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Nightmares fuel my muse, keeping her nice and satisfy...
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I'm a bit bouncy right now and happy.
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I'm buzzing with excitement and energy, now... let's hope I don't take off suddenly!!!
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My life might disappear, the longer you ignore me but I swear... my memory lives on.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
Sign...............Libra (true to sign surprisingly)
Occupation....Wandering and exploring the caves of my insane mind
Location.........USA (Lost in the Cornfields!)

Status............Stable.I'm currently staying with my Aunt at her house and looking for a new home, so if I vanish unexpectedly it's because I'm busying moving and found a new place to live.


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Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath
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~Chrono Asylum: The Tainted Crest
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⊰Manifest Anima: Planes Divided⊱
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Blood Act: Ghosts of the Past
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A'right gang, I'm heading in for surgery today! I'll try to get online when I can, but it'll be sporadic until I am recovered enough.

Good Luck and hope everything goes well!

Location: Somewhere in California.
Time: Early Afternoon

Sunlight peered through the moth eaten curtains and into the room, illuminating the hazy darkness. It glided over the end of the bed and across the tucked in sheets before coming to rest, blinding Avatar in the face. Instinctively, his right arm jerked up then shielded his eyes. Turning his face away, his eyelids tightened in irritation and his nose scrunched up. His torso pulled away, retracting from the abrupt wake call. A small moan escaped his lips in subtle protest as he curled into a ball against the awareness stirring into his attention. With the passing moments, the memory foam topper on his stiff mattress adjusted to his shape once more.

Sighing, Avatar pleaded for sleep to take him again. After an indistinguishable amount of time pass, it was clear that his efforts remained fruitless and insomnia had officially won this round.

Irritated by the encroaching day on his rare trip into the REM sleep stage, Avatar roughly flipped his upper body back again. His fingers began to rub away the grit collected within his sight while he stumbled into awareness. Blindly he began to smack about for his glasses on the table next to him. Each failure brought a soft sting to his fingers and a rumbling, displeased grunt sound from him at the empty palm. Finally, his fingers wrapped about the metal frames then slide them toward him.

Snapping them open one handedly, he followed up by pressing them to his face. Avatar blinked to allow his vision to adjust once more and leaned firmly against his right elbow. Grinding the end into the mattress, he settled into a comfortable position while he leaned his head down to ruffle his bangs from his eyes. He then shifted his attention toward the digital clock.

It blinked 12 PM.

“Tch,” he whispered through his clenched teeth. It figured it the time would’ve been less than an hour before Mia arrived and if she spotted him still within his bed, he would never hear the end of it.

Without another comment, Avatar flopped flat onto his back. His hand then reached for his nearby pillow and flipped it over his face as he screamed in frustration. His arm cusped the edge and let gravity hold it there while he screamed, the fluff muffling the sound. Having released his fill, he stilled then tossed it aside to breathe again. He deeply inhaled a cleansing breath. While his temper would not hasten his goal, it at least helped in calming his churning mind. He rocked his upper body to lean over the edge and stretched his arm out. He slapped the air until he finally clasped something hard.

A wheel chair arm.

His fingers tightened about the cheap, leather before he pulled it toward him.

He wasn’t in the mood to bother with imperfected prosthetic limbs that locked or jammed today. Besides, being reminded of loss served its purpose. It gave him reason and fueled him to continue working on his special project. He owed his accomplishments to that motivation.

He frowned and briefly wondered why he ever got out of bed at all. Shaking the depression off, he pulled past the prosthetic limbs and snatched the sliding board next to it. Once he was satisfied it was in place and secure, he proceeded to finish getting up from his bed. Straightening his arm, he scooched over to the bed’s edge to set the brakes on the wheelchair.

Avatar finally situated himself within his seat before unclipping the brakes and rolled it in reverse to change his direction. The mechanical whirring buzzed in the background with the wheels rotation. On entering the large closet, he idly wondered what he could chose for this day’s ‘challenges’. The man finally settled on a simple setup: shirt, tie, and loose pants. Technically shoes and socks were useless since he wouldn’t be walking at all and most days served to both impress or give a sense of normalcy to others. A faint hope they would over look the missing bits.

Personally, he honestly didn’t give a damn about that in his current mood. It was even less likely with Mia, who had worked around numerous disable during her career.

