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19 Apr 2017 18:25
Current Craving a Logan (2017) film right now, focusing on Old Man Papa Logan and his daughter while bringing in past mutants to help their cause. Anyone interested??
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18 Apr 2017 18:20
Now I'm kinda craving a Marvel RP...urgh.
18 Apr 2017 6:27
I can't believe April is almost over.
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17 Apr 2017 21:57
Done with my second interview for a particular company, now I get to worry about getting an offer even though I think I didn't do so well...blah anxiety.
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14 Apr 2017 19:39
Preparing a lesson plan for my teaching interview on Monday. So stressful.



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Alright, I have 2 posts for ICs I should get done but then I'll work on the intro for this.
@Kelpie99 Great, I can make us an OOC thread if you'd like.
In [ migration ] 23 Apr 2017 19:24 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@DracoLunaris I considered it more of just a straight corridor with the pods on both sides of the hall of sorts but that works too. It just goes to show how interpretation works with reading and writing. I love the idea of drawing things out as we go.

@71452K I don't want to fuss with language at least not for a long long time. I'd just say English is the best bet right now. The ship's origins won't be on the ship itself though, any other passengers who were once on board didn't make it that far.
Let me know when you are. I'm a bit sluggish this afternoon so I don't know if I'll get an intro up today or not.
Hopefully we can write together in the future. :)
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