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Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Location: Shenanigans and a beach battle

Jack lunged at Gideon and Gideon frowned sternly, cranking back his fist. When Jack came close enough, Gideon stepped into his punch, his right fist soaring toward Jack’s face just as Jack’s left was soaring toward his. The two made contact with each other’s jaws, the force behind their strikes causing their entire skeletal frame to vibrate. Gideon lost all focus, his fist sliding from Jack’s face to limply fall. Jack’s fist had felt like steel, dislocating Gideon’s jaw. Jack’s head snapped back from the explosion of ki he felt leave Gideon’s fist like a cannon, and he staggered back a single step. Before the Adam could hit the ground, Jack pushed off his left foot, turning on his right as he brought it whipping around. The bridge of his left foot caught the side of Gideon’s head and sent the fighter spiraling into the wall of a shop. The wall exploded with brick that came down in a clunky shower. Dust billowed from the opening, rising like red and grey clouds as Jack lowered his foot. He grasped his jaw where Gideon had struck him and gave it a soothing rub.

“Is that it?” Jack asked his handler and guffawed. “This is who everyone was afraid of? I ended this fight in less than a minute. What do you want me to do with the body?"

Jack scowled at the news. “Why do you want to salvage this trash? The new Daedalus has made me far superior. I should be all that you need."

The brick mound shifted, causing Jack to whirl around in startle. Gideon sat up from the pile as brick and soot tumbled from his face and hair. He coughed from all the powder and wrinkled his nose as his jaw oddly snapped back into position. Opening and closing his mouth, giving his jaw muscles a function check, he shook the brick dust from his brown hair and muttered, “Like I said, you guys all say the same thing.”

His fist was hard, but not strong, Gideon mused. Grasping his neck next, Gideon rolled his head around, feeling the tendons in it pop. Lowering his hand, he inspected it, seeing the white bandages slightly tinged with blood and he was certain that it hadn’t been Jack’s. Frowning at his hand, Gideon’s grey eyes flicked up to Silvermane. “Your body is pretty sturdy. It felt like hitting steel.”

Jack frowned a little uncomfortably, seeing Gideon get back up. “Titanium…I’ll make sure you don’t get back up again.”

Patting dust from his pants as he stepped out of the brick pile, Gideon grasped his now red and dusty white hoodie and drew it up over his head. Tumbling down his torso was a red, white, and blue American-flag/tie-dye (couldn’t get anymore hippy), T-shirt that had printed on it, Fuck Yeah! The sight of the shirt made Jack’s eye twitch. It was not only extremely cheesy, but he couldn’t stand this American reject wearing it.

Face flushing red with anger, Jack pointed at Gideon and snarled, “You have no right to wear my country’s flag! You’re not even American!

Gideon peered down at his shirt as he dropped the hoodie and then arched a brow up at Jack. “It was a 5 dollar T-shirt. I call that a steal.”

“Yeah, well I’m gonna rip it off you!”

Gideon playfully smirked and turned his back to Jack. Undoing the belt at his hips, he lowered his pants and bent over, revealing his stars and striped printed boxers. Waving his ass around at Jack, he taunted, “You’re going to want these to, huh? 2 dollars! O Say Can You Seee~!

Jack clapped a hand over his face in a hard face palm. How? This couldn’t have been the weapon everyone was so afraid of. He felt so embarrassed to fly all the way to Brazil just to fight this clown! This American imposter!

“This can’t be him…I have found only an imposter. My search continues, but first, I must deal with this fake Adam,” Jack told his handler. “…What do you mean what is he doing? He’s mooning me right now wearing our flag and singing our anthem! What do you mean that’s him!?!”

Jack stared at Gideon as though he was witnessing an absolute martial nightmare. He was created for this? He couldn’t believe it.

“That’s enough!” Jack exploded. “Fight me you genetic piece of shit!”

Pulling up his pants, Gideon pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes playfully at Jack in a silly/troll expression. “You mad?”

After securing his pants, Gideon faced the fighter and smirked. “All right; fine. No more playing around.”

Gideon paused as he felt a sudden wave of ki. He looked up to see a crotch falling toward him. A pair of legs passed around him, followed by a black suit divided down the center of a delicately muscled stomach. The weight of two massive breasts slammed down over his head, the ki they released driving his face into the brick-strewn pavement. The pavement shattered as his face made contact and a stiletto heel stabbed into the back of his head as a young woman with long auburn hair stood over him. The Russian peered back at Jack with a frown on her face and her fists clenched in a threatening manner.

