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15 Mar 2017 21:04
Current New Discord hangout server
11 Mar 2017 16:08
Just revamped my profile
5 Mar 2017 23:29
People getting straight roasted in the status section is always amusing
26 Feb 2017 14:08
It's great when you have barely any homework to do
20 Jan 2017 23:48
People are complaining about the status bar. That is all.
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Hello there. If you're here, you've stumbled across my profile from the chat, status bar, or a roleplay I'm in, though the first is probably more likely. I reside in the suburbs around London, England, and have been kicking around on this world for 14 years, which will become 15 in August. As mentioned before, I'm usually always in the chat here, or if I'm not there, I'm also in the official Discord. If you still can't get a hold of me, you could try messaging me on my Reddit account, Sterbai.

The main thing you need to know is that I'm a keen and avid writer. Although, as I'm on a roleplaying site, that should be pretty obvious. I've written for several subreddits, like r/shortscarystories and r/nosleep, and I've also written a little for the SCP Wiki (check out SCP-2831 if you want to see an example). If you can't guess from those examples, my preferred writing genre is definitely horror. Aside from writing, I love watching movies. I'm a gigantic movie buff. I take media at school and my dream for later in life is to go into film making in any form. I also love watching TV (Legion is fucking amazing), but to a lesser extent. My favourite bands are Young the Giant, Caravan Palace, Atlas Genius and twenty one pilots.

If you've spoken to me in chat or observed me there for any amount of time, you'll probably notice that I come off as quite an abrasive person. I hate a lot of things, and I'm usually pretty blunt when I find something annoying or stupid. If you come under fire from me, please remember it's most likely not you yourself that I have an issue with, but what you were saying or doing. I'm not one to resort to ad hominem, and if you do, then I'll take it as you having lost the argument. Anything else? Well, I'm atheist, straight, and do not suffer from any mental illnesses. The last one I'm quite thankful for.

If you have any other questions, just feel free to PM me or try to contact me on one of the formats that I mentioned in the first paragraph.

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@SleepingSilence 7/10. The parts that were actually music were really good, but the fact that the first like two minutes were just people talking which was pretty weird and confusing, takes it down a few.

@SleepingSilence 6.5/10. I really like the instrumentals in the song, a lot, but the vocal is just a little too extreme for my tastes.

I'm going for something a little weirder now, enjoy

@TwelveOf8 The instrumentals are pretty good, and I feel it's pretty catchy. However, the vocals don't really sit right with me for some reason, and the parts where it rings are pretty irking.


I mean, this is basically SCP

EDIT - But it's kinda cool, so I'll make a char
Anyone watching Legion? I'm four episodes in, it's really great
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