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22 Feb 2017 7:18
Current If anyone has a fantasy sandbox in mind I'd love to hear about it.
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20 Feb 2017 17:36
Sometimes I really wonder what brings people to my profile.
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20 Feb 2017 14:45
Hey man I like my Deathstroke any way I can get him.
19 Feb 2017 16:30
Yeesh, some people take this stuff way too seriously.
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16 Feb 2017 5:14
Man what a week. I'm back, boys!


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@pyromanNah I was referring to the unarmed human bounty hunter that came in.
I don't want to play (not real big on Pokemon) but I am very interested in how the system will work.
Alright my first post is up! This oughta be fun.
Urshok felt little but disgust upon entering this strange new realm; disgust that an entire world would bow before Aku before accepting death, disgust that true warriors and sorcerers were less valued in this time than armies of fools with guns, disgust in himself that for all of his own efforts he had been little more than a thorn in Aku's side.

But here was something that made his heart soar -- a gang of bounty hunters after his head. Not very good bounty hunters if they believed they could take him (and these other three targets of theirs) on their own.

But it was a start. He was finally making a name for himself among the ranks of his enemies.

The human with no visible weapons excited him most; was he merely overconfident, or did he have spells at his command? Urshok wasn't sure whether his amulet would absorb those spells, but he wanted to find out.

In the commotion of gunshots and screaming, Urshok took up his sword and shield and with a deep growl charged the unarmed man, hoping to tackle him to the ground.
I like the idea too, if you ever need a player.
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