“D’is ees not your fight, American,” Veronica, The Black Russian Swan warned him.

Jack recognized her accent to be Russian and scowled. “Molotok…you must be the Black Swan…” His mind betrayed him. Damn, she’s hot. Even she was able to take down Adam in a single blow…shit, why am I here?

Jack’s eyes then lowered from Veronica down to her feet, and he couldn’t help but frown awkwardly. Veronica frowned and glanced down at her foot noticing a watermelon under her foot and not Adam. Glancing from the melon down the alley, Jack and Veronica noticed Gideon low-crawling away. Blood was streaming down his face between his eyes from the spot Veronica’s sharp heel had made. Gideon paused in his escape when he felt eyes on him and peered over his shoulder with wide eyes.

“Shit…they noticed my escape,” Gideon muttered to himself.

Jack continued to clutch his head from the sheer stupidity he was witnessing. “We’re in an alley you dumbshit. Where are you gonna hide?”

Gideon then narrowed his eyes in contemplation. “You’re right…”

“Of course I’m right!”

“I need to go somewhere else.”

Gideon pushed off the ground back to his feet and bolted away from the two fighters.

“Oh come on! This shit again?”

Veronica frowned and stepping over the watermelon, she broke into a sprint after him. Jack sighed heavily in exasperation and followed after the two. Brazil was no longer feeling like a vacation. It had become torture with his current mission. Gideon left the alley back into the streets. His grey eyes darted about looking for a suitable space to fight his new opponent and Jack. He dodged around locals and tourists, shouting “Excuse me!” and “Pardon me!” The smell of salt brought to his mind the beach, and he smiled happily at the idea. There was nothing like a good visit to the beach. He hadn’t had a chance to see it since his arrival.

The two fighters temporarily lost the Adam in the crowd but were able to follow his ki to the Rio de Janeiro beach. There were several bare-ass tourists and locals playing in the sand and water. Some were sunbathing, playing music, and dancing.

Jack stopped at the edge of the sand and the pavement and searched around for Gideon. There were so many people but that cheesy American flag T-shirt was an eyesore and too difficult to miss. He found Gideon and Veronica sitting in the sand before the water, removing their footwear. Jack walked over to the two, and he gazed down at Gideon who was happily savoring the sight of the blue waters and sun.

“Are you done running?” Jack asked.

Gideon was seated with his hands at his sides and legs outstretched in the sand. He had removed his sneakers down to his bare feet and Veronica had done the same. Their feet would give them better traction in the sand. Veronica was sitting next to him similarly, also enjoying the sun and surf. She brushed a hand through her hair as she suggested to the American: “You should prepare yourself. Adam intends to show us his strength.”

Jack took a knee and laughed. “Oh, does he now? Let me get ready because it’s not like he’s wasted enough of my fucking time.”

Jack sat in the sand to Gideon’s right and removed his combat boots. Once he stripped his feet down to bare, he sat there not sure what they were doing. No one said anything for three minutes and Jack and Veronica found themselves actually appreciating the view, the peace, and the sounds of people having fun. Gideon thrust his arms into the air, causing Veronica and Jack to defensively leap and roll in opposite directions. Gideon reached his hands high into the sky, stretching his back and shoulders as he exhaled a large yawn.

“Haaa~h; this is making me want a nap,” Gideon said sleepily before he drew his legs in and rose to his feet. He patted the sand from the back of his cargo pants and walked toward the water, crossing and uncrossing his arms in a mild stretch. “All right; let’s get this over with.”

Jack uttered a short laugh. “Huh; all of a sudden you’re so fucking cocky.”

Veronica brought her hands behind her back and gave her ass cheeks two hard slaps to get the blood flowing into them. Jack gave her an awkward look and she smirked over at him. When Gideon stepped into the thin sheet of warm glistening sea water, he turned around to face Veronica and Jack. He slowly extended a hand toward them, inhaling deeply through his nose and breathing out deeply through his lips. He continued the breathing exercise as the fingers of his left hand curled into a large fist. His right hand rose diagonally across his chest until his right hand was positioned over his heart. Similarly, his fingers balled into a fist and he slowly drew his left arm back in toward his chest and extended his right arm out to where his left was. He continued the arm motions as his legs started to bend, lowering his stance a little. His feet were shoulder width apart and the water at his feet started to circle around him, following the same circles he was making with his arms. The style looked similar to Thai Chi and Wing Chun, but Jack couldn’t place it exactly. It was still too unique. Water lifted off the ground, spiraling around him like a crystal beaded necklace. The water spiraled above Gideon’s head until a red hue appeared beneath his feet and the water reflected the red ki. Gideon’s cheesy American shirt gradually became tighter as his muscles thickened and became more pronounced. The shirt was clinging to his body like a compression shirt by the time he was finished. His arms uncrossed and his fists lowered to his sides. Gideon exhaled his last breath and sternly regarded Jack and Veronica, his eerie eyes gleaming with determination.

