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20 Mar 2017 1:51
Current Being 20 is weird, because my friends circle contains both 1) people who are still excited about just learning to drive, and 2) people getting married and buying houses.
30 Jan 2017 22:19
I use chrome, but lately a little speech bubble has been showing up over the M.S. Edge browser app and saying things like "Edge is safer than Chrome!" and "Edge is faster!" Are they... that desperate?
22 Jan 2017 20:53
Dated an adult My Little Pony fan. I'm not so upset that they cheated on me as I am that my Netflix account is still recommending MLP movies to me, a whole year later. No escape.
5 Jan 2017 22:14
Someone: Unless it's made for adults, only children should watch cartoons . Me: Shut your whore mouth, there's an Amazing World of Gumball marathon coming on!
1 Sep 2016 20:13
You gotta love Beowulf. "Giant monster? Can't be harmed by any known weapons? I'MMA PUNCH IT >:D"


I'm heavily inconsistent with RP types. The only guarantee I will give is that I'll never join a history or totally military RP. (history with some fantastical elements is more acceptable)

As for the rest: I've RP'd fantasy, sci-fi, romance, "romance", god RPs, Nation RPs, school RPs, gifted RPs, adventures, military, action, worldbuilding-based RPs, and so on. The only types I've never tried are history and fandom.

Been doing this for years, obviously. 5 years, I think. Oh, and I always stick to the casual and advanced sections. As soon as one-liners start dropping, so do I.

I love to spend all my time spamming the OOC with irrelevancy, and nothing short of kicking me can ever stop it. I am a dean of double entendres. A patron of poorly-done puns. A miser of memes. A saint of sighs. A... well, you get the idea.

I usually kill off my characters either out of boredom, or to introduce a new character. They all die tragically, and sometimes ironically. I... I think I have a problem.

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Just checking in to let you know I'm here!

Doing this again, unless I've gotten drowned out in the past 3 days. I've been busy with school and tests.

Tomorrow, if it isn't too late, I'll get caught up and everything.
Just checking in to let you know I'm here!
In NOVA DAWN 29 Mar 2017 3:45 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Quick round of notifications from folks I've not heard from in a bit. Just checking if y'all are still interested.

@Cute Bumber@Hank@Jeyma@Polybius

Still here. Still working. Just haven't been online in a day or two because I've been busy and distracted.
In NOVA DAWN 26 Mar 2017 15:43 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@Jeyma Sure, feel free.

Kk. One weirdo merchant coming up!
In NOVA DAWN 26 Mar 2017 7:31 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Working on a character. Mind if I PM you my ideas before I spend all my time only to create someone that could possibly be rejected?
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