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27 Apr 2017 22:12
Current RPG is having some server issues, please be patient.
27 Apr 2017 1:57
If it takes condoning rudeness and inspiring hatred to make someone act like a decent human being, is the end result a pyrrhic victory or a justified consequence?
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25 Apr 2017 16:01
May I suggest watching a film or televised series to inspire you? Perhaps the genre from which you want to write in at the moment.
25 Apr 2017 14:48
Some friendships are irrational and a waste of time. Removing them from your interactions can be beneficial and productive in the long term.
24 Apr 2017 18:02
I would prefer to be rational than emotional any day of the week. Emotions comprise your process of objectivity, logic, and facts.


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@Inkarnate A free RP on another forum probably isn't the strongest argument for jump-in RPs. Just sayin'.

I have done the no RP sheet thing in a higher level RP. But you need to know the people you're getting involved with otherwise it can get messy.

You aren’t wrong.
@ClocktowerEchos But really, does jump-in ever end well? Like, ever?

Yes. On another site, @Tergonaut hosted what is essentially a jump-in RP. There were no character sheets, just going off one another’s posts and crafting a collaborative story. He started it off by introducing the scene with one sentence, and it became one of the marque RPs of the site in a few months.

Ultimately, it depends on your playerbase and motivations. Just like any other RP.
Good people take that into consideration.
In Arena Chat Thread 25 Apr 2017 20:49 Forum: Arena Roleplay
So where would you pitch a tournament for noobs? Where would he advertising be and all?

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