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24 Jan 2017 3:55
Genuinely worried about post quality. It feels like forever since I touched a keyboard. (5 days since an IC, and now crash course into intro-post x_x )
20 Jan 2017 13:29
Perpetual arguments with ex friends is such a huge waste of time. Nobody cares what the other says and it all serves to make people feel awful about everything. I won't read those messages, anymore...
1 Jan 2017 10:04
Happy newyears! God save the Queen.
9 Dec 2016 17:03
So, "Let it Die" came out and its currently free on PSN. If ya like souls/rogue-likes, ya might just find a place in your heart for this post-apocalyptic psuedo-futuristic dungeon crawl.
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13 Nov 2016 7:23
So I says to Mabel, I says...
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Running off of the central timezone, my availability has varied over the course of the summer due to work. Hours of availability are sporadic but I endeavor to be active and announce timeframes when not, as to keep from inconveniencing those which absences would. Yeah, it looks like I don't post much; life and lack of interest, the RPG snafu from almost three years are mostly to blame for that. As such, my taste in group rp is fickle and I apologize in advance. Simply put, I rp because I genuinely enjoy the stories.
I am likely one of the last to leave a dying thread, as my interest is an investment that will take more than chains and pickaxes to pry the roots from a thread's corpse.
I tend to have a dual-perspective rp style cycling between first and third person. It can get confusing, although I am taking advantage of the new colored text in order to better distinguish the two for your viewing pleasure. ;3
However, recently, I'm working my way out of such habits and looking to other posting styles to give posts more flow.

I mostly find interest in...
- Fantasy/medieval
- SciFi/Futuristic
- (post)Apocalypse scenarios (rarely)
- Most combinations of anything on this list
- Usually F/MxM romance or at least sexually-ambiguous characters, but may do others from time to time.

Not a fan of...
- Free rp
- Most Anime Fandoms/historical/arena/slice-of-life/school

Curious regarding...
- Steampunk/nation

I am currently in the middle of~
The Far Away Land (Classic fantasy adventure)
The Marauders (2017) (Sci-fi, criminals, exploration. Make your own race)
Tales From The Hole
The Endless Halls dark fantasy
Some non-fantasy space thread?
Witch Hunter - Aldergard
Transcendent: Darkness Rising (A Sci-Fi Roleplay)
The Bloody Embrace: An institution for young killers [SCI FI Academy]
Swords And Sorcery: The 5th Province
Forest of Secrets (Reborn)
Demons & Dragons - Act 2
Defenders of Lesavvo's Tomb

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In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 5:51 Forum: Casual Roleplay

I'm not sorry.
But I still luv ya'll~

~3o <3
In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 5:26 Forum: Casual Roleplay

As far as I know, most people hate me. The bar is pretty low at this point, so I hope you're not all talk.
In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 5:13 Forum: Casual Roleplay

I might not have the personality or tact to come out and say it in such a way, but its nice to have some competition.

*defiantly folds arms and cocks the most cynical eyebrow*
Challenge accepted.

In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 4:22 Forum: Casual Roleplay
They bother everyone then ceases to exist.


Jk, they were probably busy.
In The Faraway Land 23 Mar 2017 7:52 Forum: Casual Roleplay
The more bodies that can protect a camp, the stronger it seems.

Kaite is going to bring Tiberius back, one way or another.

She may not be elegant about it, but...

The group needs someone with integrity to preserve the humanity of the group.
"Lilly" is welcome to tend to Gorman and the now technically incapacitated Vert.

The "Leader" left. It's a shit show while waiting for a good time to kill the character off.

(Let's be real about it)
((They're a puppet waiting to be off'd))

Edit: Also, I'm not a plan-setter. You're welcome to do whatever you want.
Just because my fingers work enough to make words pop up on your screen doesn't mean you have to listen to me.
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