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23 Feb 2017 1:24
Current Got an essay and short story to work on, plus I'm a tad under the weather, I won't be free until Sat or Sun. Sorry guys!
8 Feb 2017 18:30
It's 10:30 in the morning and I've gotta channel some heavy emotions. Oh yeah, let's do this.
8 Feb 2017 5:05
Anxiety is not fun...worrying about where you stand is not fun...but at least I am alive, suffering means I care. I'd rather care too much than not at all.
6 Feb 2017 19:05
Rain rain rain ~
4 Feb 2017 19:59
Got C&C RP up again. If you're into intrigue, action, slice of life and character driven stories:


My heavy heart is filled with inspiration that sometimes weighs me down with things that are just itching to flourish fourth. Unfortunately, being a full time college student at the age of 24, it isn't easy to find time to roleplay. Be that as it may, I am a woman who gets things done. I GM several Advanced Groups with interests from science fiction, to fantasy to slice of life. Not only that, but I do have One on Ones I attend to and those are generally fandom based, but sometimes dabble in the original setting. Life can be hectic for me but that doesn't mean I am a fleeting figment of your imagination. I have been roleplaying for fourteen or fifteen years and have been on the Guild since 2009. Should you wish to start something with me, drop me a PM and I'll send you something when I can. And should you wish to contact me off site, we may be able to arrange something too.

I roleplay casual & advanced but prefer advanced these days.

I enjoy:
Fandoms (I love using canons, I prefer partners do too unless otherwise discussed)
Slice of Life
Modern Fantasy
Light Sci-Fi
Mild Historical Settings

I don't enjoy:
Heavy Fantasy
Heavy Sci-Fi
Intense Post-Apoc Situations
Military Settings

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I didn't think my intro that intimidating if that's what the delay is about? If it's real life, I understand. But my posts won't be that long, if that's why you're comfortable. I want to write this with you so just tell me how I can help. ^^'
Hang tight guys, academia briefly calls. :/
I hate when you can tell your partner didn't read your post.

If I have a character approach their character, holding a tray of food asking to sit down and join them. It seems soooo obvious that they would put in their reply that my character sat down and their character mentions they should eat. Like fuck man, my character has food. Get your character food but don't backtrack because you can't read a simple sentence.

Or even if you're brainstorming with a potential partner and you ask a simple question and they don't answer it so you have another back-and-forth with trying to figure out a certain concern. I can understand it happening once, like maybe they accidentally forgot to answer it in a PM but if I have to ask the same question three times then I get the feeling this person doesn't know how to read or only picks out information they care about.

All in all, I just dislike absentminded folks who don't read, whether it's when discussing a RP or making an actual post. It's like some people are so self-centered or oblivious that they only care about their own character. I mean you can usually tell when someone has glossed over your post and just spit out whatever they felt like. I'm just asking for consideration. But seeing inconsistencies in posts because people aren't more aware, just breaks my heart.
Oh no it's fine! No worries, I'll get something up soon. I'm making dinner shortly so I'm hoping to get the post done before then, though it's food I'm not eating...
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