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28 Feb 2017 12:18
Current *hits blunt* "Bruh, if you bought a spork, do you put it in the forks compartment or the spoons?"
27 Feb 2017 22:18
I’m not forever alone. I simply prefer the term ‘perpetual loner’.
27 Feb 2017 1:43
Some people think the world revolves around them. I agree, because their density is enough to create a strong enough gravitational field.
25 Feb 2017 11:47
I'm glad most of the people on this site are pretty smart. I'm sure you're all at the top of the bell curve.
24 Feb 2017 11:56
In Russia, they don't say 'I love you', they say 'Партия найдет вас', which means 'you are my world', and I think that's beautiful.


"Halo sucks Call of Duty is better."


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You are animal and me pet aminals.
Stanford took his patient's scream and terrified as her answer. "What... what is that?" Ash demanded, hyperventilating. " can it speak? For the love of everything cold, where am I?!" She continued, all while shaking like a leaf and hiding behind the rather imposing figure of Andersen. The Marine simply gave a blank look, almost as if he had already given up on trying to make sense of things. Graves had a similar expression, although he looked more concerned than anything else. Faced with an impasse, Stanford gave a sigh through his external speakers.

"Miss Ashely, please. My name is S74N-FRD, but you may call me Stanford. I'm the Interloper's medical chief. And please keep it down. You're making my patients... uncomfortable." He motioned behind him to the other beds, and indeed, several bedridden Marines hooked up to various devices were giving them strange looks. "Now, Miss Ashely, please take a seat so that we may begin." A bed instantly unfolded from the wall, shifting until it changed into a chair. Stanford turned to the pair of Marines next. "I believe it would be best if you let us be. It's breakfast now, is it not?"

Graves and Andersen glanced at each other, nodded, then turned back to the medical droid. "Alright. Just see if you can do anything."

"I'm a robot who specialises in medicine. I can make things better, but I can't do everything."

Andersen nodded. "You got it, doc." With that, the two left to head for the mess hall.

Alone with Ash, Stanford stepped towards her. "Miss Ashely. Now, please tell me what you know while I take some scans." Robotic appendages and devices suddenly appeared from the ceiling and floor, shining a line of blue light on the redhead, sweeping downwards and upwards. A full-body hologram popped up in front of her, showing her reflection and diagram of her body. Meanwhile, the ship's PA system activated.

"Attention, all crew. We will be arriving at Novus in ten seconds." The eternally cheerful automated voice informed. The ship shook seconds later, before the view outside the infirmary's only window transitioned from the usual black-blue of a RIFT tunnel to the sight of a ringed, terrestrial planet. Several ships, both civilian and military, drifted around multiple space stations orbiting the planet, their lights blinking on and off. Swarms of mining drones, deployed by equally numerous mining ships, milled around the world's asteroid belt, extracting valuable minerals and resources from the innumerable space rocks. "We have arrived at Novus. Moving to Novus Orbital Ship Repair Yards."

Stanford looked out the window. "Ah, it appears that we have arrived."


Ash threw up her arms in frustration. This guy just didn't get it. "Well, yeah. Guess they aren't. Asgard Avalanche did destroy nearly half the entire city, after all." She admitted. "I'm pretty sure blizzards don't destroy cities. Buildings are built tough, you know." She rolled her eyes, standing up and pacing around the room. Clarrik then told her that there were some gowns for her to wear. "Great. Gowns. The piece of fashion that no one wears anymore." Nonetheless, she stalked over to the wardrobe that her 'husband' had so kindly opened.

She poked her head in the piece of furniture. Every single piece of clothing was elaborately decorated, made from what was probably real fur. Lavish silver decorated the skirt, with pearls sewn into the gown. Ash shrugged. "Well, it's better than nothing. I'd do anything for a beer right-" She suddenly stopped when she caught sight of her reflection in a small mirror.

Picking it up, her eyes widened. That wasn't her. Her eyes were blue, not her usual green. She was a lot paler and softer looking, almost like she hadn't even stepped out into the sun before. However, what was most worrying was that she couldn't even recognise herself. Was that really her? Slowly putting the mirror back down again, she took a long and deep breath. "...Okay. I think... I think I need a lie-down." She began, stepping towards the bed with shaking legs. She looked even paler than before.

However, before she could fall into the absurdly soft material and pass out, the door opened again. The servant girl had returned, and there was a small child with her. He had brown hair and bright blue eyes, and honestly, he seemed like a child version of the other person in the room. "Mother!" he yelled, running towards her with his arms outstretched.

Ash froze. She wasn't really good with kids, especially with one who was apparently her son. So, when the child ran into her at full speed and hugged her tightly, Ash remained motionless, before turning to Clarrik. "Ummmm..."
Based on this image:

Me: Stellaris and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Continuing to swiftly explore and expand, the USSR comes into contact with an alien empire. It is a good find, as we will get to show them the true meaning of communism.

Meanwhile, the colony True Slav is established, and the settlers immediately set out to work on the hydroponic beet fields or be beaten by commissar like dogs.

The USSR, as vigilant and resourceful as ever, continues its expansion, encountering new alien empires to spread communism and vodka to.

And then, the USSR meets another new race, the CPUs!

Wait, what?

... I think I downloaded too many mods again.

"At least we have vodka!"
- Secretary General Vorshelsky, leader of the USSR
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