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3 Jan 2017 16:20
Buddha is single-handedly the reason we're all getting salt poisoning in the developed world right now.
31 Dec 2016 22:20
Wishing you all a very happy new year
26 Dec 2016 15:55
Happy holidays, y'all.
15 Nov 2016 0:09
PSA: don't post inflammatory stuff on the sidebar. Contrary to what seems like popular opinion, being Fonz-cool is mandatory *everywhere* on the Guild. ;-)
10 Nov 2016 11:02
Currently ill and in no condition to do any writing/keeping up with my roleplays.


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@Turboshitter The fact that several hours of uninterrupted channeling is necessary to mend broken bones means he still adheres to my rules, especially because he doesn't seem to be great at anything else.
@Peik Your efforts were handsomely rewarded with a multifaceted and layered character. It only makes sense that he would have progressed alongside Sibassius himself and I'm very glad that we'll have another opportunity to explore the peculiar and unlikely friendship between the both of them.

Because who doesn't want a practical man with knowledge by his side?

You are unquestionably and ferociously accepted. Balen is looking better than ever.
@The Dow Dragon Accepted! I have no criticism at all, which is a pleasant surprise. Post him in the Characters tab.
@The Dow Dragon I'll take a look later today.

In the meantime, are there any other questions I can help people with?
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