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23 Mar 2017 11:01
Current "The tiny plastic sheep is here to help you watch anime," I explained, apparently unhelpfully.
22 Mar 2017 10:01
Rushed off feet this morning. Good news, huge order came in. Bad news, huge order needs dealing with.
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21 Mar 2017 12:51
You run because, if you don't, they'll catch you.
20 Mar 2017 11:13
"The question is this: Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?"
17 Mar 2017 13:09
Emergency fruit cake has failed. It's time to break out the big seasonal guns - time to bake hot cross buns.


I live somewhere in the wilds of East London with a couple of friends, a pet rat and a collection of RPG books that is slowly consuming our house. I've suggested possibly getting rid of some of them, but it's pretty much got to the point where the books are the only thing keeping the building upright and if I move any of them the whole thing could come crashing down.

In terms of games - well, I'll consider anything, except that. As can probably be gathered from my posts, I find myself generally playing characters that let me bit a little bit light-hearted. I am reasonably certain that I can play serious characters, but I know that getting to post things which makes me chuckle as I write them keeps me far more engaged.

At the moment, I am currently running a game called Interplanetary Space Friends. It's a game about friends, in space, travelling between planets. It is not exactly a very serious game, and while I've scared off some of my players, I have a dedicated handful left who have stuck with the game. These folks are awesome, and if anyone says anything mean about them, I will defend their honour with a strongly worded message.

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Made it home in one piece, will be aiming to do GM posting tomorrow afternoon (in about eighteen hours time).

I hope that you've all got a fun-filled weekend to look forward to!
But I'm not sure if I ever want to visit London now. What with the evil super pidgeons. Maybe if I wore enclave power suit armour.

I believe tourists are advised not to wear armour, because it could trigger an arms race with the pigeons that Her Majesty's Government is not entirely confident it could win.

My brain is failing to co-operate, but there was this television programme over here a few years ago, on one of the BBC channels, in fact, hold on, let me ask my surrogate brain.

Okay, typing into Google "tv comedy puppets fox pigeon cat dog" got me exactly what I was looking for. The programme was called "Mongrels", and it had a good example of a malevolent pigeon in it. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this as a primer for understanding the mentality of London pigeons, but the character has stuck in my mind fairly well, and the show was.. not that bad.

A seagull has just landed outside my window
@Hylozoist Reminds me of a thing I read, where cicada nymphs infested with certain fungal parasites never pupate into full cicadas, and grow into warped, exaggerated versions of nymphs over time. Also, what you described would be an example of a Chaotic Neutral race. Just for another example.

Perhaps going down the parasitic-infection route might be the way to go; rather than smuggling himself off the planet (which would probably be quite a difficult task), individuals infected with the parasite are shipped off-planet so as to try and keep the parasite away from the general population and make sure that the cycle of death and birth continues properly. Also, nature is kind of weird and frightening at times, but makes for good inspiration.
Hatoful Boyfrined: London would probably be like that old ps2 game The Getaway, but with birds. Or that movie Birdemic.

I see it as Hellgate London (I actually kind of enjoyed that game, oh god) meets Birdemic. But, yeah, our pigeons are crazy, wild-eyed bastards that have somehow survived in an environment that's pretty hostile to them. You see a huge pigeon, it's feet mostly missing, feathers all out of place, and you know the only reason you're still alive is because that pigeon has chose to let you live.

I guess avian romance isn't that odd, considering that there's going to be robot-and-alien-romance-through-a-human-intermediary. Avian romance seems positively normal, now I think about it.
@HylozoistWell, if it came to dating various avian species. I would probably employ the logic used to conquer hatoful boyfriend.

You don't conquer Hatoful Boyfriend, it conquers you. I suppose that the logic that game teaches you isn't easily applied to scenarios other than avian dating situations and, even then, it's probably only relevant to dating Japanese birds. Dating pigeons here probably requires a different approach due to cultural differences. If I start including avian romance in this game, you have my permission to stop me before I get carried away.
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