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Greetings, new members.

We are an ever-growing community of enthusiastic and dedicated play-by-post roleplayers that cater to all genres and playstyles - fantasy, sci-fi, romance and even tabletop & nation roleplays. First founded in 2007, the Guild has been the go-to forum for thousands of members since its inception. We sport an easy-to-navigate forum layout and a plethora of nifty features implemented specifically to improve the roleplaying experience.

The best way to start your stay with us here on the Guild is to introduce yourself to the masses with a (short & sweet or highly detailed, it's up to you) introduction thread in this subforum. Not sure what to say? I know, introductions can be hard. Here are a few suggested topics for you to elucidate on so we can get a feel for what kind of person and roleplayer you are.

  • Roleplaying career: How long have you been a roleplayer? What was your first experience with it and when did it become a hobby? Perhaps this is your first time; if so, don't hesitate to mention this. The Guild is full of experienced and helpful members that'll show you the ropes.
  • Roleplaying preferences: What are your favorite genres? Do you prefer group roleplays or one-on-one adventures? Are you more interested in fast-paced, back-and-forth roleplays or are you looking for complex, layered stories with huge posts and intricate lore -- or something in between? Let us know and you might be approached by someone looking for fresh blood with something that's right up your alley. Doesn't get any easier than that.
  • Hobbies and interests: Tell us a little about yourself. What else do you do for fun besides roleplaying? Videogames, sports, reading, scuba diving, space exploration, etc. You get the idea.

Have any questions? Refer to the Welcome Package you received in your PM inbox or, if that's not sufficient, ask around. We don't bite.

Hope to see you around,
The Roleplayer Guild Staff
In A New User's Guide to the Guild 23 Sep 2016 13:36 Forum: News
Welcome to the Roleplayer Guild!

The Roleplayer Guild is one of the fastest growing play-by-post roleplaying communities on the internet. We try to create a roleplaying community as freeform and user-driven as possible with our simple structure, approachability and simple rules. This guide is intended to quickly get you to where the action is and dive right into the roleplaying.

For the purpose of expediency, we've presented information on the roleplaying sections, moderation and other useful links in clickable tabs that hold more information. Just click one of the tabs to get started.


Final Word

There's a lot of advice here and a lot of articles to read, but the reality of the rules and regulations boil down to this piece of simple advice: Just be cool (like the Fonz) and remember that this is a hobby.

If you have further questions, please feel free to use The Guild Chat to ask questions or post a thread in Suggestions/Problems.

Editing note: Thanks to @HeySeuss who wrote the guide, with help for some sections from @Genkai.
In Fundamental Rules of the Guild 23 Sep 2016 13:31 Forum: News
Fundamental Rules of the Guild

We are laid back. We let a lot of things fly. We are only here to provide a social experience for those with the common hobby of roleplaying. I don't believe in policing the community. The community can police itself by using the Report Post function that can be seen on every post.


So here are the fundamental rules of conduct here:


1. Be cool like Fonz.

Don't be a flagrant d-bag. Don't spam. Don't advertise. Don't excessively flame others. Respect the community and the staff. Act like a civilized human being.

Fonz, here. Be cool like me. Fonz-cool.

We're even cool with things like light swearing. However, if you start swearing too much, you're probably simultaneously not being Fonz-cool, so you're breaking Rule #1.


2. Keep your conflicts private

Nobody wants to hear you squabbling with others. In fact, chances are you're only squabbling with others because you have an audience. And let's face it: You're probably not squabbling about anything that's not pathetic, so I don't want the rest of the community having to feel sorry for you. That consumes a lot of energy and I don't want a community of exhausted zombies because they spend all their time listening to pathetic e-fights.

We all come here for social interaction. Conflicts are part of social interaction. We aren't Neopets. Nor do I try to pretend like conflicts don't happen. Just have them in private messages.

However, if someone isn't leaving you alone, DO contact a Moderator. We do draw the line between conflicts and serious personal attacks. If you're attacking someone privately, you're also breaking Rule #1 because you're not being cool.


3. Report Problematic Users

There currently isn't a Report User button; I would suggest bringing any problems to mahz either via the appropriate forum while the site is under development.

DO Report:
- Spammers
- Advertisers
- People that are extensively flaming.
- People that don't belong in your thread.
- People that obviously aren't here to be a member of the community.
- People disrespecting Guild staff authority.

What probably doesn't need to be reported:
- People disagreeing with you.
- People that are only moderately swearing.

We understand that you don't want to be babysat, but we DO want to ensure that you have a good experience here. Sometimes you just need to ignore other users or add them to your ignore list.

Don't worry about reporting something that you're not sure breaks any rules or not. There's almost always a grey area and by bringing these to our attention, you can help us spot users that may be more problematic in the future or point out rules that we may need to adjust or even establish.


4. Don't treat all forums like the Spam Forum

Our leniency has lead to a lot of members treating all forums as Off-Topic/Spam forums. This will get you temporarily banned and possibly even permanently banned if you repeatedly water down the discussions of our community with unnecessary posts.


5.No mature content

This is not an adult-oriented forum. Please keep such content off the forum.


Bottom line

There aren't many rules, here. Use common sense and use good judgment.

Most important of all: Report disruptive/problematic users.

We depend on you to help us keep the community clean. Why have Moderators painstakingly scan the forum for problems when we have hundreds of active users?


If you ever have to talk to other Mods or myself, you'll find that we are fair and easy-going. Most of our decisions are also made collectively behind the scenes.
Reporting Incidents to the Moderators
Don't acknowledge trolls.

- Don't talk about people getting banned.
- Don't say their names.
- Don't post in their threads.
- Don't make threads about them.
- Don't even acknowledge other people that are feeding the trolls.

Instead, just let us know.

If you do see a rules violation and something you want to report, please do not engage the person, but instead report it to us without replying to them. This makes the process of dealing with the problem easier for us.

The process is simple; when you report the problem, we will ask for certain types of information if not already provided in the initial complaint: having these items ahead of time will help the process considerably;

  • Links to the offending threads.
  • Screenshots of PM communication. (link; how to screenshot)

Once we have assessed the problem to see if there is, in fact, a rules violation, we will take action and let the party making the complaint know of the resolution -- in many cases, we will also want both parties in a dispute to stop communicating upon each other, enforceable by a warning or ban if future incidents occur, but we will make sure to actually communicate that situation. We generally require the parties in a dispute to cease communication both ways in these situations, recognizing that if both sides are ignoring each other, it's hard to get into further disputes.

In order to report a post, contact one or more of the moderation staff.

Staff List:
Due to the influx of high-volume spambots occurring between 7-10am GMT, we are disabling new user registrations in this time period to avoid the massive spam and subsequent clean up. This is a temporary action until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

If you have trouble registering to the Guild, that is because registrations have been disabled. Please note this is a manual process so it may not always be within those bounds but we will endeavour to have it operate as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your patience,
Guild Mods.

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