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26 Apr 2017 0:56
Current I was so mean to someone they started acting like a decent human being. Is this real? Am I in the matrix?
8 Apr 2017 1:54
I’ve got you, you’ve got whatever’s left of me to get—our conversations are like minefields, no one has found a safe way through one yet.
4 Apr 2017 6:19
I liked Attack on Titan for six episodes, but then it turned into shit.
30 Mar 2017 4:17
I think some people on RPG like the idea of anime gifs and avatars more than they actually care about watching anime or reading manga! Just sayin’.
28 Mar 2017 19:41
Home is where the hospital isn't. Glad to be out of there.



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I'm hardcore and will still sitck around.

While I am hardly "hardcore" as long as my squaddies are around I'll still be in it.
In From Sleep Awake 11 Jan 2017 4:00 Forum: Nation Roleplay

@Gowi So... is there an ETA on the first IC post?

Possibly a few days after when I have all current applications in and reviewed. The OOC revisions might have to take a backseat so I can get said reviews over with though.
Yeah, a PM might be a good idea to start from since we both have interest checks to use to cross reference.
Tentatively Looking for Roleplayers! // OPEN


I’ve sort of been doing this “writing with people on the internet” thing for way too long to be proud of. That’s not a jab at this shared hobby of ours, but just a weird sort of way I look at how I’ve sunk a lot of time into practically the best hobby ever. For most of you, you guys know me as Gowi and I like to write anything from slow-paced to mid-paced in a multitude of genres with a variety of ideas. I’m generally partial to small-to-large groups but I’m no alien to 1x1’s.

I’m not impartial toward any sort of genre as I take the approach of going into a setting with an open mind. I love character creation, world-building, character development, narrative strength, proving the trope can be written well, and having a taste of every cake on the dinner table.

Most importantly before you proceed you should know my central roleplaying credence—

Roleplaying should focus on developing interesting and complex characters that become part of plot-lines which catch the imagination and inspire the writer behind them to exercise creativity. It is mature, humorous, imaginative, tragic, terrifying, passionate, and rife with descriptive language and characters with real personality and relatable cares. Quality posting is far better than needless novels, yet one should never neglect detail when one feels the need. However, while word and paragraph requirements ought to be unnecessary, single paragraphs cannot contain enough detail to suffice.
R O L E P L A Y I N G w/ G O W I

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My writing level is “casual” to “advanced” and I can write solid paragraphs and dialogue depending what is needed or how my creativity is flaring. Depending what the scene is and what I’m given you can get something short or something long. I can write characters of either gender /sexuality, it really doesn’t matter to me. After a while writing female characters, adolescents, elders, and stuff in-between I like to think I’m a fairly decent writer all-around when it comes to identity.

I’m also indifferent towards taboos, I’ve written a lot of those and deconstructed a lot of things regarded as the “norm”.

My schedule fluctuates and varies on my workload for group RPs and real life responsibilities—but I won’t abandon you unless complete interest has dropped and if that happens I will let you know where I stand to see if we can direct the RP before disbanding it. My timezone is -4 UTC aka EST.

With that in mind, I’m set to invisible so people don’t consistently harass me; there is a difference from reminding me that it’s been a week or so without a post and its another to presume myself being online requires me to give you my attention exclusively. It is good to remember I have other friends, RP priorities, and hobbies. With that in mind, I will do my best to be cordial and respectful towards you as my partner so give me the same rope.

Ultimately, here are some key notes— I prefer to RP through threads, I don’t do shameless smut yet am not afraid of mature themes, I expect to get what I give on an average rate, and I am pretty flexible. If you prefer to drive the plot, want to have equal leadership, or myself to drive it please let me know so neither of us come in with fickle presumptions.

Music Club
Sci-Fi Pulp Adventure
Space Operas
Space Westerns

Star Trek
Star Wars

The problem with me is I’m generally “down” for all flavors of genre, theme, and narrative. I like plots that are imaginative, heartfelt, adventurous, suspenseful, clever, gripping, and fun. I am not looking for a RP that has all of the above, so keep in mind to catch my attention somehow.

As long as it’s not tasteless erotica-tier smut.

I’m equally as invested in original concepts, intriguing interpretations of official works, or by the cusp “pretty much fanfiction”. I prefer original characters, but I am always down for interpreting a classic canon as long as I’m familiar with them— if I’m not I might make it a bit wildly different. But then again I might make it wildly different if I know the source material just the same, haha. You can hook me with anime, video games, literature, cinema, and all sorts of fun shit. Surprise me.

Currently any plots I have will be in hiders and any moodlets will be in the quote above. If it is blank I am either lazy or up for whatever.

—PM me for speculative plotting!—
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