“Red,” Gideon breathed and made no other move.

Jack actually felt a little nervous. The personality that was facing him was completely different from the one he had seen a moment ago. I guess the Russian’s right. He’s finally taking us seriously.

“I won’t hold back either then!” Jack declared. With a war cry, he raised his fist and slammed it into the dirt at his feet. From his fist up his body and down to his feet, his body shifted to a metallic color. His entire body became metal and he grinned wickedly at Gideon as he drew his fist from the sand. “I guess I’ll go fi-”

The Black Swan was already racing toward the Adam. She started the fight in a series of hip swings. Jack growled and followed right behind her. He didn’t know why he suddenly felt so competitive to outdo the Russian. Adam hadn’t been anything spectacular—at least not to the level Daedalus had hyped him up to be. Gideon had stepped back from her hip swings until Veronica whirled, rising out of her hunched over state to drag her chest across Gideon’s. The friction sparked a streak of fire across it, scorching a large hole in Gideon’s shirt as she shouted:

Gideon’s face hardened with anger. His cheap awesome shirt was ruined, and he seemed to care more about that than the burns that had reddened the skin on his chest. A shining silver fist rushed toward his face, and he tilted his head just in time to have Jack’s appendage pass over his shoulder. Veronica was forced to twirl out of the way of Jack’s sudden advance, and she glared at the American. She would take him and Gideon down if she had to. Gideon’s left arm rose to lock about Jack’s right, while it was over his shoulder. Jack cursed, immediately noticing the trap he was in. He felt Gideon’s foot position behind his in an attempt to drop him on his back, and he stepped back with his other foot to prevent him from succeeding. His metal body didn’t make it easy for the Adam to bend him over as any normal human would have from the loss of balance and unnatural pressure being added to the spine.

Veronica charged both fighters with a barrage of butt thrusts.

Gideon, keeping a strong grip on Jack’s trapped arm, lurched forward, tugging the metal man into a turn. Jack cursed under his breath, feeling Gideon’s inhuman strength swing him like a metal club into Veronica. He struck her like a bat. Veronica felt the metal man slam into her hip to send her spinning into the sand. Gideon kept turning, turning Jack like a discus thrower preparing to throw. Gideon twirled toward Veronica where she was lying face down and slowly recovering, and using the momentum of his turn his hand released Jack’s arm to motion down to the hip that wasn’t abreast with his own. Gripping Jack’s pants, Gideon used his shoulder and cheek to trap Jack’s arm again. One more turn and Gideon kicked Jack’s legs out from under him. Both fighters rose off the ground, feet flying into the air as their backs fell toward the ground. Veronica gasped and quickly rolled to the side just out from under Gideon and Jack as they crashed into the sand. Sand erupted around the impact of their landing. The Russian agent stared at Gideon a little disturbed that he had nearly managed to use Jack to flatten her while she was down. Her hip was still throbbing from the assault and she began to wonder if two fighters fighting Gideon at the same time was a bad idea. She was certain that he was going to use Jack against her again, and she couldn’t afford to give him that opportunity.

As Veronica continued to watch Jack and Gideon, she noticed that Gideon’s focus was no longer on her, but on Jack. Gideon was keeping Jack’s arm pinched between his cheek, shoulder, and now the ground. Their arms that were pinned beneath their bodies and the sand couldn’t do much. Jack tried to throw a punch toward Gideon’s face, and he motioned his hand inside the punch, pushing it aside with the back of his hand before attempting to extend his own punch toward Jack’s face. Jack bowed his forehead, catching the punch against his cranium and a metallic hum rang from the contact. Jack felt his head snap back from the explosion of red ki that shot through it, and Gideon followed it up with a second blow to the metal man’s chest.

