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Episode 1: Snipe Dream

Jeremiah’s eyes widened for a moment as Eiko entered the room. The fear was subtle and well hidden, and whether it was from the surprise of seeing someone this late or the fear from who he might’ve mistaken Eiko for in his drugged state remained a mystery to even Jeremiah. As quick as the pang of fright came, it left, letting him slip back into his comfortable thoughts and smirking bliss.

He barely noticed it when she sat next to him, and only became aware from the sudden sensation of her arm weighing down on his shoulders and her head pressing against his. Whether it was the sudden resurgence of his hypersensitive nerves or something else entirely was undefined, but after realizing the close proximity of Eiko, Jeremiah shot out of his chair, standing straight up.

In his panicked state he wanted to speak, but his clouded mind instead blurted a very unusual and unnecessary question that he already knew the answer to, “Who are you!?”

Shaking his head he returned to a seat opposite of her, “I mean… what are you doing up so late?”

Jeremiah’s sudden movement unbalanced Eiko in an instant, even with her agility, the surprised muscles of Jeremiah shooting out of the chair had her take a soft fall, left leg extending and right leg pivoting quickly to catch her body from taking a tumble to the cold flooring.

Her body quickly unfolded from the position, recovering like a cat who had been embarrassed - caught-off-guard, “I couldn’t sleep…” Her bright eyes narrowed, lip pouting towards her right cheek suspiciously to hide any bashfulness of her misjudgement. Her face relaxed only moments later as her arms crossed themselves over chest. The warmth of her own skin was comforting, and reassuring in their own nature. An unamused face crept apathetically into her features with an eyebrow perched, “... What about you?” slight testiness was exhibited in her tone, like impatience from having to ask the question twice. Something must have been bothering the poor boy, like a broken record. He looked rather happy, though -- in his newly conquered chair, after such an outburst.

“I couldn’t sleep either,” Jeremiah answered, which was true, but not due to normal reasons, “felt like the commons was a nice change from the engine room.”

“I see,” Eiko accepted the vagueness. It was only fair, anyways, “I was thinking a shot or three of ROH might do the trick, but I don't think I have any on file…” Her shoulders shrugged and her arms unfolded drifting a hint in subject changing. The hand she had been studying so mockingly just hours earlier brushed her snowy hair in a charaded display of frustration, “I suppose since I have you here, Jere -- I’m missing my goggles. You haven't seen them by chance, hmm?” Her olive hand fell to her side, resting the palm and fingers against her hip.

Eventually, he looked at the usual intruder with a raised brow, “you lost your goggles?!” The significance of the event sunk in and he started to laugh to himself, “and I bet Yeva lost the kitchen too.”

“Where’d you have them last?”

Eiko’s eyes rolled upwards towards the ceiling, mouth perched in its usual smug annoyance, “On my head, Jere. On my head,” her eyes fell back downwards, resting themselves on Jeremiah in a satirical jest. She couldn’t find her goggles; Jeremiah was acting oddly; and Yeva lost the kitchen. Scratch the last part. It was like ISSP Checkpoints were some strange time warp that jettisoned everything about, but Eiko was fairly certain it was much less scientific than time warps and more mythical like the socks that go missing in laundry rooms. God, I sound like Gray. Regardless to her irrational thoughts, Eiko decided something was definitely off-kilter, “Do you think we’ll get any goodies from the bounty snipin’ up a storm on Mars? I mean, yah know, aside from the goods the ISSP rewards…” her eyes narrowed in contemplation.

“Depends on what goodies refers to I suppose,” Jeremiah shrugged, “no doubt the weapon would be incentive enough. I mean it’s quiet, quick, and incredibly annoying to anyone but it’s handler.”

A small smirk curled on Jeremiah’s face, “speaking of which, we should go check on our pilot, keep her in the loop before we wrangle a plan together.”

A smirk that matched Jeremiah’s curled in a similar manner onto Eiko’s lips, gently pushing her youthful cheeks outwards, and she nodded her head in agreeance -- shifting her body to continue her midnight wandering, but this time she would be accompanied with Mr. Jeremiah.

Jeremiah stood up, and waved a hand to the exit, “To the cockpit then?”

I think so yes.
@goldeagle1221 Speaking of, I could try and get more people in here I know a few people that might want to join... No guarantees though.

Hmm mI think we lost traction, as well as the CO-GM... maybe we should close this until a better time such as after the semester.
Still here, just have had a busy week. Working on a collab RN. Could we get a definitive list of who's confirmed to still be here and work from there? Dropout damage can be mitigated with a month timeskip and a bunch of empires having fallen to the color, or perhaps a map alteration and mod erasure of dropout posts.

Agreed! If you are here sound off! If not, death comes swiftly.
<Snipped quote by Goldeagle1221>

Have a fourth. I am still occupied a bit and I am uncertain how my shift is going to be tomorrow but otherwise I can help you with the numbers. BTW, I am shocked you never mentioned me and gave me an ultimatum to finish my NS and post.
Granted, if you'd have done I'd have probably said to be dropping out. Things are perhaps different now.

With so many disappeaances I had no power of ultimatum XD
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