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Current I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.
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In the end, one man's hell could be another's paradise. Never underestimate the power of perspective.
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Nightmares fuel my muse, keeping her nice and satisfy...
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Stupidity can be the most dangerous thing to a person...but damn, does it feel good laughing at it when it's not you.
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Crazy will do as Crazy says... naturally.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
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Occupation....Wandering and exploring the caves of my insane mind
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Status............Stable.I'm currently staying with my Aunt at her house and looking for a new home, so if I vanish unexpectedly it's because I'm busying moving and found a new place to live.


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Advance RP

Mass Effect: Borealis
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Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath
Rebooting: GM/Co-GM- Ellri, Sundered Echo, & Fallenreaper

~Chrono Asylum: The Tainted Crest
Spots Open & Contact the GM for Interest: GM/Co-GMs-Xodus, & Kirra

⊰Manifest Anima: Planes Divided⊱
Accepting: GM/Co-GM yoshua171, Celaira, & Ganryu

Casual RP

Blood Act: Ghosts of the Past
Still Accepting: GM/Co-GMs- Fallenreaper, Lucius Cypher, & Rtron

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Location: Pacific Point, CA- Koi Docks
Time: Day 1, Late Evening

“Disappointing…,” Avatar spoke to the corpse over his shoulder. Softly his joints shuddered their protest under both his walking movements and the weight he carried, his feet halted every few steps in order to check his baggage. He then adjusted it whenever it threatened to slip from his grasp. Already it had managed to elude him twice as it splattered to the ground with a sicken thump. Over the course of the trip the face of Aaron Turner had become disfigured with numerous postmortem bruising along the jaw, cheekbone, and even the chin. If it wasn’t for the fact the man had been killed then cooked to death, he would’ve appeared to been a victim of an unexpected bar fight and his ‘buddy’ was hauling him home.

Masts from tied up boats creaked in the wind batting along the coastal shore, the tide shifting in then back out into the sea. The weather and currents were ideal for getting rid of the body. In the distance, traffic blared on without a clue about the heinous crime about to occur. The notion made Avatar chuckle how self centered the human race it was.

Avatar’s feet tested the tension in each movement and adjusted his footing for better traction against the slick surface. Upon arriving at Pier 13, he listened a moment to the tide when it rose then receded below him. His head turned to spot the moonlight glistening off the dark, moving surface. It gave an eerie appearance even with the dimly lit lamp posts nearby, illuminating his activities. A few ships were easily tied to the pier for the fisherman to go to work at dawn. His figure lowered then shoved the body off his arm and let it drop like a sack of potatoes on the sea washed boards. Upon straightening up, he reached his hands to the rope and he casually unwound it, jerking the end from its anchor. With the cluster of boats he knew it wouldn’t float too far without damaging the others.

His face viewer turned to notice the viewing meters for the tourists’ just a foot from him, recalling he would need to ensure the body remained submerged in the water. Tossing down the rope, he reached for the metal pole and began to sway it back then forth. It gave a loud, metallic screech with each movement. The planks creaked in their resistance as the screws gradually gave, causing the wood to splinter. After a few more tries, the pole finally busted out of its holdings and into his hands.

Once more reaching for the rope, a blinding light flooded the darkness causing him to pause. Avatar’s head turned to face the unusual sight of young police officer cautiously walking down the pier, his hands on his gun and his car’s headlights the light’s source.

“Whatever the fuck you are, drop the weapon then get on the ground. Now,” the man nearly screamed.

Avatar merely shook his head as he walked forward, unfazed by the man’s gun pointed at him. Electricity flowed through the metal outside with a hissing crackle and buzz, the energy building up to something as it gathered in his palm. The police officer, terrified, trembled a bit while his gun trained on the droid’s figure. Mentally, Avatar grew excited at his first true test on his new body. His arm raised across his chest and his face seemed completely cold, lacking any emotional indications of a human face, in each step closer. Upon hearing the overwhelming buzzing in his audio sensors, he knew he needed additional time to charge and the only way to do that was to test the physical abilities of his droid.

He spoke,“I don’t think so. Now that you’ve witnessed my attempt to hide the evidence of my first murder, you will have to die.”

