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"No Ryu, her friends are not on a rampage. I just having you in there while this young lady goes in. If Amelia does for some reason get upset, it'll be good to have you in there. Sides, maybe you can also get her to join us for supper. Would be nice to get the little tyke out of her room." Joshua said before leading Rin over to the room. He opened it and let her in Ryu in before turning to the rest in the group. He moved over to Shadow and offered a hand out to her with a kind smile. "Don't be so nervous. We'll find you someone to be with. If we can't, you get a room all to yourself. Don't worry though, we'll make sure your comfortable with whoever you're with, or not with. If you want, I can introduce you to someone. She's very friendly, maybe a bit too energetic, but a good person. She also likes water... a lot. If you enjoy swimming, you'll like her."

When Rin and Ryu entered the room, it was definitely dark. Not a single light was on and the blinds where shut over any window that was present. The only lights in the room came from it only occupant, a young girl about Shadow's age sitting on a bed. She was wearing a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. From her back spouted two, skeletal 'wings' with six crystals, from which the dim lighting came. When the two came in, the girl raised her head slightly before lowering it again, resuming her staring at the ground, paying absolutely no mind to the other two who were now in domain.

Oddly, the shadows around her seemed to shift and move closer to her and a low growl filled the air, a warning to the trespassers.

Joshua turned to address Avary and Shadow first.
"That'll be up to Mister Fellows, but in general, I don't think it will be. After all, not like anything funny is going to happen between you two if you're siblings." Joshua said before turning to Anna and Rin. "I'm guessing you have some sort of light based power, not unlike myself. But you lack control for now I'm guessing, hence why you want to be in darkness for now.

As for your question Anna, I doubt she'll bother Amelia, but I'll get Ryu to come down just in case. As I said, we don't need her upset again. Lord knows what Mister Fellows will do if those things do go on a rampage again

With that being said, he pulled out his cell and speed dialed Ryu's number to do just that while also keeping an eye out on the other students, trying to see who might pair up with another. After he got Ryu to come down, wondered how to contact Mr. Fellows, short of going to his office, which was absolutely forbidden.

Joshua turned towards Shadow when she asked her question.
"Yes, they do. Especially when they reach a certain age. Why, do you ask?" He said to her kindly before turning towards Rin. "Mind if I ask why? If it's something to help you out with your powers, I'm sure we can make some accommodations for you. Especially if it helps you control them. Because all the rooms are build the same unless otherwise needed. So all of them are the same level of brightness. If you need a dark room for now, the one room I brought up earlier is usually dark but again, you'll need supervision, just in case."

Joshua didn't even blink as he let Souls turn him around and begin cursing him out again. When she left, he shrugged but gave an appreciative nod towards Noah before turning to Skylar. He gave her a kind smile and gently pat her head as he removed the objects from her ears so she could hear.
"Even if you've heard it before, it's still wrong. And don't ever say it, okay?" He said to her in a much kinder tone then the one he had addressed Souls with. Looking around at the group, he didn't even blink at Anna's appearance, but he did raise an eyebrow at her comment towards him and Soul's comment towards her. He was going to address the rebellious brat again, but Mr. Fellows beat him to the punch. Deciding the leave Souls to him, he turned to the rest. "Right, those of you who are acting their age, please follow me, I'll show you to your rooms. Souls, I suggest you stay here, cause I would not trust you with a room as you are now. Sides, I think it's best Mr. Fellows handles you anyway. Unless he says otherwise."

He would wait for Mr. Fellows to make his decision before leading the group towards the dorms, pointing out area's of interest such as classrooms and the gardens thought the trip wasn't long before they reached the hallway with the dorms.
"Alrighty then. This is where you'll be living. As Mr. Fellows said, boys on the left, girls on the right. Or, you can remember it as odds for guys, evens for girls. Now, you will be sharing a room with someone, it is mandatory. The only exception is if the staff see it as necessary. For example this room." He moved over to a door a little ways back the way they came. "The resident of this room is young, but very powerful. Very docile but last time she got upset, we lost a bit of the building. Luckily, the variety of powers we have here makes repairs very easy. So, we let her be alone for the most part but you'll be seeing her later tonight... I hope. If you enter, do so only with supervision, PLEASE.

Anyway, enough about that. Please, select your rooms and partners at your leisure. Once you done, I'll give you the appropriate key
@Framing A Moose I brought that up to him already. Never got any sort of acknowledgement.
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