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11 Jan 2017 17:45
Current I'm supposed to okay at art, yet I suck in all my classes lmao


Hello, hello!

I've been roleplaying since I was in 6th grade, probably traumatizing all my roleplay partners in the process with my cringey writing in the process. I've improved, though, and will hopefully continue to hone my skills.

I have a fondness for stories and characters that are incredibly hammy and cheesy. The more over-the-top, the better. My favorite roleplays are usually in the fantasy or sci-fi genre, although occasionally I'll dab in horror if I think it looks interesting.

I'm a big fan of both western and japanese animation. Some of my favorite anime are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, One Piece, Puella Madoka Magica, My Hero Academia, and Sailor Moon! I also really enjoy Futurama, Pinky and the Brain, and Rick and Morty. There are tons more I like, just can't think of 'em at the moment.

If you've read this far, kudos to you for listening to a stranger on the internet.

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In Aria Bay 19 Jan 2017 17:14 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Diamond655 I think you already know, but I'm all ready!
@CherrywitchMy God, Eir is precious. I'm kind of terrified to see how she'll fare when danger pops up, though.
Elias had prepared for this moment his entire life. Rigoruous training, studying, all his nights of hard work- it was all going to pay off. Although it wasn't quite as impressive as say, being the Grand Sage's new apprentice, or even his replacement, this was going to be a good start. And although it was near impossible to tell merely by looking at him, the young mage was quite elated to be accepted to run such an incredibly important errand. He moved at a quick pace, but not so fast that it seemed like he was running. Elias did feel a bit guilty for neglecting the clear opportunity to hone his skills for a teleportation or perhaps a portal spell, but he wanted to show his future party that he was prepared for the physically demanding journey ahead- and that meant walking the entire way, even if it made his legs sore.

Elias halted for a moment to collect himself before making a last turn, where the gate would be. He took special care to adjust the sash around his waist so the crest was easier to see. He smirked slightly, wondering what his brothers would think when they heard the Grand Sage's council had summoned him. They would certainly be jealous, and that thought alone was quite satisfying.

One deep breath later, Elias turned the corner to see the tall gate. At first, he felt rather underwhelmed at the flimsy looking structure, but upon a closer look, he noticed it was covered in runes and spells. His light colored eyes scanned the people standing by the gate. The small gathering of men and women seemed older than him, and Elias's pride swelled yet again at this. He could only think of the envy they felt right now- his coharts would soon learn he was far more skilled than all of them, and at sixteen years no less! The young mage considered introducing himself, but decided to wait until everyone had arrived.

But then again, did one of the Beauvallets really need introducing?
Alright, finally done! Sorry that took so long.
In any normal occasion, Craggard would have happily accepted any meal the Lady Zecorra had to offer. The threat of death had thwarted his appetite. As he pulled up a chair, he waved away a hovering servant with a small cart of food. The usual excitement that came with a good meal had vanished, and he saw no reason to eat when he felt so sick. It wasn't the idea of killing the confederates that disturbed him- Craggard had watched plenty of his men march into the mines dutifully, only for a handful of them to crawl back out, soot in their eyes and ears and nose, with no ore at all. And this had never bothered Craggard, because death was part of the job, and his workers and their families knew that. But coming to the Grimm Castle wasn't supposed to be an affair of death. And there was no backing out now- he had already agreed to Lord Grimm's little game. As angry as he was, he was grudgingly impressed by how easily he had enticed Craggard and others like him to fall bait for the promise of glory.

The only way to survive, really, was to be a willing player of this game. Alright, you masked bastard. I'll play your game without question now, but after I win, I'm going to go back to being pissed.

The nobleman pulled up a seat among his fellow Onxyites, sitting just across from a rather tall, spindly man, scars decorating the left side side of his face. He recognized the fellow- although the name escaped him. It didn't matter anyway- the man across from him, hunched over and staring straight down at a hunk of bread, looked quite intimidating. Craggard cleared his throat.

" Lost your appetite?" He commented towards the warrior. The man grunted in response. Deciding he wasn't worth striking up a conversation with, Craggard turned his attention elsewhere. The table was long, thin, and a tight fit for both the Empire and the Confederacy to squeeze into. He wondered if this was done on purpose, to further stir the uneasiness between the two parties. His eyes settled on Lazy Grimm, seated at the head of the table with the two knights at her side. He stared intently at the two knights, trying to decide if their elven features were really genuine. Craggard didn't actually know much about dark elves- they were supposed to be bad luck, or at least that was what he had heard. He also noticed two empty chairs- perhaps belonging to the Grimm daughters? He hoped so- the nobleman was itching to speak with at least one of the Grimms directly, more out of morbid curiosity than anything else.
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