Without any warning, Avatar shot forward at the officer. His speed enhanced by the electricity moving through his technology, he became a blur. A grounded leg bent at the knee, then hips tilted and twisted bring his other to smack into the man’s side. The gun let out a deafening pop as his finger tugged the trigger. A projectile clipped Avatar’s shoulder, scratching the surface and penetrating into it. The metal was too thick for it to exit, but sparks pulsed from the damage. Immediately the officer was flung to the pier side and screamed in pain. Avatar smirked, inwardly, upon feeling the muscles take the impact’s blunt force and the sound of a rib crack. The gun went skidding across the dock before it came to rest under Avatar’s foot which applied pressure, crushing it on his way to the helpless man.

Fear poured off him as the officer scrambled to his feet then rushed for his car. His left arm held to his injured ribs and the right scratched at the car door, his head frantically eyeing the approaching machine. Three times he failed in his panic as Avatar causally and with a confident pace walked toward him. Upon shuffling to the driver’s side, he gripped the radio for backup. Avatar wasn’t about to give the man the chance. His arm jerked out then released an electrical shot at the car’s surface. The sirens blared then bursted causing the man to scream and his body hunched down for cover.

Everything went dead silent.

Cautiously, the officer peered over the dash and Avatar was nowhere in sight. Still shaken and rattled, he began to open the car door slowly. He edged out quietly before he plopped back into the car then tried the radio. It was dead. Cursing, he began to pull back out of the car when a cold, metal hand seized him from behind. Dangling from a few feet above, the officer’s hands came to feebly hook and attempt to peel away the fingers constricting his throat. Avatar just tightened his grip and jerked higher. With a quick, precise twist the neck gave with a loud a snap. His C1 and C2 completely severed leaving him alive but unable to move.

When the struggle ceased, Avatar laid the man back into his driver’s seat then went for Turner’s body. After placing the other man into the back, the droid set the car into neutral and locked the doors. Gradually, he began to shove the car off the pier’s end. It dove into the sea causing a loud splash as it sank under the water, the officer’s eyes widen in panic but unable to move. The hard work finished, Avatar began to walk back into the docks where he would seek out his next test.
The Giftening Part 2


Serena barged into Vellios’ room, grunting as she dragged the large crate behind her. ”Hey Vellios! I finally got around to giving you that gift I was talking about. Care to help? Everything is still sore and I have this pounding headache because I let those two idiots convince me to drink something. How are you?”

Vellios grunted, his arm hung from his hammock above, and twisted over to the edge. His icy blue eyes peered down at her as his chin rested on the end, cradled by the cloth while he watched her for a moment. With a quiet groan, he moved his legs then casually slide off the hammock then dropped to the floor with a heavy thump. Shaking off the grogginess he moved toward where Serena stood, hauling her collected trinkets from her girls’ night out and reached to help her.

“I’m doing well. Took a walk, got into a sparring match, and cleared the air with Tanya thought I’m pretty sure she trusts me as far as she can throw me in earth gravity.” He said then stopped, noting the smug look Serena gave him, “Don’t give me that smug look. I didn’t want you harassing me into doing it later and that’s why I did it.”

”Doesn’t mean it didn’t wooooooork.” Serena replied in a sing song voice, grinning at him. With his help she set the large crate up in the center of his room, stepping in front of it and gesturing with a dramatic flourish. ”Would you care to guess what it is, or shall I just cut straight to the chase?” She asked, looking up at him expectantly.

The turian rolled his head then removed his hands, stepping back to examine the ‘gift’ she got. His mandible twitched in irritation and spoke, “You realize I did tell you not to get me anything, right? Not to mention, I don’t even know what your innocent mind could actually get…”

Serena nodded. ”Mhmm! I ignored it!

His figure stepped back as his arms crossed over his bare chest. The head tilted and examined the crate, having very little idea what could be in it, “I noticed. Might as well know what I might be returning later so open her up.”

Serena looked briefly hurt before prying open the crate. Standing in the crate was a new suit of turian armor. Black, even the visor, and imposing it seemed to radiate menace. ”I noticed your old suit was falling apart, so I bought a relatively unused one and fixed it up to your specifications! It doesn’t press against your neck like other armors, it can be connected directly to the various comms of the team, integrated sentinel shielding in addition to normal shields, 10 different compartments for your knives, the knuckles end in spikes-”

“Breathe, . Or you’re going to become more blue than Haze is.” Vellios interrupted as he pressed his talon over her lips, his eyes concerned and then tapped his omnitool “List it on my omnitool and if I’m wondering anything, I’ll ask.”

