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Hey there, stranger! I'm Fox and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Uh, here are some things about me.

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Meat hooks. The words were enough to conjure up images of a violent clash, one that ended with Cade looking like he'd been reeled in by a dozen angry fishermen. "Damn, sounds like you and your partner had one hell of a mission. It makes our mission in Alaska sound like a piece of cake, right Kayla?" The wince on her friend's face told her enough, so she continued speaking to Cade without so much as skipping a beat. "Your partner's right though, you should eat something. Nothing a good ol' bowl of mac and cheese can't fix."

Audrey caught Kayla narrowing her eyes at her. Okay, mac and cheese couldn't magically heal Cade's wounds, but the guy had to eat if he wanted to regain his strength and get back to tip top shape. Plus, if she were in his shoes, she was guessing she'd take food over being coddled on any day of the week. "I can grab you something if there's anything else you want to eat - holy shit."

She'd been doing a great job at ignoring the fight, but that flew out the window the moment people started dropping like flies. Audrey didn't quite understand what had happened, but was relieved to see that bone lady and the guy who'd been helping her had managed to leap back and avoid the same fate.

"This isn't going to end well," Kayla muttered.

"Mhm, some people are gonna get their asses kicked, that's for sure. Did you guys see what happened?" Before Audrey could say anything, else a higher up came waltzing in, and with a sweep of his blade, practically sent people crashing through the ground. A shock wave rippled through the cafeteria knocking plates and other objects off their respective tables. Audrey could only stare in horror as her mac and cheese lied spilled and dirtied on the floor.

Things were horrible enough, but to add insult to injury, some Asylum appeared out of nowhere and attached herself to Audrey like some baby koala. "Uh... hey? Do you want anything?" Audrey's first instinct was to prepare herself in case the tiny girl decided she wanted to duke it out or whatever, but Rena only showed sweet intentions and Audrey didn't quite know how to respond. "Kayla? Cade? Is she a friend of yours?"

"...all the assisting teams are being called to the debriefing room, kindly make your way there now."

Audrey let out a loud groan. Getting sent on another mission the day after her return was bad enough, being stuck with a tiny human clinging to her arm was worse.

She was just about to shake her arm free when a voice called out to the girl beside her.

"But she is so tiny, I can totally keep her in my drawer...

Did the kid just call her tiny? Audrey wanted to scream.

Kayla, sending the tension, gave her friend her most soothing smile. "You should get going, Aud."

Audrey responded with a deep breath. She was taller than Rena! She was pretty sure of that! Ignoring Kayla, she leaped to her feet so she could get a better look at their height difference. The result was saddening.

"Aud?" Kayla called out again.

"I'm not little!"

"You're going off topic."

"I'm taller than her!"

Sighing, Kayla turned to Angel and Rena and mustered up a smile. "Sorry about that, she gets a little defensive."

Audrey was on the edge of her seat, willing and praying for the two women to win and beat the crap out of asshole of the month and his friends. Maeve and Kiara had started strong, but it was impossible to deny, they were outnumbered and brawls were oftentimes a number game. She cursed silently beneath her breath, waiting for some higher up to break up the fight when a person was deposited at their table.

Kayla looked up from her typing to eye the wheelchair-bound Cade.

Audrey did the same when a terse voice told her to look after a certain someone. As soon as the familiar name was brought up, she tore her eyes away from the escalating fight and focused on Cade. The multiple scars and injuries on his face and arms made her wince, she was so transfixed by the mishmash of injuries, that she didn't even notice Samad leaving for who knows where.

"Oh wow, you look like shit," Audrey hissed.

Following Audrey's not so tactful response, Kayla gave Cade a sympathetic frown.

"I mean, Cade, you okay? What mission were you on? I didn't know you were back here." By then the fight had been forgotten, and Audrey was staring at Cade like a curious cat in search of answers. "When did you get back?"

"Hey, Aud, maybe give him some time to eat a little? He looks really tired."

Kayla's comment made Audrey ease up a little. "Right, your partner said to make you eat?"

What the absolute fuck? He was talking about children—about slaughtering children! Rogues or not, the story the man was spewing from his ugly mouth made her stomach tighten into a knot. Whatever excitement she'd had for breakfast had vanished into thin air, and now, Audrey was leaning against the table and giving the man across the room a look of disgust.

As Audrey thought of the many horrible ways the man could die, Kayla continued typing away on her laptop. Clack, clack, clack. The sound of her friend's fingers typing away did little to ease Audrey's growing hatred for the man across the room. Kayla, ever the observant, picked up on the faces Audrey was making and noticed her friend's silent plight.

