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Alright, I'm glad you understand and aren't mad about it or anything. If ypu ever want to do a 1x1 again and can poat more frequently, feel free to ask me!
Actually I have to say, with the amount of time it takes you to post something new, I'm losing interest in this.
I don't see what I should add
"Call me vampire, twilight girl or make fun of me in any kind of way one more time and I'll rip you throat out once we're done with this guy!" Venom scolded the new supposed hero. He was making a terrible first impression, calling her names and deciding that it was his place to tell her what to do, as if it was in his right to give her orders. It only appeared to be counter effective, as instead of listening, rhe heroine continued her previous plan and headed straight to the villain to come in close enough range to bite or scratch him.
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