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28 Apr 2017 0:56
Current "Gangsters and thugs, criminals and hoods. Some of my friends sell records, some of my friends sell drugs."
25 Apr 2017 22:10
Audrey > All other Hunies.
25 Apr 2017 13:19
Benefit of the doubt, guys. Maybe Dealdric is actually a master satirist. In which case, it's comedy gold, right?
25 Apr 2017 0:13
"When will you admit you have a John-face?"
24 Apr 2017 5:00
VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is, I am 1000% sure, my primary reason for being alive. I'm going to finish with the this torrent, and then actually buy a copy. God, I love it.
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Shit, double post. Sorry.
I'll hop on the WIP bandwagon, too.

Checking in.
I'm...confused about where a tournament would come in, but I do like the idea of using factions. Mostly because the 6-4 are badass. I'm pretty sure two topics is a bit overkill, though.

I do like that you're trying to keep it from getting too combat-oriented, though.
@Buddha Right? That would only make sense. A little research gives me people saying they've heard that, and there's a bit about it on the Wikipedia page. Can't find any real sources. One those things that everyone has heard, but no one remembers where they heard it.
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