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It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you... S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L
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Killer Queen has already touched that Note 7.
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My Sheer Meme Attack has no weaknesses!
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Wondering about me? Well, I'll tell you anyway. I am a 22 year old person who enjoys recreational meming to a heavy degree. No matter what you may think, no matter how serious a post or character I app will seem, there will at least be 3 or so memes within said post or app. It is unavoidable. Like normal people survive by inhaling oxygen, I manage to sustain my physical body through applying memes to the environment I am in at any given time. Is this just an internet facade? Wondering this is foolish. There is little difference between the fagkin typing to you and the fagkin behind the screen. The biggest difference is that in the internet, nobody can hear you meme. Except on skype calls but that's different. Anyways, I really enjoy meming. I also enjoy video games and anime, as well. If you happen to be into visual novels, I am quite fond of those too. You can view my list here if you want to see how great my taste is. Or you can look further down to see a list that I should probably update, but probably wont.

Closing statement.

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Aleph Banton

"Did ya miss me?"

Perhaps what he had needed was time. Aleph Banton was initially unable to find that spark in his mind that set him off, that let loose the delusional, wannabe hero. He was incapable of letting his mind run wild with preposterous ideas that might get him into trouble. He simply could not be Aleph Banton, THE Hero. But that began to change a few days into their trip. The transformation from worthless waste of flesh into irresponsibly-arrogant and delusional was about as subtle as a honey badger tearing a cobra apart. Whereas he was quiet the first few days, Aleph became much more responsive in the later half of the trip, until he had returned even better than ever, much to perhaps everybody's dismay.

It no longer mattered what had happened to him. He was sure all those negative thoughts were merely a slump he had gotten over and never had to look back on. Fear of death? A hero? Ha! Even if he died, he would not stay dead because a Hero does not stop until his job is finished. And right now? Henry Ford is out there somewhere, causing problems for the innocent!





Thankfully, it did not seem as though he had to twiddle his thumbs and wait for action, as but mere moments after they had arrived in the village, they were under attack. Aleph did have to admit he was not expecting rabbits with a taste for flesh, but then again, who did? To make matters worse, they were easily hidden in the tall grass that filled the surrounding area. As much as it might pain anybody to admit, the fight with these rabbits wasn't going to be the easiest thing in the world.

Good thing they had The Hero on their side.

"Fwahaha! I, Aleph Banton, descend!" he declared heroically as he hopped out of wagon and into the fray.

Brandishing his weapon, Aleph, like the rest of the people who had come with him, began to fight the rabbits as best he could while spreading out just a bit away from Firebelly and his immediate company were. Beside him was Alexander, a man he had initially met while he was with Olly. It was not a pleasant first impression either of them left on each other, but no particular bad blood seemed to remain between them so Aleph was willing to pretend like nothing happened in the first place. More importantly, this particular man seemed to be relatively accurate in his attempts at cutting down these rabbits. Was there some kind of magic or trick he was using?

As he was wondering this, he was snapped out of thought by Duncan doing something that was either really ingenious, or really pointless. Either way, it would have to wait as Aleph found there were a fair amount of these rabbits attacking him and Alexander. Aleph had to wait until they attempted to attack him before he could reliably get his own hits in, what with them darting around the place.

@Lunarlors34 She rolled a 7 and ended up turning into a dragon instead of a slug.

Or would you believe that I had to kill a bunch of people for Lucy, and buy Liferusher a Nintendo switch?

Or would you believe that I convinced Zel to do me a solid and blow all of the gms and asked them to do me a favor and allow me to be a dragon?

If you don't believe that shit then I'll tell you that I just went to theses mother fucker's discord dropped, hey can I be a dragon and they pretty much said yeah sure. But now Zin's bust is too big to fit armor, buuuuuuuuut she can now live like a real humanoid dragon.

Hey the only person allowed to blow the GMs is me. I'll fucking fight you, dood.

Also Girl_Turning_Into_Dragon and Breast_Expansion are my two most-searched tags aside from Ulting_the_Villain_as_Garen and Live_Action_Jojo_Openings.

