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Welcome to the tea party melon!
Melon, you do know that just because you don't like how something is, a group of people do right?(edit: typed that in haste. I mean that its not wrong if a group of people do right?)

It's simple man...its not your cup of tea so stick your dick out of kettle. It's that simple, stop ruining it for other people.
Availability: I do not know my work schedule for the first week of official matches yet. I only know it generally one week in advance, but for example next week starting Sat the 22nd.
Sat: morning till about 11 am.
Sunday: nope
Monday: afternoon
Tuesday: "maybe" afternoon
Wednesday: Morning from 6 am to 3 pm
Thursday: Morning from 6 am to 12 pm
Friday: "Maybe" afternoon.
I live in the eastern timezone.
So....we just slap up our stuff in a different thread? Or?...
I am working late that night so... I can't.
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