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Michael Corvi

Michael nodded at each member of the family as they exited the room. He smiled at Sera as she left a box on top of his desk. He lifted it up and took a peek before giving her a warm smile. "Meraviglioso, Songbird. My compliments to the baker." Don Corvi said. He could tell that the new issue he had presented the family was troubling for them. Most of them was young, however, and when Valoran mentioned his son, it got the Don thinking. Sera, Keeran, Valoran. They had things to lose because of this. Keeran's sister, Valoran's son, Sera's lover. He would not let that happen to his family. He put a hand onto Dryder's shoulder.

"That might be for the best, Valoran. It pains me to say that so. But those fuckers are going to use whatever leverage they can to turn you into a rat. I'm going to tell the others that too."

Michael peered through the window blinds, looking at everyone dividing into their groups and veering off to their destinations. The Crow pulled a chair up for his right hand man before looking at those who remained. The Ex-Wife, The Capos, and The Spy. Corvi took his own seat as he put his cigar down to talk properly. "Thank you for coming here. I understand the news is... pressing." Michael started to explain. "Which is why I've kept you guys behind." He pressed his finger on the south of the map. "Our first target. The Cosa Nostra." Michael looked at Nadia. "Our first target. Rub them out, get the night operations, circulate more Junk throughout the city, yada yada." He explained. "Ulric Drogato. The head of the snake we have to cut off." He looked at Bella, being reminded of the pet Taipan she owned. "No offense..." Michael added. He opened the drawer of his desk, rummaging through paper and a Colt M1911 pistol he kept there to pull out a pen. He pointed to Nadia with the pen to gesture to her. "You're going to case their operation." He then moved his pen to Ivy Drogato, offering her the pen. "And Miss Ivy here, is going to tell you where to start."
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