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23 Mar 2017 0:21
Current @Utrax: Sounds like Metallica lyrics tbh.
22 Mar 2017 23:21
I never would've guessed that the sight of 16 notifications would instill such a sense of dread within me.
22 Mar 2017 1:41
Ozzy Osbourne is my muse. <3
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20 Mar 2017 23:34
20 Mar 2017 0:35


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Alrighty then. For now, I'll mark that as 1-0 in favor of Link monsters.

Glad to have you aboard, dood. You weren't actually who I was referring to, but oh well.

On the topic of Link Monsters and the new rules that come with them, whether or not I include them in this RP depends on whether people want them or not. If they do, let there be Links. If not, oh well.

And with that, folks, we've reached an acceptable amount of people for this RP to begin, at least for my standards. Expect the OoC to be up on either Saturday or Sunday. Spring Break will be fuuuuuuun. <3

Ancient Gears, huh? That'll be fun, especially if you can summon Chaos Giant rather consistently.

Also, @Alder, just letting you know that the RP is definitely gonna happen at this point.

I'd be more than willing to be the GM for duels, but, given that there could very easily be a lot of them, it could be a little tricky to keep up with them, hence why I would like a co-GM for this, to act as essentially a second me.

I'll do my best though. I'll make sure every card in a person's deck gets a number, and that they don't get the same hand every time.

The problem being, of course, that brick hands are still a big issue, which is why KO's RP is something I myself am a fan of, since he foregoes that bit entirely, but makes sure nobody plays anything like Exodia Turbo, Final Countdown stall, etc.

Depends on the general consensus, really. I'll still look over everyone's deck to make sure they're not being super cheeky, but I'd like to hear how people think draws should be handled. i.e. You pick your hand or the Random Number Gods pick it. Pretty sure most would say the latter, but I'm just making sure.
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