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18 Mar 2017 22:15
Current Two BARs go into a guy. He died in the hospital the next morning. More at eleven.
24 Feb 2017 23:20
Ulfric Stormcloak is a Thalmor plant! Alduin's return is just a false flag operation!
13 Feb 2017 2:26
You're the Inquisitorial equivalent of spoiled rich children. Also yer accent's weird, a full'a waffles.
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4 Feb 2017 17:40
I prefer Darth Trapz'er-Ghey, though some call me...Tim.
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30 Jan 2017 21:36
Probably not a good time to brag about how my wisdom teeth came in perfectly fine and I've never had problems with them, huh?




Background and roleplaying preferences


A little about me

Greetings, I am Frizan. I'm a gamer and roleplayer of many years. My favorite game genre is stealth and, as a natural consequence, my favorite archetype is the rogue or thief. If a setting allows for rogue-type characters, it's almost a guarantee I will be playing one. Of course, that is not to say I can't play as anything else, I simply prefer playing the rogue, as it's what I have the most experience with. I can play warriors and even priests just fine. I really enjoy storycrafting with my fellow roleplayers, even if none of it actually gets implemented, it's a great way to drum up ideas for future projects. Also, it's just good fun!

Preferred settings

It's eye-rollingly cliche, but the setting I normally stick with is Fantasy, ala Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age. I, of course, am open to most other settings. Settings I don't think I will ever get into though are school settings and other "slice of life" style settings. They simply do not appeal to me.

Degree of seriousness

Once upon a time, I absolutely loved serious and "gritty" games. It's why I am now completely burnt out on them. You could say my edge has been dulled. Now, I seek roleplays that are non-serious in nature, where death is something that happens rarely, or at least does not get a whole lot of time devoted to it(though I haven't ruled out "serious" games entirely, they just need to be focused on something other than pure edge). As it stands now, I view player-character death not as some big event that's worth getting emotional over in any degree, it just means I have to start over with a new character and write up their sheet. It's an annoyance and nothing more. Besides, happiness isn't a sin and neither is character death the only way to conjure up drama. C'mon, get creative for once.

Available methods of contact

I have a steam account, a Skype account, a Discord account, and I am also open to using Google Docs and Titan/Ether/Whateverpad.



Currently enrolled in:

The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention
(ongoing and looking for more players!)

My Characters

The Elder Scrolls: Crimson Skies
(fresh off the drawing board and looking for more players!)

My Characters

Previously enrolled in:

Furor Titanicus
Star Wars: Edge of Rebellion

Most Recent Posts

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<Snipped quote by Spoopy Scary>

That is expected, as dairy does make one's face tired.

@Frizan, where's your summary?

Right here baws

This is our storyThis is where the IC is right now. Everything is most certainly not awesome!

@Spoopy Scary
@Hank o.o why do I have the feeling that Narzul is going to kill someone? That last sentence tho.

rip Do'karth
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