Aleph Banton

"I've... got to sort myself out."

Aleph Banton was not completely sure just how wise his decision to follow the armored orc known as Malakaus Firebelly was. Was he not worthless? Was he not frightened at the very thought of death? Why just a bit earlier, he was incapable of just about anything but feeling sorry for himself. So why then did he find himself tagging along for this march? Banton couldn't tell you himself if he was just following his newfound friend, Olipher, or if some part of him wanted this, wanted to be a real hero, even knowing he wasn't one.

He gave a heavy sigh.

While he could not throw away these depressing thoughts that lingered in his mind, the very least he could do was suppress and hide them from anybody else. There was no benefit to causing others to worry about him or annoying them. For now, he could act the part of the fool like he usually did.

Otherwise he wasn't sure what would become of him.


Mental preparation was necessary to accurately portray the Hero known as Aleph Banton, the one with an indescribable power contained within his right hand! Or was it his left? Just the mere shock he had received from... what was it again that caused him to suddenly fear his death? Well whatever it was it had made it a bit difficult to think properly and preparing the Hero was not going as smooth as it should have been.

A bit more unstable than he was used to, Aleph Banton silently marched with the rest of the group as he attempted to get into the right mindset. At the very least, he hadn't any problems preparing supplies from the trip. So long as things went to plan, he wouldn't have any problems with what he brought with him. But that did not matter.

Luck was usually on his side, after all.

Heinrich Ford

"I return."

Heinrich was not sure if his mind had made it up, but while he was lost in this mansion, he could have sworn he heard something he did not like. Thankfully, he was capable of not being an idiot like people in horror movies usually are, and instead decided to avoid the noises. If some murder-killer jumped out at him because he decided to investigate, he was sure he would die of embarrassment before the knife reached his throat. He would not fall for the most common of tropes, he was sure of it.

Except it seemed that, much to his irritation, he was a character whom could get lost fairly easily in bigger buildings, as he did not manage to find anybody or anything he would have liked to. He did occasionally hear things some people might have decided to look into, but fearing for some sort of trap, Heinrich continued onwards, in hope of getting himself un-lost. It did not work. At least not for a while, but eventually, he had succeeded in finding the others, apparently just as someone went looking for him.

He of course had caught the part that Vesta and others would be leaving to assist on some trip. Perhaps this was a way he could repay her for the kind hospitality. He wasn't really capable of fighting, but, well, maybe he could carry stuff? Vesta's offer to tutor someone in magic had reminded him of the potential he knew he had since coming here. He really needed to find somebody to instruct him to make use of it, but asking of Vesta was something he could not do as he had nothing to give her in return. His character would not allow it. If she extended the offer to him, however... well, he would try to help in any way he could. It would be nice to get away from the crazed NPCs of this world for a bit.

"A gorgeous mansion you have." Heinrich commented to let his presence be known to those who hadn't heard or seen him, few as though they may be. He stood in a way that could only be described as "fabulous", while looking solely at Vesta, almost as if he disregarded everybody else. Vesta was the only one he had interest in at the moment. It was her (and by extension, her family) whom he had owed for the kind hospitality.

"I am no warrior and I currently cannot cast a spell, but I would assist you in anyway I might if you would have me."
My first IC post in any roleplay in like a month XD
I feel special. Also feel rushed, and that it was shitty. But really I had no idea what I needed to do other than an absolute bucket-load since Vesta needs to play catch up and I don't even know if Famished is in this roleplay anymore (same with Claw).

Fwahahah! I descend!

What possible reason would you have to believe I was no longer in this roleplay? A lack of any posts within the roleplay in but a mere month? Haha, foolish! I am here. I will never perish! You would like a post? Then I shall give you a post!

EDIT: Excuse me if I either missed you or tagged you when you weren't relevant in the least, I kinda copied some of the coding from a prior post. Also, if anybody was interacting directly with Heinrich or Aleph and I ignored them, I haven't read the IC or OOC for a while and simply did not see it. Sorry for that, but I did not want to get caught up.
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