Jack’s metal body flashed red and the sand around them leapt into the air again. A forced gasp escaped Jack’s lips as Gideon’s fist left a large dent in his chest cavity. Gideon was about to strike him again while he was stunned, when he noticed a shadow looming over them followed by a cry:

Gideon swiftly rolled to the side as Veronica’s burning butt landed on Jack’s head like a meteor. There was another geyser of sand, and by now, the fight had drawn an audience. Gideon quickly returned to his feet and glanced around at the several onlookers who were watching, recording, and cheering on the battle. They didn’t seem to understand the danger they could possibly be in and didn’t seem to care. The battle to them was like having the Brazilian Cup right there on the beach.

As the sand settled, Veronica was seen wincing as she sat on Jack’s face. It didn’t feel good when ass met metal and she was thankful that The Maker had given her such a tough posterior. She rocked forward, lifting her butt from the depression it had made and with a hand on her lower back walked away from him much like an old woman. The fight was ruining her lower back and it was all due to Jack’s involvement. The damn American.

When Jack sat up, it was revealed that Veronica’s meteor butt had been hot enough to melt an ass cheek depression on his metal face. Gideon’s hand immediately slapped over his mouth as his eyes near popped from their sockets with surprise. He exploded with laughter, sinking to his knees and then collapsing in a fit of tears. Jack stared over at him in shock and confusion and then reached up to feel the odd depression that had been left on his face. If the metal man could blush, he would have been glowing red in embarrassment. His eyes went wide as he glared over at Veronica.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FACE!?” Jack screamed.

Veronica was rubbing her back soothingly when she frowned back at Jack. “Serves you right, Ass Face. Stay out ov’ my fights wit’ Adam.”

Gideon gasped for air, grasping his chest. “Ah, I think-I think…(gasp) I’m going-I’m going to…die!”

His face was hurting from grinning so much and his guts were aching from his laughter. If they couldn’t kill him through a fight, they could surely kill him with laughter. Jack’s furious bellow silenced Gideon temporarily. Gideon grasped his mouth and gazed over at the raging fighter. His ki had spiked to a worrisome level.

“Enough!” Jack roared.

Jack extend his arms to his left and right, fingers and thumbs joined, and his arms transformed into metal blades. He pointed his right bladed arm toward Gideon and his left toward Veronica and his arms instantly elongated. Gideon felt the blade pass through his stomach and out his back. Blood dumped from his mouth as his hands grasped Jack’s right arm to keep it from moving anywhere else. He slowly stepped back from the blade, feeling its sharp edges slice further into him. The sight of blood sent the crowd screaming and scattering. Only a few remained behind to gawk. Baring his blood-stained teeth, Gideon managed to slide free of Jack’s blade and his stomach and back folded into itself, sealing the wound closed. He dropped to a knee, continuing to grip Jack’s arm as his body rerouted blood flow to his organs. Gideon coughed up more blood and glared furiously at the metal fighter. He hadn’t been fast enough to dodge the assault while using his Red techniques.

Veronica, on the other hand, had bent backwards into a bridge. The blade passed between her jostling breasts as she paled a little from having nearly been impaled.

“I will skewer both of you!” Jack hollered.

He retracted his bladed arms and elongated them again, rapidly slashing at the two fighters, cleaving clothes and flesh from their bodies. Gideon rose his forearms before his chest and stomach in a guard as his clothes came apart around him. Red, white, and blue shreds stained in blood scattered all about him along with the black material of his cargo pants. Veronica screamed as her black suit burst in an explosion of shreds. Jack immediately halted his assault when he noticed Veronica’s lacy bra and panties, cupping her curves like sweet cream pudding. The Russian agent laid on her side with an arm protectively covering her breasts and her hand hiding her privates. Her underwear was all she had left to preserve her dignity. Jack would have been blushing madly if he hadn’t been covered in metal. Seeing her lying there like a super model in the sand would have given him a nosebleed. Tearing his eyes from her, he frowned down at the sand: “I’m not gonna rob you of your underwear, but I will make you pay for what you did to my face!”

Jack glanced back at Veronica and noticed her lengthy auburn hair. Smirking, he raked his blade across her hair and Veronica’s blue eyes shrank in horror when she felt her silky mane tumble like a blanket about her shoulders. Gideon was on his hands and knees in the sand, trembling from the hundreds of red cuts that streaked his body. Jack had managed to get his wish and had ripped his American shirt right off of him...but he didn't have to take his pants too. All he had left were his ridiculous American flag boxers, and he wasn't about to let Jack destroy those too. He grinned in amusement at Veronica’s new look and raised a hand in her direction, giving her a thumbs up.

