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3 Dec 2016 0:44
Current Just came back from watching Moana. Man, what an amazing movie. Seriously, if any of you get the chance to see it, do so. You won't regret it XD
23 Sep 2016 13:50
Finally got to see The Book Of Life last night. Gotta say, it was really flipping good XD


Gamer here. Nobody special, just someone making his way through life one day at a time, working towards
a brighter future. I'm looking for roleplays that have more of a Supernatural vibe to them, or Urban Fantasy,
something involving Super Powers, or even something Anime-Inspired. Any of these will do.

My Skype name is the same as on here. As for other interesting things? Well...Cracker Chips are actually quite
delicious XD

I'm something of an Otaku so I'm a fan of shows like Kamen Rider, GARO, Pretty Cure (or Magical Girl Shows in general),
Ultraman, and what not.

Will probably update this when I got more to talk about.

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I'm sorry guys. I know this is long overdue but I think I'll have to drop this RP. I'm just not as invested or interested as I thought it was. Don't blame yourselves either, this is my choice. I hope you guys continue to have fun though XD
@ParagonX Thanks for your input. I had one more option I wanted to offer. Are you familiar with Libriomancy? Or is types of Magic off-limits?
Ok, so would like some input on what power you would like to see my guy mess with. I got a couple options...

Portal Manipulation
Thread Manipulation
Soul Manipulation
Aura Manipulation

If you guys got any suggestions, I'm all ears XD
Hey, are you guys still accepting?
<Snipped quote by NeutralNexus>

I'd be fine with that too.

@NeutralNexus @Mercinus3

Ok, thanks you guys XD
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