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Hello all. I am an experienced writer who is writing my own fiction stories on the side. I can role play any genre. What I love most is being able to go-all-out when weaving tales with other writers. It just makes the story more interesting, so I can't wait to write with you. :)

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Once the vampire was gone, Bill returned his attention to Agent Coventry.

“Agent Coventry, you nearly cost yer entire team their lives. Despite you havin’ so much hocus-y pocus-y power, you’re reckless!” Bill scolded. He ran a hand back through his hair and sighed heavily. “What can you do Agent Coventry? Do I need to assign you a chaperone every time you go on a mission? Because it seems to me that under a certain level of stress, you crack, and when you crack, you endanger your whole team.”

@Witch Cat

HP 47
Atk 25
Def 71
Spec Atk 45
Spec Def 71
Spd 25

When Gredy scooped him up, Dante reverted to his Pokemon form to make it easier on the trainer. The Cyndaquil looked up at Gredy when he gave him the option to get checked out at the center or not. He went with him to the center, and the nurses looked him over, giving his belly a soothing patch before they released him.

Dante stood by while Gredy spoke to the Weedle. From what he could understand, the Weedle was a scaredy cat, and he thought he had been one. The Cyndaquil rose off of his paws, transforming into a human boy. He brushed down his sweater and gazed at the Weedle through his slanted eyes.

“You were inside a Pokeball and you were healed inside the Pokecenter,” Dante explained. He only knew such facts because he had a former trainer.

There was a moment of silence as Dante looked the bug Pokemon over, and then turned to Gredy to ask, “What do we do with him now?”

General Brigan had been listening to the planning of the teams and sneered when he saw them trying to strategize without him. What? Did they think he was just going to stand around and trust that they’d complete their missions? The general stomped toward Crash, Samus and James. He bent over a little so he could see them passed his godly pecs and ordered, “Team One and Two will be following me. Shadow Knight Oswald guards the Abandoned Castle. Team One will have to distract him while me and Team Two sneak into the castle.”

It might have been hard to believe that such a monstrously huge man could sneak anywhere. He straightened and added, “My units will aid Team One with Oswald. Do not underestimate him. He is the strongest soldier in the Ringford Army, grandson to King Gallon, wielder of the red psypher blade! Your mission will end if he defeats you. All of Raganival will be destroyed! (no pressure )”

General Brigan marched passed the three, his five Vaklyries trotting closely behind him. He stomped in the direction of the Abandoned Castle, bringing his horn to his lips as he slurped down its contents.

“We will see how strong these Platform knights are,” General Brigan muttered.

Team Three

Neither the sun or moon shined on the castle. There wasn’t a single star or cloud in the sky. An opaque darkness covered the atmosphere as though the evil radiating from the castle polluted it. There were massive pillars scattered throughout the interior, which made for perfect cover; however, the halls were so large that even a pebble could have been heard skipping through them.

The Demon Lord Odin was no quieter than General Brigan when it came to walking. His very steps shook the castle, echoing throughout the corridors, making it difficult to sense what floor or what room he was actually in. His castle appeared to be without a guard. Could they all have defected to General Brigan’s army? Or were they all waiting in ambush? It was uncertain.

Team One and Team Two

The abandoned castle was a silhouette in the distance. It was half a mile away and General Brigan did not approach any further. He scratched his crotch with his hammer as he informed to the two teams, “Team Two shouldn’t go any further. We don’t want to be the ones to draw Oswald’s attention.”

General Brigan thrusted his hammer in the castle’s direction and ordered Team One as though they were apart of his army, “Go and distract him already and hope he doesn’t already know we’re here!”

Team decisions were made using

Demon Lord Odin Fight – Team Three

Shadow Knight Oswald Fight – Team One

Abandoned Castle – Team Two

Team Leaders are encouraged to take charge at this time (especially with our squad leader currently indisposed until Friday).

XP Initiated!

Keep track of your word count XP. Overall XP will be awarded at the end of every battle.


If a player is inactive for more than 3 days, then the player can be skipped over on the 4th day.

Team One Order: Crash, Slayer, Quina

Team Two Order: Luigi, James, Samus, Amaterasu, Hapu

Team Three Order: Naija, Fox, Garrett, Mario

Be sure to re-read the scenario rules found here. Good luck!
I'm still writing/designing the GM post so everyone just standby and don't get post-happy.
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