“It makes you look manlier,” he complimented.

Veronica released her bosom to grasp handfuls of her chopped hair. Her hands shook with growing anger and Gideon cursed under his breath when he felt her ki spike.

Not another one. he thought. He barely survived Jack’s last attack. If he wanted to live to see tomorrow, then he knew this battle needed to end.

“Я уничтожу вас! (Ya oo-neech-toe-joo vas/I will destroy all of you! (in this context))” Veronica screamed.

The Russian with the boy haircut sprang to her feet and started running. She leapt once more throwing out her hands as she flipped into a series of handsprings. Her body became a blur of motions that circled around Gideon and Jack. The air churned in the center of the circle, causing sand to rise into a blinding abrasive twister. Gideon squinted through the twister, trying to keep track of the blue ring of ki that rose around them. The attack Veronica had been summoning Gideon suspected wasn’t going to be directed at him, and he had to get there before she was done. Gideon rose to his feet and charged through the tornado. The sand made it difficult to breathe and was burning his skin as it eroded it slowly. He continued to run until the blue line of ki that had formed a ring turned into a path that curved into the circle. Gideon intercepted the blue beam that had been heading toward Jack.

Veronica’s ass met with Gideon’s chest. His arms were at his sides, feet shoulder-width apart, and fists clenched as he absorbed the impact. The tornado burst around them, spiraling between Veronica’s ass and Gideon’s chest. Jack, who was just behind Adam, gawked in confusion, unsure if Gideon was trying to save him or…what the hell was going on? Veronica’s eyes were wide in terror. Gideon hadn’t been her intended target. His grey eyes were fierce and glinting as he absorbed the brunt of her super attack. Her ass cheeks gave against his hard chest, and there was no way she could spring away in time.

Gideon bellowed and a cannon-like explosion of red ki slammed into Veronica. The Russian agent was thrown in a red twister that shot her out to sea. The ocean parted around the ki missile before it leisurely closed back up. Jack’s mouth hung open in pure shock and awe to have seen Gideon dispose of the Molotok agent so soon. Gideon twisted around toward Jack with his right fist raised and teeth clenched like a wolf. A red ki flashed beneath his feet, then a white one, and then a blue one.

Jack thrust his bladed arms at Gideon, watching them pass through what looked like an afterimage. His spoon-like face was struck by a powerful fist that rocked his entire body with ki. A second fist followed, slamming into his chest, then a third, fourth, fifth, the strikes were rapidly hammering his metal body into a malformed metal figure. He felt the ki filling his body and eagerly wanting to escape. He began to swell like an over-pressurized can as the ki within him expanded, turning him into a complete twelve-foot sphere before Gideon’s final punch caused him to detonate in an unusual explosion. Red, white and blue fire bloomed into the air amidst a shower of star-like sparks.

Gideon lowered his pulsing arms, hanging his head as he panted heavily. He had managed to halt his bloodloss, but it was taking all of his energy to do so. He dropped to his knees and sat back on his calves as he took a moment to catch his breath. His fight was over…for now. He found himself to be in quite the predicament. If he didn’t hide his ki, then more agents would more than likely follow. He didn’t expect Molotok to send anyone brand new. As far as he knew, Veronica was their main experiment and no matter how many times he killed her, he knew he would see her again. But for now, he didn’t have to worry about her.

Gideon collapsed on his side, his body feeling heavy. I’ll just lie here for a while and focus on keeping myself alive. He had to conserve the remainder of his energy and couldn’t afford to spend it hopelessly seeking out a hospital or clinic. His body shrank down into a bloodied child as he laid there curled up in the sand.

Meanwhile, Veronica opened her eyes to find her body drifting through an ocean of blue. She was underwater, and the sea reminded her of her tank back in the lab. Gideon had defeated her. He was still stronger than what her and the American had expected. She wondered what had happened to him; the American. She didn’t sense any ki, but then again, she might have been knocked out to sea further than she expected. She couldn’t believe he had used her own attack against her. A dark triangular silhouette appeared in the blue distance. It swirled around her, prowling ever closer until its grey and white skin and cleaver-like fin could be seen. Veronica smirked as the shark came closer. It must have been lured by her blood. She gazed into its triangle-tooth grin as it opened its mouth and clamped down on her torso, ripping it clean from the hips. The water darkened with blood as the shark whirled around again to chomp down her hips, and then the legs that kicked and spasmed.
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