"Psst, Aud, I thought we were going to write our report?"

Audrey leaned back into her seat and groaned. "How can you write when fuck face over there won't shut up?"

Kayla bit down on her lip and ignored the hostility in her friends' voice. She didn't like him or his story either, but there wasn't anything they could do. "We should focus on the report. Come on, don't let him ruin breakfast. The food is great, there wasn't any mac and cheese at the border, but now we've got all we can eat!"

Noticing what her friend was trying to do, Audrey eased up on the anger and peered at the pasta and cheese combo on her friend's plate. "Fine, only because the mac and cheese looks great." And before Kayla could do anything, Audrey reached for her fork and nabbed a big chunk of food from off of her friend's tray. The food was promptly shoveled into Audrey's mouth.

"No fair, Aud!"

Audrey smirked. "What? You said it yourself, the mac and cheese is irresistible."

For a moment, the obnoxious asylum had been forgotten. At least, until a woman from across the room began striding towards him. Audrey arched an eyebrow at the scene before them and groaned in despair when the woman asked the man to repeat his story. It was the same disgusting tale—until Maeve punched him and sent him crashing through the fish tank.

Broken glass and water spilled into the room, and Audrey, she leaped to her feet and cheered.

"Hell yeah!"

"More like no," a stunned Kayla hissed as she reached for her friend's arm and tugged her back into her seat.

"Kayla, he's asshole of the month. He deserves it."

In the span of a few minutes, everything went to hell. The woman's partner (Audrey assumed it was her partner) jumped in to help and the asshole's friends jumped in and retaliated.

"Kick his butt!" Audrey hollered from where she and Kayla were seated.

"I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it," Kayla clarified. "But we're not getting involved."

Audrey blinked dumbly. Sure, she could be a brash idiot when people got on her nerves, but she had in no way been planning to get involved because:

1.) She was a fresh graduate and would get her ass kicked to kingdom come
2.) As cool as the brawl was, tons of people were already getting involved and it obviously wasn't going to end well
3.) Simply because she wasn't that stupid

"Kayla, we're not getting involved," she reassured.

"Good, good, we have a report to write—"

"Go bone lady!" Much to her friend's dismay, Audrey continued to cheer.
Collab between @Fox of Spades and @Ryver et Rhine

An insistent beeping sound pulled Kayla back from the edges of dreamland. Her black eyes popped open and subconsciously she began assessing every minute detail about her surroundings. She heard soft ambient music behind the grating alarm. The light was dim but it was bright enough for her to make out the dents and scratches lining the metal walls. Her fingers felt rough, stiff linen beneath her. The texture was similar to what she expected from the bedsheets provided in the AMRO bunkers. Curiously, she allowed her hands to fan outwards. It didn't take her very long to find the edges of the bed. There was about an inch and a half of cool metal separating the wall from the mattress. Sunken mattress, metal frame, metal walls - a sleep pod? Her hazy memories from the night before confirmed her conclusion and Kayla sighed with relief. Moments earlier, she thought she had been buried alive but she was glad she was wrong! She had no intention of dying so soon.

She tried going back to sleep when she caught a glimpse of the current time. The Unlinked sat up abruptly forgetting how low the ceiling was. Her head collided with metal and stars danced in her eyes. "Ow," she gasped, rubbing her head gingerly as she began tearing. Slowly, she exhaled. Inhaled and exhaled again. On the last exhale, she opened her eyes fully half expecting to see white mist coming out of her mouth but her breath remained invisble to the naked eye.

She couldn't help smiling, as she relished the fact she was far away from Hyder. That town along the Alaskan-Candian border was nothing short of a frozen hell! She alternated between cold and hunger in equal measures. No matter how much she ate, every ounce of it seemed to channelled towards keeping her body from turning into an ice cube.

Then again, if she were to be completely honest, that was nothing compared to the stress she and Audrey endured while trying to infiltrate the illegal fight club in Hyder. She allowed her mind to dwell a little longer on several hazy recollections about the mission before rolling onto her belly. Fisting her gloved hand, she knocked gently on the left wall. "Pssst, Aud. Aud! You awake?"

The sound of Kayla’s rapping and muffled voice was more than enough to wake her, and for a few confusing seconds, Audrey wondered what the hell she was doing in some cramped metallic cylinder. It took a few moments for her sleep-addled mind to put the pieces together, but when she finally realized they hadn’t been captured by rogues or stuffed into a coffin, she breathed out a sigh of relief.