Pushing his way toward the closet back, clothes folded in his lap, something caught his peripheral vision. He promptly paused then turned to fully take in the image of his current state. The main thing he noticed were the obvious dark rings puffing under his eyes. With his organic hand, he tenderly prodded the swollen skin from sleep deprivation.

With a irritated huff, he knew Mia wouldn’t be pleased about his presentation in the least as he jerked his chair about and wheeled toward the back door of his closet. Everything within the house was designed for his condition, primarily to give him independence, but it took time.

About over half an hour later, he was washed and dressed when Mia arrived. Hearing her hand tapped upon his front door, he pushed his wheels forward into the living/kitchen then pushed open the door.

It released with a soft creak revealing a dark skin woman in her early thirties, juggling two bags of groceries and her purse. Her hips tilted to the side while she lifted up the bags.

“Figured you were running low on groceries and needed them,” she commented then advanced into the house, her tennis shoes squeaked across the wooden floor.

She quickly snapped the door shut behind her as Avatar wheeled his way toward the kitchen ahead of her. He tilted his head, hand gripped the towel ends hooked about his neck, and watched Mia begin to put away the assorted goods. Her dark eyes shifted to spy him wheeling toward the bathroom casing her to speak, “Mind gathering your dirty clothes? I'll take them to the laundromat while we’re out and get you some fresh air. You need to get out more often than just during your therapy appointments.”

“I'll politely decline,” Avatar shouted back on his route to the bathroom. He leaned within his chair to snatch the discarded clothes on the counter and those which had fallen on the floor, tossing each hazardly into the plastic bag lining his hamper.

“Oh sugar, that wasn't an invitation. That was a fact. We’re going out after you're done eating as you need to get out this house and interact with some real people,” Mia shouted back, followed by the sounds of crinkling plastic and shifting dishes, “I got you something you might like. Where’s your chopsticks? Never mind, I found ‘em.”

Avatar rolled his eyes then began to backtrack into the kitchen/living half of the apartment house. Mia was already strolling into the living room with two platefuls of food, primary sushi, as she set them down on a side table. Pulling out two dinner trays from the recliner side, she held one over to Avatar “Put that up will ya?”

Sighing again, Avatar reached with his good limb for the metal edge and sat it upside down in his lap. Flipping up the table’s legs, he then pushed it upright in front of him before Mia the plate down. “I hope you weren't expecting this to be authentic Japanese sushi because it's actually not. California rolls were designed and made here in the states, not Japan.”

“Someone woke up in a shitty mood this morning. Didn't you take your insomnia medicine last night?” Mia asked, passing the chopsticks.

Frowning deeper, Avatar reached for his set and positioned the correctly before he started to pinch a piece at the end. In a dismissive tone he commented. “It slipped my mind.”

He popped the sushi into his mouth to prevent any more words as he chewed calmly. His eyes observed her reaction to his statement. By this time, having never used them before, Mia had decided to stab rather than pinch her sushi. Slipping her first piece into her mouth, her eyes darkened in annoyance. In an expected fashion, she wasn't pleased about his admittance to being forgetful and wasted little time in voicing it.

“You know you're suppose to take those every day!” She snapped abruptly, pointing her chopstick, with another sushi stabbed on the end, at him. It nearly flipped off into Avatar’s face causing him to pull back cautiously. Realizing she had almost splattered him with food, she hastily set it down into her wrap then continued, “At least I know why you're so crabby, but seriously you need to remember them. The doctor didn't give them to you just sit on a shelf and look pretty. They are meant to help.”

Scooping up his wrap into his hand, he paused long enough to speak before biting down, “If my project works successfully then I won't need-”

“That project is likely why you keep forgetting,” Mia said off handed. Her shoulders shrugged and started in on her own wrap, a bacon and turkey lettuce one, “Don't give me that look. You know I speak the truth.”

Avatar sighed for the third time that afternoon and shook his head at the misguided nurse. He continued to eat in utter silence without another word on the subject so to not upset his caretaker. It was going to be a long day.
Well, was waiting, but been told to go ahead and post, I'll be doing that tonight

I figured it was a waiting game again.
Word To The Wise,
Never Trust Your Eyes

“Nay,” Vellios shouted back jokingly at Iosif, “that’s a hobby!’

Then the turian vanished into the medical bay without another word.

Upon entering, a chemical sterilizer scent washed over him, His nostrils crinkled and caused him to flinch. Vellios immediately raised his hand to his nose, the flesh filtering the smell out, allowing him to focus. As if to remind him, his side started to flare in pain drawing a soft hiss from his lips. Huffing in irritation, Vellios went to work.

