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Today I feel like a muffin. consume it... and it wil lbe your final meal. Heh.... he he.
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Feelin like a boss... The Kind that Wipe everyone if they don't do everything right.... HAH ha ha ha ha...
26 Nov 2015 6:38
Who Ate those!?... I ate those. I have entered this realm once again.


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Kaiser Thore


Keeping focus on chewing on the rock, Thore didn't really pay much attention to anything else for quite some time. When he heard Rasa's voice however,he looked to her as she offered him a berry. First he looked to it for a while, then he padded over and opened his mouth to pick it out of her hand and chew down on it. He chewed on it a few times then he shuddered before smiling as he found the taste likable.

He then looked up at Rasa and nodded "Tar, t-hanx" he said before swallowing the rock as well. He started punching a tree when Rasa spoke about of Gyms and training. "Taritar... Stronger... Strongest, Want to become strongest Pokémon of all" he said before getting more serious with striking the tree.
Well I'm up for making mons or trainers.

As Bane reached the castle of the two sisters he noticed that the forest grew darker, yet the shade was of little problem to him as he seemed to be able to Illuminate his path quite nicely. As he crossed over the bridge and into the castle torches, candles and crystals lit up along his path unlike how they would not for regular ponies and non unicorns not versed in how to light them. For Bane however it was natural, he didn't even have to pay attention to it, not that he cared... But it left a pretty obvious enough trail of in which direction he had gone as the path was lit up.

In the Library he was flipping through various times about both history and some that seemed to be best left untouched left scattered around the floor, he was searching for something... the real question was what.

@Silverwind Blade

When they finally reached the survey area Vince let out a slight chucklee as he saw how a place could look even more ominous than usual in a otherwise quite scary forest... "Wow... and here I thought we would actually go to a beautiful garden inside here or somethign..." he said quite sarcastic before nodding and circling closer together with the other stallion. "heh, aren't you quite the hero type?... Sounds like quite a good pickup line" he said and chuckled once more. He landed on all four at pretty much the same time in no particular order and once down there he looked around a bit extra as he sure could feel eyes on them as well. "Yeah... don't want to get in trouble here... I've heard that there should be a castle ruin here somewhere... The castle of the two sisters... uh... did that rock just move?..." he said suddenly glancing towards the distance, it was faint... but somewhat it did indeed look like there was actually a rock troll snoozing over yonder.
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I'm up to try xD
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