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25 Mar 2017 2:28
Current I have an urge to RP but I'm all caught on posts. Argh.
24 Mar 2017 5:21
I hate disappointing people, honestly I hate letting people down, it keeps me up at night.
24 Mar 2017 1:48
Plans for meeting up fell through. On one hand I feel bad but on the other hand I'm glad I don't have to trek into the city. So conflicted and guilty.
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23 Mar 2017 3:45
Listed several group interest checks tonight, crossing my fingers for some takers.
22 Mar 2017 3:58
Exploring Andromeda as a sassy sexy Pathfinder.


My heavy heart is filled with inspiration that sometimes weighs me down with things that are just itching to flourish fourth. Unfortunately, being a full time college student at the age of 24, it isn't easy to find time to roleplay. Be that as it may, I am a woman who gets things done. I GM several Advanced Groups with interests from science fiction, to fantasy to slice of life. Not only that, but I do have One on Ones I attend to and those are generally fandom based, but sometimes dabble in the original setting. Life can be hectic for me but that doesn't mean I am a fleeting figment of your imagination. I have been roleplaying for fourteen or fifteen years and have been on the Guild since 2009. Should you wish to start something with me, drop me a PM and I'll send you something when I can. And should you wish to contact me off site, we may be able to arrange something too.

I roleplay casual & advanced but prefer advanced these days.

I enjoy:
Fandoms (I love using canons, I prefer partners do too unless otherwise discussed)
Slice of Life
Modern Fantasy
Light Sci-Fi
Mild Historical Settings

I don't enjoy:
Heavy Fantasy
Heavy Sci-Fi
Intense Post-Apoc Situations
Military Settings

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So @Erklings25 is this something you'd be up for continuing with or is your interest gone? I don't mind waiting but I just wanna know one way or another.
No problem guys. Enjoy your weekend. :)
When it came to Ino, she could be quite the wildcard. Sakura was doing her best to keep up with the blond and anticipate where her mind might travel to, so Sakura could be ready with answers that should come naturally to someone in a relationship. But when Ino asked about the kiss Sakura had mentioned, Sakura wasn't sure what to say. How was one to respond to that? Sakura opened her mouth, her lis parting slightly as she looked to Shikamaru for help. He seemed capable of answering for her so she didn't bother trying to speak up, her mind suddenly coming to a halt as she had to consider what kissing Shikamaru would be like. She hadn't really done any kissing before, she was ashamed to admit and so she had no idea if she'd do well in lying about such a basic thing, something Ino likely had done plenty of times already.

Ino's bright 'bingo' snapped the girl out of her daze.

"Uhh yeah, it was a surprise...but a welcomed one haha...haa." Sakura smiled gently as Shikamaru looked to her, her brain struggling to keep up with this avalanche of information she'd have to remember. She knew as soon as she got home, she would need to take notes on everything so she could better memorize what she and Shikamaru were telling Ino. Any inconsistencies would surely be noticed by the keen blond. "You're lucky I didn't try to punch you!" She joked lightly as she tightened her grip, knowing it was best to get away from Ino sooner rather than later. This was all beginning to overwhelm Sakura, honestly.

At the mention of Ino running around telling everyone, Sakura tensed even more but soon relaxed as she thought about the prospect of her and Shikamaru putting up resistance to such an idea. Sure, Sakura mentioned this was a new relationship so it might be plausible to Ino that they would want some privacy a bit longer but Sakura knew Ino pretty well and knew this kind of gossip was not going to stay safe for long. 'Probably best to just lean into this whole charade and let Ino have her fun, if we seem reluctant, it might only make things worse for us. Her lips aren't that great at locking secrets away anyway.' She thought to herself and gave a shrug. "Sure, go ahead, we've got nothing to hide. I'd love to show off my new boyfriend." She gave Shikamaru a playful wink before looking back to Ino.

"You two are so darn cute, I almost can't stand it." She declared and gave a small wiggle of her hips. She then released her arms which were wrapped around herself and clasped them together, fingers laced together. "Have you met her parents yet Shikamaru? Did they bring out the baby pictures? If you think Sakura is cute now, wait till you see some of her old pictures." She began to tease.

"Hey, Ino!" Sakura tried to protest, her face turning another shade of pink as she would horrified if Shikamaru saw such embarrassing pictures of her in little dresses playing on the swings or hiding under the kitchen table baked, covering in chocolate that she had tipped over on accident.

"One of these days you'll go shopping with me Sakura and we can pick out something nice for you to wear for Shikamaru. I know what he'd like." She smirked and waved a hand at Sakura.

"Right...well we've got dinner plans so we better be going. We're going to get some BBQ-"

"Shikamaru! That's no place to take a date!" Ino smacked Shikamaru in the arm and looked to Sakura with a mixture of amusement and pity. "You should go someplace romantic and private. Not someplace where you have to grill your own meat and deal with smoke and getting sweaty. It's fine to go with friends but not a girlfriend." Ino sighed. Sakura chewed on her lower lip. She hadn't meant to have gotten Shikamaru in trouble. She just knew Shikamaru and his friends frequented the BBQ place not far and didn't think mentioning Ichiraku would be really romantic either. Sakura now knew she had to come up with something nicer to appease Ino.

"Do you have any suggestions? Where would you want to go on a date...?" Sakura asked, hoping Ino's answer would at least help Shikamaru in the future.

"There's a great place not far from here, it has cuisine from other villages and it seems quite intimate but also adventurous. The best of both worlds if you ask me!"

Sakura nodded, though she wasn't exactly interested. [b]"We'll look into it, thanks. Anyway, we better be going now. See you later."/b] Sakura tugged on Shikamaru's hand and headed off away from Ino, feeling the blue eyes still on them as they walked away. Sakura leaned over to whisper in his ear, knowing Ino was still eyeing them. "I wasn't joking about dinner." She said quietly. It had been a long day and the past ten minutes made her feel all the more hungry and tired, she thought the least Shikamaru could do for her was treat her to dinner. Her hand let go of his as it moved up his arm to hook their arms together for something a bit more comfortable as they walked closely together. Ino put her hands on her hips as they faded into the crowd of other villagers, finding herself quite taken with the idea of Shikamaru and Sakura.

'They are full of surprises, those two...'
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