Serena deflated slightly. ”That’s no fun. She mumbled past his talon. But she did it, quickly sending over the specifications. ”One thing you need to know right now is that it has my voice recorded into it. If you have an incident and I don’t have a comms or I’m too busy fighting to talk you down, I can activate it from my omni-tool, it’ll auto activate after thirty minutes, or one of the crew can activate it with a voice command.

Vellios blinked in surprise then softened his expression and scratched his neck, peeling the dead skin off a bit, “That’s… that’s actually pretty handy. Actually keep me from going insane and attacking the crew.”

His eyes whipped through the list as he eyed the features listed, noting their design fitted with Serena’s personal style. After a quick look over, he touched it cautiously over the the surface before he twisted about and patted her on the head, “Also, I was teasing about sending it back so don’t get so sour. Through you realise, I’m wondering where you got the chits for the armor… mainly because we can’t fully afford it.”

The turian sized her for lies when he came to a stop in front of her.

Serena froze, her smile slowly dropping off as Vellios sized her up. It was no use lying, or even trying to. ”Er. Well. You see. We can’t fully afford it. But with my latest payout from the last mission, small as it was, I could afford it. With some favors for them. You know, fix up some other ones they had. Super simple stuff. I kinda have absolutely no money left. But! I’m not in debt either! Progress...right?” She smiled her most winning smile at him.

Vellios’ protective nature came into the surface and hard. His eyes flashed in a predatory fashion and narrowed on her, unfazed by her winning smile. A twitch of his mandible hissed with the subtle tones of his irritation as his talon came up and kneaded his closed eyes a moment. His mind flurried over the mention of having done a few favors. Favors, innocent as the word sounded, often led to trouble because some individuals weren’t willing to be content with a few.

“Who did you do the favors for?” His tone said in a bizarrely calm manner.

Serena seemed to shrink in on herself. ”Bob. Just down the street. Owner of Bob and Tom’s Armorers. Little old man, about seventy. Just had me fix up three armors he couldn’t fix himself and would be too expensive to pay for. Then he said we were all settled and sent me on my way, shipping the armor to the Borealis.” She twiddled her thumbs for a moment in nervousness before something clicked. She straightened, glaring at the turian.

”Vellios you leave him alone! He said our transaction was done, I have the reciept for it, everything is fine! Don’t you dare go down there and try to bully that sweet old man.”

Vellios growled defensively when she glared at him, then turned his head and let out a huff to the side, “Then you shouldn’t have done this. Serena what would’ve happened if he wasn’t a nice, old man? Would you have still done it and risk yourself over his greed for me? Do you recall what happened last time? If it wasn’t for the fact we were starving and I got stupid, I wouldn’t have gotten into trouble with that bitch of a Asari and I had hoped you would’ve learned from that!”

”I did Vellios! I checked, rechecked, and then checked his background again! He’s as squeaky clean as anyone can be! Alliance veteran, served proudly and fought against the batarians. Set up his armor shop with his brother a couple years ago. He’s not greedy he just wanted to help. It’s over Vellios. Leave it and him be. Promise me Vellios. Promise me you’ll leave him alone.” Serena shifted to block the doorway, still glaring up at the turian.

“You should’ve had me come with you. Just because someone looks good on extranet checks doesn’t mean they are good people and you put yourself at risk either way,” Vellios shot back, his figure towered over the human but not in a menacing fashion. His chest exhaled in frustration before he plopped on the bed and begrudging agreed, “Fine…”

Serena looked him over carefully, relaxing. ”You promise? Say you promise.”

“I already said I would but if promising makes you feel better,” Vellios commented then stood upright as he hooked her pink into his last talon, careful not to hurt her and continued, “I promise.”

His hand shook it then released as his eyes returned to the suit, examining it a moment, “Just next time, will you take me? I like to judge for myself so I'm not hauling your ass out of the frying pan later since your track record isn't the best with new people.”

Serena grinned in relief and hugged him. ”Thank you.” She raised a quizzical eyebrow at him as she released him and moved to leave. ”What, and spoil the surprise? No. I’ll bring Tanya or someone along. Anyways, I gotta get going. Gifts to deliver, replies to variations of ‘I didn’t want anything’ to give. Don’t break your new armor too soon!” She left the room with a cheerful wave and a flash of pink hair.

Vellios shook his head while Serena walked out, his middle was still warm from her hug, and instead took the time to admire the armor. He leaned down to test the joints and working parts, even the knives which he realized need sharpening. The turian muttered, a mixture of amused and relieved, to himself, “Only the spirits know why I love that human like a sister because I sure don’t.”
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