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"El amor es como el fuego. Suelen ver el humo los que están fuera antes que las llamas los que están dentro."


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Hex only knows how to communicate through gifs and unrelentingly cynical sarcasm. Mostly to hide the fact that he's crumbling apart faster than a sandcastle at high tide. He'd probably quote Third Best President Abraham Lincoln in saying, "I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would not be one cheerful face on Earth." cause he's a pretentious prick like that. Nothing he says should be taken too seriously and if he stops talking to you its probably just because he's too busy trying to kill himself or something.

You will always be a loser. You will always be a loser. You will always be a loser, now... And that's okay!

Bye now.

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Love you Myke.

“Doctor, we are about to be in a lot of trouble!”

Corr yelled his warning over the roar of the rushing water towards Natalya as the last of their surviving companions escaped through the dark waters. At this point it was cresting far above his waist and soon threatened to consume the entire cabin. The low audible groan of strained metal somewhere above him was enough to make him spin his head. He had enough of his faculties about him to dive out of the way slipping underneath the darkness as part of the Shyp’s roof came down right where he was standing moments earlier.

Head emerged from frothing darkness as water began pouring into the newly formed wound. The ruined wreck groaning as it shifted once more. Water quickly passing the chest and meeting up to lap at the neck. The slow chill sinking through the flesh and rooting itself into bone.

It was time to go.

He extinguished his arm, took a breath and then dived beneath the water. The saturation gripped at the furs weighing him down like an anchor. He made his way pulling himself along through the waterlogged skeleton. Finding his way through the rip in the metal he pulled himself through and out of the wreck. Almost immediately his body was buffeted by the intensity of the current. The downward thrust by the collapsing vessel trying to drag him down to the jagged seafloor below. He moved upwards propelled by feats of inhuman endurance towards the surface. Eyes burning against the salty mixture focused upon the glow of moonlight refracting against the shimmering aquatic barrier.

He broke the surface moments later. Deep gasps of air tinged with smoke and salt. Looking upward in the breaks and channels that the sea breeze cut through the fog he saw the sky. A broken geode, sparkling contents strewn in the darkness. It would've almost been beautiful if not for the sounds of conflict that were carried by the wind. Eyes flickered in the dark watching shapes move, the flash of fire and the occasional muzzle flare. A brilliant chiaroscuro of conflict.

He sighed, “Well there goes the element of surprise.”

The Giant inside roared as the sounds of battle awakened it. The clash of metal it's symphony, the yells of struggle it's chanting chorus and the blood its anointment. He looked around in the dark waves for Natalya wanting to make sure the doctor made it out okay. Yet the waves made it too difficult and the darkness too hard to see. She was a strong one though and Corr had a feeling she made it out okay. Besides he was wasting time. And so like a knife he began to cut through the water, the shoreline getting closer and with it the sounds of conflict.

Hands soon found purchase upon wet sand that embedded itself upon cloth and fur. The fog on the shore was less condensed than it was at sea allowing for a further gaze. The combined pull of the currents had put his companions further up the beach and inland then his current landing position. He needed to get to them quicker, the pounding of feet against sand would only waste precious seconds. Luckily for Corr he was not alone.

“You feel like helping out?” He whispered to himself and took the accompanying silence as begrudging acceptance. “Good.”

And so Corr concentrated turning his gaze inwards towards the swirling mass inside of him. Heartbeat began to slow, a solid pulsing drum as the iris of ember began to flicker and flame. Corr’s vision warped and distorted itself as he saw the world as the Giant saw it. A swirling cacophony of chaos and life, brilliant and mind consuming all at once. Invisible strands seemed to stretch outward from the darkness from where his companions battled. Some of the strands vibrated instantly as if they were about to snap. A hand reached out and grabbed at one of the strands. From the curious watcher on the outside it would of all happened within less than a second, one moment he was there and in the next he vanished in a flash of light.

The Archadian soldier moved forward legs shaking. Her allies were falling around her. They weren't trained for this. They were barely an upgraded militia meant to keep militants off their shores. Fight and flight responses were screaming to run but deserters just got shot. Shaking hands leveled a shotgun state of the art forty years ago towards the laughing clawed banshee that was ripping through her allies. Preoccupied with her friends she might of been able to get off a shot. As a finger began to squeeze the trigger there was a flash of light and a deep voice.

“Hello there.”

As Corr appeared he felt a kick in the chest as a slug slammed through ceramic plates and hit flesh where it found surprising resistance. A normal person may have just received a new hole in their chest for Corr there might of been heavy bruising and even blood but it would take more than a singular firearm to break through his increased vitality. The helmet obscured the face of the soldier but a face wasn't need to sense the fear.

He reacted quickly before another shot could be fired, hands grabbing the gun and yanking forward with a surge of strength. As the body was pulled forward it was met with the thunderous smash of a boot against chest plating. The impact enough to loosen the fingers from their death grip. He flipped the gun around and wielding it like a club brought it down hard upon the stunned soldier's helmet. The blow was enough to cave the metal in and send the solder into unconsciousness. Satisfied Corr dropped the weapon to the sand.

“You know commander you can't keep having your subordinates save you; what will the people start to think?” Corr yelled over the roar of the battle towards Carmen; a playful jab as he knew fairly well that even without his intervention the soldier would not of hit her and that it was more to speed up his own entrance to the fight.

He then turned his attention back towards his remaining foes, outstretching his arms and welcoming them to try and take him down.

Similar situation on my part. Post should be up sometime on Friday hopefully, depends on how much actual work I can get done tonight.
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