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20 Jan 2017 9:04
Current Today is Penguin Awareness Day! Be aware! Of penguins!
19 Jan 2017 11:40 - it turned into one of those mornings.
19 Jan 2017 8:35
It's half past eight in the morning and I want to go back to bed. For science.
18 Jan 2017 11:15
I'm on a pretty strict diet of tea and cake. It's a strict diet, okay, not a good one.
17 Jan 2017 11:30
I had such great plans for a productive day, but my dinosaur pyjamas have just come out of the tumble dryer, so the rest of the day is basically a write-off.


I live somewhere in the wilds of East London with a couple of friends, a pet rat and a collection of RPG books that is slowly consuming our house. I've suggested possibly getting rid of some of them, but it's pretty much got to the point where the books are the only thing keeping the building upright and if I move any of them the whole thing could come crashing down.

In terms of games - well, I'll consider anything, except that. As can probably be gathered from my posts, I find myself generally playing characters that let me bit a little bit light-hearted. I am reasonably certain that I can play serious characters, but I know that getting to post things which makes me chuckle as I write them keeps me far more engaged.

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@Hylozoist Are you from the EU/UK? How is it over there?

I live in East London. It's chilly, and it's probably going to be a pretty nippy weekend as well. I'm guessing you don't mean to ask how the weather is, so let me give you my Really Quick Rundown Of London.

It's busy. It's expensive. There is nearly always something going on if you want to do something. Get familiar with how public transport works. In that way, it's probably like most other cities. I like to think that we're all very polite and tolerant folk, but a great deal of that is probably due to nearly everyone here never really talking to one another. In fact, that'd be the first rule I'd want to impart on you for a visit to London; don't try and strike up a conversation with somebody on public transport.

I say this only because there's always at least one tourist who breaks this rule on any given tube journey. I've seen it happen. The look of panic in the eyes of the person who is being spoken to, the shocked looks of everyone else, it's awkward and uncomfortable and God help you if you do it, because nobody else on that tube carriage is going to help you.

Some places in London are pretty rough. I assume this is the same for most cities too, really.
Also that duck in top hat thing sounds like Howard the Duck.

Maybe my past self was trying to warn me about never, ever, ever sitting through the Howard the Duck film again. If this is the case, it's my duty to draw a crude duck as a warning to my future-self every now and then, lest I let my guard down and watch it again.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to the stories to come from aboard the ship.

I should probably keep working on that. The good thing about doing a day-to-day-life bit on the ship is that it gives me more time to flesh out Ofromia. Some of my notes were scribbled when I was half asleep, and so require some time to decode. I'm sure there's a very good reason why there's a picture of a duck in a top hat with a monocle in there. Really makes me wonder about people who claim to be able to connect to past lives, when I seem to struggle to connect with me from a week ago.

Its not that I haven't really tried, its just hard to find people online my age in my area (small rural town) where people can meet up to do stuff like that.

Yeah, that's not a great situation to be in, you've got my sympathy on that front. The last time I lived in a small rural-ish area was when I was growing up, and so my advice about how to meet people in that regard is probably a little dated (and obviously there's cultural differences and what-not!). I wish I could be a bit more helpful on that front, really. At least there's always the internet, and for all my talk of doing social stuff with people, most of my socialising is still done through a screen and keyboard. If it weren't for the fact that I live with two other people, who have become my sort-of-surrogate-family, I'd probably end up becoming some sort of hermit.

Okay, clearly, the tea has yet to kick in.
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