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Going to be an Au Pair in SWEDEN!!


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Excited for this. It's been like 4 or 5 months since my last RP.



Name: Magdalene Krishkov

Appearance: She has light caramel brown eyes. Her hair is dark chocolaty brown and is naturally wavy. She is on the petite side. Like all pure vampires, she is beautiful and fit with poreless pale skin. Maggie is about 5"3' in height.

Age: 438

Line of Succession: Third

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: As a child, and during the first century of her life, she was the epitome of warmth and sweet sunshine. She was the gentle and captivating one in the family. The girl who could brighten up a room with her smile, and make everyone around her feel light. But of course the decades passed, people changed, the times changed, and life brought its many hardships, sorrows, and challenges. Now almost 440 years old, she is a different person. Magdalene is stubborn, blunt, and artful. She tends to be old-fashioned like many other vampires, but she still knows how to embrace the new times. She has always been the motherly type, especially with 10 younger siblings. Maggie is extremely loyal to her family, and in most cases puts them before herself. She likes to portray herself as very charming, provocative, and a tad apathetic, but that is not the true her. She is ruthless when it come to protecting people she loves. It is best not to wrong her, she is a master at vengeance, and is very patient, and calculating. The final blow is always brutal. In all truth she is a brilliant sweet and extraordinary soul, that has hardened do to the conditions of the people and world around her.

Bio: Having lived for 438 years there really is to much to tell. She is the third in line for the throne. As a child she always wondered why the left wing tower of the castle was off limits, and who the figure in the tower window was. When she was about twelve years old her curiosity got the best of her and she went to check it out. She was caught by Niklaus moments before she found out the family secret. Being caught the first time didn't stop her from trying a second, third, or fourth time. At some point she got it into her head that it was a lonely ghost, and she started leaving origami critters, dried flowers, and friendly notes next to the locked tower doors. Anytime she spotted the figure in the tower window she would smile and wave. But alas she would never know the truth. Her interest about the tower waned as more of her younger sibling came into the world, and she grew older. She still to this day always acknowledges the silhouette in the tower window.

She was 220 when she met a lower noble vampire named Alastair, who swept her off her feet, and she was sure they were meant to be. Unfortunately a short five years later he was murdered by persons unknown, and that was when Maggie swore to find the culprit and make them suffer. She also decided to wait for Niklaus to find his mate before she started looking for her own, but lately her thoughts on the matter have changed. The search for the murderer of her dear Alastair has gone no where these past centuries, and though it may seem she has moved on, the thirst for revenge is still wedged deep in her heart.

Between the ages 340 and 400 she lived on her own. Traveling the world, and staying with distant relations around the globe. Maggie spent most of the 1920s in New York City, playing as a human socialite. But as every decade passes the more she comes to dislikes humans. When she was young she always thought and treated humans as her equal, but now she holds little regard for them other then being a meal. It's hard to have feelings for such a destructive race, that live for a very short time.

- Needlework
- Swimming
- Photography
- Flowers
- Reading
- Playing the Harp, Violin, and Piano
- Astronomy
- Art Nouveau
- Painting
- Animals

- Snakes
- Gambling
- Stupidity
- Obnoxious Behavior
- Most Humans
- Sitting for Portraits
- Coffee
- Hot Weather

Finished!! Here we go! :D


Is it ok if I add more to the bio later, once I see other siblings histories, even though I am finished?
@Emma Same sex mates basically are impregnated by sperm like hetero couples but all vampire children are quickly done by C-section.

lol ok. My brain hurts.
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