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you just know that wailord was a shiny though

This night worked out. I almost got in a fight, ran, came back and it was gone. It's Pokemon all over again.

It's cool! Take your time, we don't wanna rush it XD.
Yukimura Sanada

(Mion Riverbank)

The entire lack of any presence at the riverbank now that time had passed had Yukimura fairly embarrassed, as she looked to her master, then the river. While her face started to turn as red as her prided armor. Turning to her Master, she twitched a bit before laughing in a very tense fashion, rubbing the back of her head.

"Well my Lord it... Seems to have left. I guess it didn't live here as I assumed then... So nothing to worry about... Oh um!
I don't mind at all! In fact I understand what you mean. There is nothing wrong with being selfish or Ambition. If anything they are good things. They drive us forward. I much more prefer serving a Lord who knows he's selfish than a Lord who'd claim they are doing this for the world."

Responding to his comments on her previous question as a distraction, she desperately glanced around the Riverbank. If anything she was very mortified by this result. She had made such a deal out of reporting to him about it and how she wanted to be sure, but when it came down to it? It went nowhere at all.

"If you're interested... My wish is simply to fight to my hearts content. I don't need a new life or to change anything,
I simply wish to enjoy the time I shall spend here during this war."

The smile on her face was nice but also gave away how much this had thrown her off.

Yukimura Sanada

(Southern Miyama, Riverside Cottage)

While she knew checking the situation on her own may have been a good idea, she also had the previous thoughts of what a situation like this may be. After all these were many possibilities, and she was not as familiar with some areas. Meanwhile her new Lord was a Magus. Thus he should be more versed in these areas.

“I would have but I just know it isn’t an enemy Servant. Thus I was unsure if it was natural to the area, or perhaps something that someone had placed there. It was my hope that as my Lord, you may know more than I on this matter. But if that is not the case then I apologize. I truly should have looked into it more.”

Giving her apologies with her head down, she raised it to see the motioning and opened the door to walk ahead of David. She was oddly eager to do well, and he was trusting her to protect him tonight. Her first act as a Servant.

“I am joyed you have decided to leave it to me. I shall not let even a scratch come to you, be it from a Servant, a monster, or whatever this creature may be if it is hostile.”

The smile that accompanied her worlds was oddly bright for someone who was getting ready to go out and possibly kill something. She hadn’t donned her armor again yet either, if only because she felt it might stand out. A just in case measure really.

Yukimura was not without worry though. The fact her Master didn’t know of the creature concerned her as he had made his base in this location. As well the thought came to her that if it was an Assassin Class Servant who could mask his presence as another sort of creature, then her Lord could very well be in danger and it would be her fault for leading him into it.

At the moment though she had to lead. Taking the front, as well as checking back occasionally with a glance, she made her way down the Mion River, to make it to where she felt the creature before. The silence would truly bug her along the way if nothing was said, so she had thought of a few things she could speak with her Lord about as well just in case. Since he hadn’t asked her to carry him, she’d have to walk at his pace rather than her own after all.

“… My Lord something occurs to me. This War… The winner receives a Wish at the end yes? Would you care to share yours with me and hear mine in kind? I will not be offended and understand if you refuse though. After all Wishes are something very personal, and can expose our desires.”

Even while she asked her question and clarified, she had her hand out to be ready for battle. She may need her spear at any given moment after all. There would also be the need to call her armor, and tie her hair back into a ponytail so it wasn’t in the way during combat. Unfortunately the fact she wasn't too fond of silence may prove to be a bad thing in the long run past this night.

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