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15 Mar 2017 1:09
Current Homophobic Neo Nazi in my class at school dives on top of my friend's computer to grab a chair, cracking the screen in the process. Fun fun fun!
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Glad to have you aboard, dood. You weren't actually who I was referring to, but oh well.


I think, just so one player doesn't just spam every boss they have onto the boards, that Links should probably be implemented.
And we're doing custom cards/decks, right?
There's 1 more user who I'm friends with and who wanted to join in a YGO RP, but couldn't because of how many posts KO's RP has already and because yours...well, y'know.

Hopefully he posts in this thread and voices interest. If not, I'll just post in here with a mention of him.

*Pokes head through doorway*

This looks pretty cool. Definitely showing interest. :D
Are you doing Links? If so, this RP is going to be very different than if it doesn't.
Waiting for ICs.
<Snipped quote by Sophrus>
and I think Fredrick would be good in Research and Denial, but I don't want to push anyone, so, what are you thinking @JamesMuddy?

I'm fine with that. He is a very research-based person, so it sounds good.
Very cool indeed!
@Hellis, do we have a specific time for when we're gonna start? Or any you going to wait for a few more characters?
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