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28 Feb 2017 11:33
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Hey all, JB here.

I've been a member of a few other forums, and I am a Mod for an RPing section of a forum that has recently seen fewer participants. I'm looking to find a new home, and hopefully some fun and interesting people. I have DM'd several RPs, most of which are based on existing works, including a four-year RP based on Persona, as well as RPs based on Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, FATE, .hack, and some creations of my own. I have also GM'd a D&D 5e game that recently wrapped up, and I am a participant in another D&D 5e game as well as a Pathfinder game that alternates on weekends off-site. I would like to find some play-by-post games to keep me busy in my downtime.

Please feel free to say hi at any time!

Name/Aliases: JB, JBRam, Jeebs
Gender: M
DOB: June 1988
Location: Maine (East Coast USA)
Hobbies: Ridiculously complex RP ideas involving lots of spreadsheets.
Personal life: Proud father of two tiny terrors named Chibi and Chibette. Married to my beautiful Wifey.

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In Omega Station / Boop! 28 Apr 2017 3:27 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
There weren't many people Ryobi respected more than Warden Pryce. Day in and day out, she took the worst of the insults, shouldered the blame, and worst of all, filled out reams of paperwork while everyone else had gone home. Today had been especially bad in all fronts. Ryobi felt exhausted from splitting up fights between an inmate and an asshole with a mouth. Benton deserved every bit of what he got, and he should know better. Worse, a few stray punches had found their way back to Ryobi. He would owe Benton one for that.

Tired as he was, the thought of driving back to Home Bay was not at the top of his to-do list. Sayako and Benji were on a rare shore leave, but Ryobi had to miss out to cover an emergency shift. That meant while his family enjoyed a few weeks back on Earth, Ryobi was getting punched in the lip by Officer Benton. Sure, it only stung a little while, and Dr. Ami had already checked it out, but the circumstances simply made Ryobi less willing to take that journey home.

And now they led here, with a coy look on his superior officer's face, and a half-empty whiskey bottle dangling between her fingers, an invitation like no other. A moment passed where Ryobi had hesitated, the warning lights flashing in his brain, telling him to politely decline. The next moment, those warnings were drowned by a swig from the bottle.

Maybe he had done so to get to know the warden better. Maybe it was to join her in the celebration of the end to a miserable day. Maybe Ryobi was feeling a little lonely himself, or perhaps a different feeling than loneliness had crept up in response to the obviously inebriated woman in front of him. Maybe her hair being down made Ryobi see her as more than his boss, more than Warden Pryce, but a woman. Janetta. Jan.

Ryobi nodded and held the bottle back to Pryce, his expression clearly saying "challenge accepted." Good thing they were both off duty. And that the door was closed.

~ = + = ~

Two figures in the direction of the Warden's office. That could mean just about anything. There could be a couple of looters, or two officers searching for Prtce. Or maybe Janetta herself was there, with either a friend or a foe. In any case, it was more likely than not thst Ryobi wanted to remain unseen and unheard until he could get more information.

"Ok, Kitt, listen carefully. It is vital that we are quiet here," Ryobi replied in a low whisper. "If those are inmates, our only advantage is surprise. We're gonna sneak up there, and you're gonna scan them again. As soon as you know who's in there, you gotta let me know. Quietly."

Ryobi thought for a moment. Alright, how about this: if the Warden is in there, raise your right arm. If it's inmates, your left. Anyone else, just tap me on the shoulder. Got it?" Without waiting for a response, Ryobi darted forward, keeping low to the ground, his feet landing heel-toe so as to minimize noise. Kitt did her best to keep up, and although she was certainly not programmed for stealth, she seemed to be able to move forward without much commotion. It wasn't long before Ryobi got her signal: two hands raised: an inmate and the warden. That could only mean Pryce was in trouble.

The good news was that they were still out of earshot of the door. Those scanners had a longer range than Ryobi had expected. "Alright, what else can you tell me?" Ryobi whispered. "Quietly!"

"The identities are Janetta Pryce and Timothy Ginhearst, sir. Mr. Ginhearst has his back towards the door and Officer Pryce is sitting, facing the door in a chair." Kitt peered towards the door, fiddling with her sensors. "It seems that Mr. Ginhearst is quite agitated, as his heart rate is rather high. I am unsure of Officer Pryce's condition, but she is alive."

That was more disturbing than Ryobi cared to think about. He darted forward once again, hearing muffled shouts from inside the door. Profanities peppered the man's ululations, and Ryobi gripped the knife tightly. He would have just one shot at this.

Ryobi took a deep breath in, then out, calming himself despite what he could clearly hear transpiring inside the room. One second. Two. On the third, Ryobi pushed open the door with his left hand and rushed forward, bringing the blade about to hopefully sever the man's jugular.

