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Current Do golems dream of petroglyphic sheep?
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Can he see or is he blind?
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Has he lost his mind?


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In From Sleep Awake 20 Jan 2017 19:55 Forum: Nation Roleplay
Dropping out, sadly.
In From Sleep Awake 14 Jan 2017 16:08 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@Willy Vereb @Gowi @ethanjory Come on peeps, let's get going! Could someone at least acknowledge my existence and answer a few questions I had for you? It's kind of required in order for me to finish my NS.
In From Sleep Awake 12 Jan 2017 18:13 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@Willy Vereb @Gowi @ethanjory So, neighbors, want to collab on some collective recent history? Maybe we should start with presenting our nations. I'll go first:

Dantia is a young confederation of duchies that is basically run by mercheants and mercenaries. They control the inland roads between west and east Lyria. Their one interest in life is money.

My wish for relations is primarily trade oriented; I'm thinking Dantia imports all sorts of resources and raw materials from east and west, and in turn survives on tolls and produced goods. I'm also thinking they've been part of more than one armed conflict in the region (perhaps all of them, in fact), or at least that the mercenary companies located there have.

I also need a foreign power to have invaded them a hundred years ago, leading to the unification of the then independent duchies. Any takers?
In From Sleep Awake 12 Jan 2017 9:18 Forum: Nation Roleplay

@DeadBeatWalking Great! Then I'd like to basically claim the unclaimed land in between everyone else in Lyria.

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