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<Snipped quote by Fancy Party>

That works for me - I'll wait for other folks to get online and weigh in, because there's no doubt some downright amazing idea I hadn't thought of that'll seem blindingly obvious to them. If we do end up going down the party-guest route, I may have to send you a private message or two about stuff. Double-super secret stuff.

Yeah, sounds good to me. Send away if you want, no matter what route we go. It'll probably be best to flesh out in private anyways. Though I'm gonna get a few more hours of sleep at the moment, so I'll look forward to any other suggestions others might have too. Looking forward to joining the game anyway, I'll do my best.
I was re-reading the posts and thinking that, in a weird sort of way, the actions taken actually worked quite well together - a bit of diplomacy-ish, an implied threat, a distraction, a sneak attack.

The only thing I was worried about is that they might be reprimanded for that final action, since technically all Guerlaghiix did was threaten to eat some fries that didn't belong to him. :P

<Snipped quote by Fancy Party>

It can be quite intimidating, especially when Real Life is also trying it's hardest to interfere with things.

Yeah, I understand. As someone with very little of a life though, I have a lot more options roleplay-wise I guess. :P

However, even the grumpiest looking of clouds has a silver lining, there's space for one more - @Fancy Party, you were top of the waiting list, so first dibs goes to you. Bunz is good, we just have to put our heads together on how best to insert an octocat into the crew. My initial thoughts are:

1) Restaurant Patron! There's all sorts of people at the Henderson's Ribs above Nurr-Slugg, it's entirely feasible that Bunz is there. Perhaps Bunz has been separated from their old crew. Perhaps Bunz has been abandoned by their old crew. Perhaps the old crew had an accident and they're, you know, not around anymore.
2) They've Always Been There! It's an option, but my least favourite (like caraway seed cake, seriously, yuck).
3) This Warp Engine Is A Bit Experimental! Sort of like Option 2, but warp engines are notoriously fickle and weird in how they operate. Warp technology sometimes can sometimes cause "anomalies". Bunz could be that anomaly! Be the anomaly you want to see! Or something.
3) Meet At Ofromia! The crew is, I believe, going to head towards the planet of Ofromia to help Zane Heron throw a party. This presents quite a few opportunities to get involved, either as a party-goer, an employee, a random passer-by, a member of the Space Friends who is also trying to help, etc. etc.

It probably goes without saying at this point, but these are just the first set of ideas to pop into my head to get the ball rolling and, Katamari style, pick up other, bigger, better ideas to run with. If none of these appeal, that's fine, we can come up with something else. After I've had another mug of tea.

Yeah, I was thinking either the Party as a party-goer or a later rescue mission where Bunz's crew had been slaughtered and he'd been left for dead. But joining at a restaurant after the party works for me too. While, he could join now as an awe-inspired patron, I feel like a little too much has happened all at once for a new crew member to be added in the same restaurant. Either way, anything that works, works for me. I'd probably prefer the party or a later rescue mission though to be honest.
First up, I'm really sorry that we've lost you @Hank - things have been a bit hectic posting wise, and my post about not wanting folks to get left behind was a few days too late. It just goes to show that there's quite a lot to running a game, and it was remiss of me not to think about that sort of thing earlier (especially as I had to drop out of a game recently due to the speed at which it was going!).

I didn't think the posting speed would be a problem either since not all that much was happening story-wise, it was mostly just conversations and character development. Though I guess it was a lot to keep up with to read and all too. Either way, its unfortunate to see Hank go. I hope he can find something better paced for him in the near future.

Edit: That encounter worked out better than I expected it to.
this is why I brought all the soldier bees back again, so we can have a laser light show if things go bad or just bring their food to calm everything down. admittedly our least suited to combat member was not who i expected to take physical action but this should be very interesting as a result.

on the topic of the meanwhile sugestion I rather like the idea, either as plot or just amusing/interesting world building asides in the maner of Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy entires or Terry Pratchett's books's footnotes

Honestly, the Guerlaghiix must be very confused, Vanessa in an implied threatening manner with a loaded rifle after having his "Flowjinks" being insulted by the Captain, while Toony menacingly eats in his general direction and then an oversized wrench to the head. At least, I'd be confused. haha

And I agree, a lot can be done with a few good posts outside of the current situation. Definitely more interesting for the reader as well, as long as it's not, you know, overly confusing and that it's clear that its taking place outside of the current situation. Personally, I had an idea for a story of a run-in with animated, talking clothing down the line.
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