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I have a full time job, a serious dating relationship, a social life, and other hobbies besides role playing! So if I don't reply or I go MIA for a few days its just life taking over and me needing to deal with it. I also babysit my younger brother on my days off when my mom has to work, so I am usually on here when I babysit.

As for role playing...

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@Lucius Cypher there ya go!!

The young princess heard the same voice from the forest from earlier, she turned to notice a man in familiar armor. She sighed softly, running her free hand through her hair as she flashed him a small smile. “And so we do.” She said in a soft voice, feeling Damon watching her from a distance - doing his job on her terms instead of her fathers. She hated to feel like she was being suffocated by guards, she much preferred her freedom to do as she wished with who she wished. “Well, I have to - you see my father fell ill and my uncle took over for a short period. And my uncle isn’t exactly…the kindest man to rule a kingdom, nor does he like the fact that my people like to be social. He would much rather shut us out from everyone because he knows what happens if everything goes right.” The young women explained, watching the man as he bowed to her - noticing that he crossed his arms across his chest.

The young women slowly returned his bow, though the bow she returned him was more of one for royalty than a warrior. “But, yes. I am doing quite well to be honest, we had no issues on the way back to our kingdom and none of my people have raised any concerns of bandits coming too close to our kingdom. But I suppose it’s because the guards normally refuse to listen to my uncle over me, though I won’t be able to rule over the kingdom anytime soon. Though I can only hope that the day will come soon that my uncle will no longer be in power, but a girl can hope - can’t she?” She asked softly with a quick smile as she ran her eyes over the man’s armor, brushing her long bangs. Even with her uncle in power, the streets of her kingdom were still full of life and her people seemed to forget about the problems they had with their ruler and it allowed the princess to forget about the problems she had with him as well.

Her uncle was not always cruel to the people, he was particularly cruel to the women and children - using whomever he wished for sex even if the women was married or even pregnant. And if you dared stand close to him and mouth off to him, there was no doubt that he would lay his hands on you - he had even gotten a few good recent blows in on the young women in front of the armored man. The poor women was still sore from when her uncle had managed to get a hold of her for telling the guards to do just the opposite of what her uncle had wanted, she did her best to keep the children away from him. It was at that moment that a young boy ran between the two of them, pausing a moment when he realized exactly who he had passed without any sort of greeting. “Sorry, princess!” He muttered, giving her a quick bow and an apologetic smile, waiting to see if he managed to get himself into trouble with his kingdom’s princess.

The young princess gave the young child a small smile, studying him a moment. The young boy looked rather thin and the princess knew why, her uncle made it almost impossible for their people to be able to afford food for their families. “James, what have I said about watching where you are going - especially when the kingdom is busy. Here, take this to your father and make sure my uncle doesn’t find out about it - our secret, okay?” The young women explained, offering the young boy a small sack that clearly had a bit of money in it. The young boy seemed to brighten up just a bit, glancing warily over at the armored man before he moved toward the princess, gently taking the bag from her as he then flashed a bright smile in her direction. “Now go straight home and give that to your father and stay out of trouble, do I make myself clear??” She asked softly, smiling down at the young boy.

“Yes princess! I will! I won’t tell a soul! Thank you so very much, princess!” The young boy exclaimed before he took off in the direction of his home, watching him dodge between people. The princess sighed softly and glanced over toward the man, “So you traveled all the way here just to take part in my kingdom’s tournament?” She asked softly, cocking her head slightly to the side.
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Still looking...

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