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Amelia Averyonna
@Nikki Moonlight

Amelia nodded before looking at her bed. She decided not to use it, instead turning to Rin and raising her arms, as if silently asking the older girl to pick her up. If Rin did so, she would find Amelia to be surprising light.

"Well, then we'll teach you when you're ready to learn." Elyse said before turning to Rose. "I guess we should take her to our room. I'll go change, so I'll meet you there."

With that, the young girl walked away to change into something more appropriate for walking through the halls.
Joshua Tamashii


Joshua couldn't help but give an amused smile at Cream's expression as she complained about his excessively long speech. It was rather cute actually.
"Sorry, sorry, it's a force of habit. I should really try to get better at that." He said, giving her a kind smile. When she mentioned that he didn't have a lot of friends, he just shrugged dismissively. "Sure, they're not the biggest group and more of them are like acquaintances then anything else. Still, I would consider them friends since they are friends of a friend.

Anyway, before I start droning on about that, mind if I ask you a question? If you're the, quote on quote here, 'best of the best', the 'cream of the crop', why aren't you in the light dorm? That's where the best of the best are. Surely someone as strong as you would be in that dorm, not the one just above the bottom. Come on, you can tell me the truth, I won't judge you. I'm in no position to do so

Amelia Averyonna

@Scarifar @1charak2

Amelia followed Leander to the card shop, finding the fact that they got lost on the way a little amusing. This tower was essentially their second home but they had only been here a few days so she guessed that getting lost was only natural. When they finally arrived, she stayed by his side as he headed towards someone he knew. When she saw the uniform the boy was wearing, she instinctively hid behind Leander a bit and, although it was subtle, she began shaking a bit. Apparently the attack she had taken last night had left some sort of trauma on her.
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@PlatinumSkink cute girl being cute is cute. Go figure
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Amelia Averyonna


Amelia watched the Pumpkaboos, giggling a bit at their initial reaction. When one of the smallest ones rolled out and approached her, she couldn't help but let out an 'Aaaaaaawwwwww', wanting the cute little guy. When one of the supersized ones rolled over and got between her and the tiny guy, she frowned and stood up, looking at the big guy.
"May I help you?" She asked before turning to look at the Gourgeists as they approached. She remained calm but looked at Chandelure and shook her head. She wanted to see if these Gourgeists were really hostile or simply being protective of their young. Sure, some Ghost-types could be dangerous, not unlike Litwick or Chandelure themselves, but that didn't mean they were all bad.

"It's fun to swim alone, but it's more fun with friends, don't you think?" Elyse said before looking concerned. "Why,do you not know how to swim?"

Amelia Averyonna
@Nikki Moonlight

Amelia ran around for only a few minutes before stopping due to fatigue. It was easy to tell that she didn't get out often and tired easily as a result.
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