The past three weeks had been stressful, but they were back at Innocence, safe, alive, and still kicking ass and taking names. She and Kayla had arrived last night and had practically passed out in their pods the moment they’d returned from their mission. It was the best sleep she’d had in a while, but the morning brought about mixed feelings.

She’d just returned, and already, she had another frigging mission already waiting for her.
Audrey pulled her pillow over her head and closed her eyes, contemplating on whether or not to ignore her friend and just go back to sleep.

The knocking continued and each new thump made her squeeze her eyes shut in annoyance.

Audrey rolled to her side and reached for the number pad on the left wall. She dialed in Kayla's pod number and waited for a holographic screen to appear on the wall. "I'm awake now," Audrey replied. "What?"

"I ..." Kayla began. She blinked slowly, realising what she almost blurted out. Saying "I'm glad you are alive" felt like she might be jinxing things. They were Asylums, AMRO's soldiers who risked their lives to keep the world safe from dangerous rogues, so expecting friends to die shouldn't be this upsetting. Shouldn't it? Friends, classmates and teachers - all of them were living on borrowed time. She nibbled her lip. "Second mission and we're still kicking, eh?" she spoke with a false cheer. "I'm glad we got out in one piece. Didn't even need to pop into the fish tank."

It was an accomplishment for two newbies out on the field. A very minor one, but she wasn't complaining. Kayla got up and sat crossed legged, as she continued facing the monitor while waiting for Audrey's response. The way she played with strands of wavy, black hair escaping her braid was proof she was still on edge even ten hours after the mission.

"I wonder if Isaac's as lucky. Haven't heard anything since we got back and he and Jesse were due back three days ago." Her black eyes pulled away from Audrey's intense gaze as if she were embarrassed for worrying about their former batch mates so much. "I dunno... what do you think?"

Audrey blinked dumbly as Kayla began rambling on about their mission and their supposedly missing friends. She wasn't the most intuitive individual out there, but Kayla had been her roommate back when they were struggling through training, and something about the cheer she was trying to project felt... forced.

The irritation from being woken up early left, and Audrey sat up and narrowed her eyes at the screen. The fact that Kayla was playing with her hair only hinted at how worried she really was. Audrey understood how Kayla felt. Despite trying to play everything cool, the mission had been stressful as heck. It was why she'd been on a perpetual sugar high during their time near the border. It had been both exciting and horrifying.

"You're worried," she accused. "Isaac and Jesse can handle themselves. They'll be back. Like you said, we're alive, aren't we?" She mustered up a grin for her friend's sake. "We kicked ass, Kayla. Those suckers never saw it coming. But yeah, don't worry 'bout them."

"Says you," Kayla shot back. "You're the one who kept saying that Jess owes you and if he died you're going to hell and punching him back to earth." Seeing Audrey raise her eyebrow increduously made the Hybrid burst out laughing. Kayla laughed so much that she practically doubled over and fell back onto the bed. "Aud, I'd love to see you try punching anyone back to life. I bet if ol' Lucifer would get a black eye stopping you."

"I never said that," Audrey snapped. However, the silence that followed made the hazy memory grow increasingly clear. It was their second week on the job. They were freezing and her supply had consisted of only a few more candy bars and three packets of gum. Actually, she might have blurted out some of those things in desperation. The candy withdrawal she'd been going through made it hard to remember. That and the sleepless nights. "Okay, I guess Jesse does owe me some jawbreakers and soda. Still, you were the one getting all philosophical and mushy." She tried to mimic her friend's voice before giving Kayla a smug smile. Speaking of missions, she had to leave for one soon and didn't want to think about it just yet. "We should go get breakfast," Audrey suggested in an attempt to change the topic.

"We haven't finish the report yet ..." Kayla reminded her friend. "First draft's due in two hours and the final draft tomorrow morning." She crossed her arms. "Can't breakfast wait? I don't wanna have any penalties."

"But Kayla," Audrey whined. "Breakfastttt, we didn't eat anything when we got back yesterday." Reports were the worst. They'd already gotten the job done. Audrey leaned forward to pout at the screen. "Can we at least write the report in the cafeteria?"

Kayla opened her mouth to protest but she never got a chance to say anything. Her stomach growled loudly, making Audrey smirk. Kayla responded by huffing just as loudly before crossing her arms over her chest. "Fine," she grumbled. "Just keep away from cereal and pancakes! I hate my keyboard getting all sticky."

"Promise," Audrey replied swiftly. She drew back the curtains and made her way out of the sleep capsule. "Let's go get food!"

I added the soda bombs to Audrey's weapons ^^! I hope it looks okay. If I need to edit anything, shall do so ASAP.
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