His figure strolled to the nearest cabine. As he by passed a mental tray, his hand reached and rolled it along by his side. The wheels creaked with the movement before grinding to a stop. His talons causally plucked several things from the shelves: stitches, medi gel and fresh bandages, all before setting them on a tray with a ting. Wheeling them over to the single bed in the room, Vellios then turned his back to the edge and hopped onto it.

Use to the scent, he removed the gel cast tom his torso. The thing came off with a hiss and was set upon the tray’s surface. Forgotten for the moment, the Turian moved into to examine his current condition. His crested head leaned down to glance at his ribs, his eyes tightened when he noticed the tinge of blue along the center.

Vellios inhaled deeply. Taking his knife slashed the bandages off his torso, careful not to wound himself more, with a vertical motion. A memory slipped through his defenses and suddenly flooded his mind, every muscle froze in the moment half way down.

Blood covered his side from one large gash, about a few centimeters deep. Vellios blinked in confusion. He forced his blade to finish cutting him free and then tossed the rags upon the tray. He seemed unsurprised at the new wounds, assuming he had cut himself, through there was no pain. Vellios then took the fresh medi gel and applied it.

Lathering up the injury with his talon, Vellios applied the stitches next. He started from where the gash’s edge started and followed down to where it ended. Retrieving the bandages, the Turian went to wrap them and stopped.

The gash was gone.

A sharp intake of breathe was his only reaction. Vellios noting where he had used the medigel and stitches on his carapace, realizing it was a figment of his mind. All that remained was a small, discolored area along his ribs. In a few days, it would be completely gone.

He was lucky the stitches were liquid or he would've ended up literally stitching up healthy carapace. Something that would've hard to explain to Serena.

Pushing aside the incident, Vellios wrapped up his upper chest and sides. Finally he then placed and secure the gel cast to protect it from additional damage. Wordlessly he proceeded to clean up his mess and hopped off the bed, his talons promptly tossed the yellowed bandages into the disposal.

After he had replaced whatever he hadn't used back into the shelves, he made his way toward the exit. He needed some fresh air and quickly.

Character you have created: ?
Alias: Avatar
Speech Color (Actually say what you're using):
When speaking through a droid- Code
Real voice- #cc9900

Character Alignment: Villain
Identity: Secret
Character Personality:

When in a casual setting, any who encounter his Avatar would find an honorable and sharp minded individual despite his appearance. The mind behind the droid is easily at home with each move, gesture and more being graceful and precise in movement. Well practiced over years that with surprising ease, he can perform the most delicate actions without damaging fragile items. An accent is impossible to make out through his mechanical voice but his mannerisms mimic that of Asian origins with a polite bow on first meeting, especially with those he respects.


Unlike most villains, Avatar would never put himself in the line of combat personally. Currently he’s only got one droid but as he encounter challenges and opposition, his machines will grow over time. (Added at GM’s approval)Since the machine is his ability to interact with the world from a safe distance, Avatar has made every advancement to prevent it from being able to be hacked or manipulated. Including creating a very usual programming that functions on the same levels as a human brain, without the reasoning until he downloads his own. Many hackers of any skill would notice it’s oddity and difficulty in hacking almost immediately, their hacks hindering key features but failing in tracking, hijacking, or similar types of sabotage.

Model 1

Origin Info/Details:

Very little is known about Avatar, his past and location well guarded secrets. So guarded in fact, any attempts to fish or jack them will result in gaining his immediate attention instead. There has been few brave enough to cross him for fear of receiving a unwelcome visit and sudden vanish. Any that have managed to cross Avatar twice, often never live to do it a third time. They have fallen ill to a series of accidents ranging from car crashes to gas explosions, none naturally leading back to him naturally. Though officially he hasn’t shown up within Pacific Point until the last week or so, it’s obvious he isn’t a stranger to crime or how it works. However, his antics seem more getting his name out there than actually for profit. He’s mysteriously been able to replace his droids with newer and improved designs, his funds untraceable.

Hero Type (Select one): Other-Machinist/Inventor
Power Level (Select one below): City
Powers (Be Specific):

Each suit is different in their power sets, currently more will be added as the IC goes on and after GM approval. In addition, suits will improve and change as they become destroyed.

Denki jiko


Exoskeleton- Outside Casing

The exoskeleton is not designed to take a beating, unlike other models because it is designed for speed and agility. This means lighter density and quicker movements to get more strikes in to end a fight quicker.

