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15 Jan 2017 9:10
Current Yup good morning!
14 Jan 2017 17:54
My sleep schedule has been so weird lately that I hardly even know what month it is
13 Jan 2017 5:52
Officially working on City of Jade's IC page. Will be up by morning. We're still accepting new people!
11 Jan 2017 22:12
Very excited to begin my first RP on this site. I've only played RPGs in person before so don't hesitate to tell me how I could improve my online game!


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How's a marine from the DOOM universe sound? Lightly armored but quick (though not as ridiculously fast as from the video games), and battle hardened from fighting the forces of Hell.

Plus it would be easy to explain how he showed up; teleporter malfunction like from the games.

He'd probably be good as a scout or guerilla fighter.
In City of Jade 17 Jan 2017 17:21 Forum: Tabletop Roleplay
-------- This is the introductory post for Akio and Ose Haru --------

Unease has followed you like a shadow ever since you reached the fabled City. The ground here is polished to such a degree that you can see your own reflection on its glassy surface; a reflection that has been your only companion through these wide, foggy streets. Towers -- uniform, seemingly endless -- carved of solid jade loom above you, their tops lost to the fog. For all you know the city could be miles long, but you have not walked far from the stairs that led here from the mountain.

The City has been completely silent, and you have not even felt the wind on your back since you took your first steps into its streets, it seems almost as though the entire place has been frozen in time for thousands of years.

You had seen no familiar architecture, just these featureless jade towers -- until now. Before you is a traditional wooden temple wall, the kind built anywhere in Waidi to keep bandits at bay, but here it looks as out of place and alien as you must. There is no gate here, but surely there must be one further along.

What was that? A footstep?

You turn your head and in the distance, further down beside the wall, you can just barely make out the silhouette of (hopefully) another human being.
In City of Jade 17 Jan 2017 17:19 Forum: Tabletop Roleplay
@jumpadraw@rocketrobie2Your introductory post is up! The person in the distance is the other player (but your character obviously doesn't know that!).

@Fancy Party@Vec@EklispeYou guys keep doing your thing and I'll step in whenever you decide to press onward up the stairs.

Aaaand I originally posted this to the character sheet section like an idiot.
In City of Jade 17 Jan 2017 17:18 Forum: Tabletop Roleplay
In City of Jade 16 Jan 2017 23:38 Forum: Tabletop Roleplay
@jumpadraw@rocketrobie2In that case I'll put a post specifically for you guys up in the morning and you can proceed at your leisure.

@Eklispe"Life"? I'm not even sure how you pronounce that word, sounds boring.
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