~ = + = ~

"Long day, hm?" The fingers ran through her hair with an unintentional elegance. Ryobi doubted she even knew. Why was she approaching? Why is she handing out the bottle?

Why is she... oh.

Don't tell my wife.
@GarlandDaHero Hey, if you have Skype, @Savo and I would like to discuss a potential way to morally decimate Savo's PC.

I mean... future plans :P
Kimiko Maita


Kimiko blinked at Alexander when he explained his name. At least she could pronounce Alexi. "Furu... Fusuta...Furusuta-san... Ach." She sighed, wondering how those Westerners handled names like that. Maybe if she said it quickly? "Fursti-san, then. I hope our future endeavors are beneficial for the both of us." She gave a short bow, then continued walking, enjoying the silence for all of three seconds before Hayate interrupted it again.

"Perhaps if the Drama Club is looking for 'dudes,' you should focus your recruitment efforts on Farce-san." Nope. Still not right. "If you intend the colloquial definition of 'dudes,' you may wish to look for someone who is not already involved in a club. Chorus takes up the majority of my free time, and I have little interest in parading on a stage in gaudy outfits pretending to be someone I am not." As if Kimiko didn't do that every day anyways when she worked at the shrine.

Kimiko began to wonder if it would seem unbecoming if she began jogging ahead. Deciding against it, she gave another sigh and attempted at least to maintain a more pleasant conversation. "It occurs to me that I do not know what performance your club is planning. Perhaps if it is not entirely boring, I might offer a moment of my time to see your progress. After all, that is what you thespians prefer, is it not? An audience for your endeavors?"
@GarlandDaHero I believe she is ~
In Omega Station / Boop! 25 Apr 2017 0:36 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Start Recording.

So... according to my phone, it's been about ten hours since the breakout. Oh, Ryobi here. Found a friend. Say hello, Kitt.


Thanks, Kitt. She found me, wants me to go to the Captain. I've got some other plans right now. As far as I know, we've lost a lot of the guys on duty during the breakout: Karsh, Windham, Hedrych... maybe Gris and Davis if they don't pull through. The Captain and Doc are ok, as well as Benton. Shoulda known that sonofabitch would make it when Karsh died. No word yet on Warden Pryce, but I'm looking.

Those shits were smart. Cut most of the communication, so this phone is good for nothing but these messages and a flashlight. Gonna keep this off most of the time to save battery. At... uh, I dunno, two-thirds or three-quarters left. I've got nothing else useful on me. Gotta find some way to defend myself. Otherwise, Kitt and I are toast if we meet someone.

Cap wants us to meet up back at the office. I'm having a hard time trusting anyone, but Kitt says they're legit. That's all fine and good coming from Kitt, but I'll have a hard time believing it until I see it for myself. No offense Kitt, but your models weren't exactly built with empathy in mind.

None taken, sir.

Would be nice to get to medbay. This cut is pretty nasty, but by the sounds of Gris and Davis's condition, I made it out easy. Just a bit of a headache when I move too fast.

Anyways, should get to Jan's office in about ten minutes. Cutting this to save battery. Found the button to hit so I don't sound like a dumbass at the end of these. ...Says it's still going. Shit. Oh, here we g--

~ = + = ~

Ryobi shut his phone down and put it back in his pocket. Hiding in the prison's cells might have been a stroke of genius, but it came with a cost. There was little in the way of weaponry on this side of the bars, but he knew shivs were made and hidden all the time. Problem is, the prisoners needed to be crafty with their hiding spots, and they might have taken most of their makeshift knives with them. On the plus side, he knew most of the prisoners and which ones didn't care about solitary or longer sentences. Hell, most were serving life anyways.

Were being the key word. Now they were loose. Ryobi turned the corner to one of his least favorite cellblocks. This is where they put inmates with last names starting with G-L. One of the first cells was Gardea's. Ryobi shuddered as he sifted through the items left behind. The woman was a packrat, or perhaps a kleptomaniac seeing that she was in for larceny. She had several dozen lighters scattered through her room, but no cigarettes. And of course, she kept a knife tucked away under her spare orange jumpers, tucked into the prison-issue underwear.

Ryobi's mind briefly drifted back to one of his first encounters with her. She had refused to get out of the showers in an attempt to show dominance in a subservient world. Ryobi was forced to carry her naked body all the way back to her cell. Not that she struggled... in fact, quite the opposite. She draped her arms around Ryobi's neck, coyly showing off her privates at intervals. Sure, she was something to look at, but Ryobi wasn't interested, not even after she pulled his neck down to lock lips together. Ryobi had pulled away, of course, but he had requested someone else deal with her in the showers when possible.

Ryobi stood up and waved the fruits of his searching to Kitt. "Got one," he said, exiting the cell. "That was easier than expected. I'll keep an eye out for something you can use too."
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