Electromagnetic Recharge-Located within Storage Unit

Using specialized coils and frequencies, Avatar is able to absorb energy from various sources via wireless method. Powerlines, lightning and even solar energy can be used to energize the droid whenever power is running at about 40% efficiently. This prevents him from having to return to a nearby recharge location in order to replenish the loss energy.

Storage Unit- Located on the back

The storage unit can retain and store enough energy to properly function for weeks when in casual mode. However, during combat that energy can quickly evaporate requiring the Electromagnetic Recharge to refill it. This unit then change nearly any energy type that’s absorbed by the recharge into clean, suitable energy for use within 10 seconds to an hour.

Electrical Touch

Casting Time: 2-3 seconds (1 second to charge it up, then 1-2 to release)
Range: Close Quarter Combat
Duration: 6+ seconds *
Description: Avatar laced his droid with numerous current lines and when activated, they come alive with electrical energy. Due to the nature of the droid, the currents have little to no effect over its systems and instead charges the whole droid with about 50,000 watts at 26 volts per second. This acts like a taser on touch, releasing the electrical energy in short bursts at a time.

*Through it could last indefinitely, the longer the ability is on then the more power that is discharged. This takes a toll on the storage unit’s reserves over time making the output>intake energy wise. So Avatar often uses this in burst, allowing a recharge state if he’s used this for extended periods (18 seconds| 3 posts or longer).

Enhanced Speed

Casting Time: 3-4 seconds
Range: 64+ mph
Duration: 6 seconds
Description: Collecting energy in the legs, Avatar can increase his speed for a limited time to match that of a cheetah. This ability can enhance his own reflexes and reaction speed to that of 5x of a human. These are used in bursts, requiring a cool down period or risk the metal joints and carbon fiber muscles getting worn down.

Electrical Disruption

Casting Time: 6 seconds
Range: 10 meters (30 feet) in radius all the way around
Duration: 3 seconds to finish, up to 30 minutes lasting effect
Description: Avatar buildings and collects focused energy into the palms, then smacks them together. The energy erupts violently into the surroundings creating a ripple effect. This emits both an EMP blast, knocking out all electrical devices within range, and a vibration (from violently clashing protons and neutrons) that knocks anything nearby away several feet. The power is strong enough to be comparative to half a stick of dynamite.

Electrical Shots

Casting Time: 2-3 seconds for each shot
Range: long
Duration: 6 seconds either on contact or on location it hit
Description: Condensing and focusing electrical energy into his palm, Avatar can create small electrical bombs that can go off on impact and electrocute his target. Each shot has the same wattage and voltage to his Electrical Touch, showing he’s out to be lethal. However, if the bomb should miss it will temporary electrify a small yard radius area circle where it landed. This area will remain charge for about 6 seconds before dying out.

The shot can reach up to that of an arrow or tossed grenade, but hitting is another matter. Fast moving objects are difficult to hit if they move quicker than the human eye and just because it is thrown doesn’t mean it can’t be cleared in time.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Denki jiko

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 167 lbs
Strength Level: 2x Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Human-5x Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Unknown, he’s usually ends a fight rather quickly
Agility: x 5 Human
Intelligence: Average- Borderline Genius
Fighting Skill: Adeptly Trained

Resources: Unknown


Exoskeleton- While a normal human might not be able to make a dent with their bare hands, continual abuse will slowly take its toll from weapons and even bullets fired at a rapid pace could cause serious damage. In addition, the exoskeleton is only protected from the normal weathering conditions (such as heavy rain, limited hail, and sun) and electric type attacks. This means odd elemental like fire, ice, etc can deteriorate the outside faster.

Recharge- Depending on the source of the energy, the droid could be replenished fast or slow. Pure sources of energy like power lines, lighting, and more can produce rapid amounts and can boost the droid to max in a minute (less time through physical contact) over time. Sources with low power flow like vehicles and even solar energy will take closer to an hour to fully charge, forcing caution over consuming too much at once.

Storage Unit- can only retain and use so much at one time and while it’s large, it’s not limitless. Depending on the source it’s draining from then the output could be greater than its intake. If too much energy is used at once, this could result in the droid being unable to function or defend itself. While Avatar has put in a safety measure to ensure the prior does not happen, he still needs to be cautious over how often he fights or for how long.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):


Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: I would hope so…
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