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20 Mar 2017 1:51
Current Being 20 is weird, because my friends circle contains both 1) people who are still excited about just learning to drive, and 2) people getting married and buying houses.
30 Jan 2017 22:19
I use chrome, but lately a little speech bubble has been showing up over the M.S. Edge browser app and saying things like "Edge is safer than Chrome!" and "Edge is faster!" Are they... that desperate?
22 Jan 2017 20:53
Dated an adult My Little Pony fan. I'm not so upset that they cheated on me as I am that my Netflix account is still recommending MLP movies to me, a whole year later. No escape.
5 Jan 2017 22:14
Someone: Unless it's made for adults, only children should watch cartoons . Me: Shut your whore mouth, there's an Amazing World of Gumball marathon coming on!
1 Sep 2016 20:13
You gotta love Beowulf. "Giant monster? Can't be harmed by any known weapons? I'MMA PUNCH IT >:D"


I'm heavily inconsistent with RP types. The only guarantee I will give is that I'll never join a history or totally military RP. (history with some fantastical elements is more acceptable)

As for the rest: I've RP'd fantasy, sci-fi, romance, "romance", god RPs, Nation RPs, school RPs, gifted RPs, adventures, military, action, worldbuilding-based RPs, and so on. The only types I've never tried are history and fandom.

Been doing this for years, obviously. 5 years, I think. I was around in old-guild, despite what my account's age might suggest, plus some other RP sites. Oh, and I always stick to the casual and advanced sections. As soon as one-liners start dropping, so do I.

I love to spend all my time spamming the OOC with irrelevancy, and nothing short of kicking me can ever stop it. I am a dean of double entendres. A patron of poorly-done puns. A miser of memes. A saint of sighs. A... well, you get the idea.

Final note: I try my best to be nice and patient with everyone, since I know how annoying I can be. But if you act like you think you're smarter than everyone else (looking at you, sci-fi and NRP "intellectuals"), whine like a dog when the GM says no, or try to shove your ideas of how the RP should be down other people's throats without being the GM, then I have no problem calling you out on it. Because if that's how you act, you need to find another hobby: RPing isn't for you. Go away, trash people.

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I'm interested! Sounds fascinating.

And of course I can provide a sample of writing, If you need it.
Yay for more people!

I've been thinking about it, @Dead Cruiser, and I think I've come up with a way to make my character fit more with the magicy-spacey theme of this RP.
@IrisitySounds workable so far. I wanted at least someone from an originally "primitive" society, for the added perspective when we eventually encounter others. Bear in mind that "medicine" would be stuff like potions and alchemy and healing magic and so on. This extends to the vast majority of the technology we'll encounter.

So while I'm thinking about it, I want to run a goofy idea by you guys. It's sort of a subversion of the usual classic D&D alignment system, but rather than being a descriptor of your character's morality, it's a sort of classification of the makeup of their soul. The universe exists on these metaphysical axises of Good and Evil (Extropy vs Entropy) and Law and Chaos (Stasis vs Change). None are more closely in tune with these forces than Gods (hyperdimensional beings of vast power), whose existences and perceptions are dependant on the alignment of other entities and forces in the universe. So your character would have an alignment dependant on where their species (or possibly entire planet) falls in the grand scheme of the universe's alignment, regardless of their personal character. This would only affect their potential interactions with Gods (if they were a Cleric for instance) and the effects of certain types of magic on them.

It's just a weird idea I was working with, and I can easily drop it if you guys aren't fans.

I love the idea.

@Dead Cruiser

See I was thinking along the lines of a sentient android-like creature from a dying planet torn in a never-ending war between life and death, science and magic, fate and those with the courage to change it. Fed up with the "right" side of the war, yet morally obligated not to join the "wrong" side, they instead leave the planet in search of somewhere they can actually be themselves. Of course they'd bring with them some pretty cool machinery and cybertechnology to aide the pirates in both navigation and things that require a more scholarly touch. He'd be kinda eerie (due to being, essentially, a robot), but all around good natured. He'd also use weaponry from his home planet, a place known for their atypical tech, fusing magic and technology into some otherworldly results :3

Funny you should mention that, because my character is from a planet that was nearly destroyed by war 500 years ago, and has since then been slowly but surely rebuilding. My guy was one of the few to actually have the means to leave the Gods-forsaken world, even though things are finally coming back together now.
@Dead Cruiser
Ew. No fishmen.

I'll drop the oxygen problem, if it really matters. He'll be a boring ole' oxygen-breather like the rest of you
@JeymaI think I'm drawing the line around "fantasy inspired" for aliens. Just for an example, an Elder Thing would be just about where I draw the line for a player character. The ability to infiltrate a non-Void-traveling population (ie generic humanoid body) shouldn't be underestimated.

So my character is good, then?

He'll probably be able to mask himself as a humanoid, just with a little difficulty. He's definitely not a humanoid, but he's capable of walking up right, so (as you'll see when we get the CS) he can bend and twist himself enough to look... humanish.
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