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*You try to say something, but rude baby Red just keeps on going.
9 Feb 2017 19:14
It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you... S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L
4 Nov 2016 23:23
Killer Queen has already touched that Note 7.
17 Oct 2016 6:31
My Sheer Meme Attack has no weaknesses!
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Wondering about me? Well, I'll tell you anyway. I am a 22 year old person who enjoys recreational meming to a heavy degree. No matter what you may think, no matter how serious a post or character I app will seem, there will at least be 3 or so memes within said post or app. It is unavoidable. Like normal people survive by inhaling oxygen, I manage to sustain my physical body through applying memes to the environment I am in at any given time. Is this just an internet facade? Wondering this is foolish. There is little difference between the fagkin typing to you and the fagkin behind the screen. The biggest difference is that in the internet, nobody can hear you meme. Except on skype calls but that's different. Anyways, I really enjoy meming. I also enjoy video games and anime, as well. If you happen to be into visual novels, I am quite fond of those too. You can view my list here if you want to see how great my taste is. Or you can look further down to see a list that I should probably update, but probably wont.

Closing statement.

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@Letter Bee

He hasn't replied to Vesta since she asked about Aleph. I could post before him if need be.

I am here. Meming, waiting for Lucius to respond but if bugged I guess I could. Depends on if you guys really want someone like me to post.

Now you've done it.

Julius caught an armored fist to the face, but it wasn't anything he hadn't already experienced before. Besides the armor. Not to say it felt particularly pleasant, but visibly it looked like all it did was irritate the thug. "Who are you supposed to be, my mother?" he massaged his nose for a second, taking notice of the girl's attempt at a stance. Was this place full of disgusting women who couldn't keep the heroics to themselves? And besides, he was kind enough to punch the man instead of the woman. Was chivalry dead here too?

Ignoring both the gunshot and the out-of-character posts in the wrong topic before this one, Stiles replied to the armored girl's rhetoric question. "Picking a fight with a victim of molestation makes you no better than a criminal, ya know? But if you really want me to bea---"

Wait wait wait wait, what am I doing?

Deep breaths.

Now that Julius had gotten rid of that burning sensation in his body, he could think clearly. And clearly, fighting this woman was one of those bad things he was supposed to stop doing. As was striking that man, but he was a dick so Julius forgave that slip-up. Anyways, he needed to stop this before it got out of hand. If things got serious, well...

It was very likely he might beat somebody to death.

That was bad. Very bad. Like a solid 9/10. Only thing worse would be insulting somebody's hair, but even someone like him had standards. Now, how to fix this situation?


He had an idea.

It was now up to Julius Stiles to execute his master plan. It was flawless, really. All he needed was to become a wordsmith great enough to diffuse the situation and give him ample time to tactically retreat before his short fuse went off again. "I've gotta wash my mouth out with some dirty water to get the taste off my lips, smell ya later!" And with all the subtlety of a honey badger tearing a cobra apart, he dashed for the exit and left the guild.

He wasn't joking about the water, though.
You are now aware that @TsundereStorm exists and had an accepted app.
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<Snipped quote by Spriggs27>

<Snipped quote by Zelosse>

Both of these statements are indeed true.
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