is coming to an end. Going home in a few days and then I'll be back in full swing on this site!
23 Oct 2016 4:20
Going to be an Au Pair in SWEDEN!!


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Last two computer games would be Sims 4, and Banished. So that would make like sim medieval 2. Lol

Actual last two games played would be mini golf and mouse trap. Basically more intense mini golf.
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Dark Knight
1.) Shine - Hilary Duff
2.) Love is Dead - Kerli
3.) Hideaway - Passion Pit
4.) The Greatest Lights in The Greatest Shade - The Joy Formidable
5.) Out of Nowhere - Seafret
6.) The Sound Of Settling - Death Cab For A Cutie
7.) Waiting Alone - Shiny Toy Guns
8.) Reasons To Love You - Meiko
9.) Safest Place - Echosmith
10.) Ghost In My House - Lucy Schwartz
Omg I started My first RP ever on the lg15 forum. It was called HOOBS. Wow that was like a decade ago.
Still want to make this RP.
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