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What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?
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People getting straight roasted in the status section is always amusing
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It's great when you have barely any homework to do


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Connor glanced over as Frin entered the classroom. He had heard about how he was one of those who had received first place in the entrance exam rankings, him and a boy called Marius. Connor wondered where he had placed in the rankings with his own exam. He couldn't imagine himself placing anywhere outside of the top ten. Connor had hoped that he would take the top spot, although it lingered in the back of his mind that he wouldn't. He heard a guy talking to himself loudly and ignored it. Connor decided it would be best to ignore it for now.

Suddenly the white haired boy responded to him. Connor tilted his head slightly as the boy went on to mention how there were more than one exam sight, then Connor raised his brow as the boy struck back, saying that it was rude to ask for one's quirk if you didn't explain yours first. A little odd, must be a Japanese custom of quirks. "I was planning to, after you told me yours. But anyway, mine is a little hard to explain... so I'll just show you...". Connor flexed his hand and a sharp dagger of bone formed in his hand, which he used to scratch his initials into his desk. He made the dagger longer, and then did the same to Charles's desk, albeit smaller and lighter. He then retracted the form back into his hand, the exit wound healing over almost immediately.

" to explain yours?"


The car journey from the airport had been long and tedious. Samantha had booked a cab for him to get the school, and said goodbye to him at the airport in America. There had been no hugging or kissing, just a "good luck" and a "goodbye". Connor's father would have probably just spit at him, or worse. One day he would go back and show them what he had become. Connor was happy to be back in Japan for the first time since the exam, the bustling cities were a stark contrast to his rural upbringing. Still, he liked the look of the country so far. This was where he would be spending the foreseeable future, where he would finetune and power up his power. Maybe one day he could learn to get rid of the time constraint on his power.

Connor had, surprisingly, rather enjoyed the exam. He always loved an opportunity to show off his quirk. A smug Connor had never expected himself to fail. His immediate ambition was to form some kind of ranged weapon from his quirk. To do that he knew he would have to somehow break his bones cleanly, which Connor was uncertain he could do. It would probably hurt like hell. In the back of the car, Connor had slid out a small dagger and scratched his initials onto the leather back seat. He wasn't sure why he kept his surname, instead of taking on Samantha's. But those thoughts weren't much of a concern.

The car had stopped and Connor issued a quick thanks to the driver. He walked through the entrance gate and onto the campus. He recognised a lot of people from the exam, and wondered how the hell some of them had passed. A lot of them, he distinctly remembered, were almost quirkless to him. He decided against fraternising with anyone on the playground, instead scouting them out to see if he could spot any new quirks. He then thought it best to get to the classroom he had been given immediately. Be the first one there, maybe practise his powers in private a little.

When he got to the classroom, he found to his slight annoyance that he wasn't the first there. A boy sitting was by the window with blank white hair. Could that be related to the quirk he had somehow? He didn't recognise the boy from the exam, so he was in the dark on that front. There was something about him that just struck Connor as a little unusual. Nonetheless, he sat down at a nearby seat and said to him -

"Hey, I'm Connor. I don't recognise you from the exam... what's your quirk?"

@olcharlieboi My plan was for my character to have a deep hatred of the quirkless due to his past, so he's going to the school to make himself more powerful so he can try and eradicate them when he gets out
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