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Sure. Go ahead.

Go ahead. I still have to approve it.

Once upon a time, MST was OP.

"Draw" the duelist declared, his hair shaking in the process. One of his face down cards revealed itself- Polymerization. "From my hand, I'll send Ojama Yellow, Ojama Green, and Ojama Black to the graveyard, in order to fusion summon Ojama King!" His three monsters joined hands, apparently speaking to one another as they swirled together to form a single white mass. It was stuck in attack mode with its whopping zero attack, though three of Carnel's monster zones were blocked off.

"Next, from my hand, I'll activate the field spell Ojama Country!" he stated. It started to feel a lot like the last duel. Obviously, he didn't have time to change out his cards. Then suddenly, zero attack became three thousand. "Ojama King, attack his face down monster."

The face-down monster was revealed to be Spirit Reaper, who blocked Ojama King's punch through an invisible barrier, despite a measly 300 DEF. "Because of Spirit Reaper's effect, it cannot be destroyed by battle," Carnel explained.

Jun nodded, immediately understanding Carnel's strategy, though at the moment had no responses to it, or at least none that he was leading on.

The duelist smiled. "I end my turn."


"Just like I thought. No skill. No strength. You don't deserve to have those archfiend cards. In fact, you don't even deserve that field spell!" Tsunozuka hassled after drawing his card for turn. He mumbled, seeing that though there were no monsters protecting him, Taiyo's life points were still safe, hiding behind those pesky swords.

@Blight Bug

Rather than respond to Fyodor verbally, Panik simply backed away. "ACTION FIELD" a voice droned. "THE NIGHT", a seemingly different voice stated in a different, more solemn tone. Suddenly, the auditorium disappeared, giving way to a dark forest and a moonless, starless night, several light points rendered by the solid vision projectors of the auditorium following the two duelists being the only illumination, being just enough to see their cards as well as each other's faces.

Panik gestured toward Fyodor. "Go ahead. You can go first."
@Blight Bug

As Fyodor stepped into the auditorium, he was greeted by the ominous sound of organ playing. Down in the pit, a man in a thick jacket and large hair covered in a purple cap which appeared like the attribute circle for dark monsters. Upon arrival of the Ghoulish Rider, the organ playing had stopped and the man revealed himself.

His appearance was ominous, as he resembled the Player Killer of Darkness- shortened simply as Panik- who had allegedly gone missing twenty years ago during Pegasus's Duelist Kingdom Tournament, never to be seen again. Beforehand, however, he was known for his brutality in duels.

"Welcome, he who calls himself a servant of the dark lord. I have been waiting for you." he started. "I trust you've heard the news this morning. That is, the news about the rules changes. Your duel disk has, after all, already been modified for them." Panik stepped out of his piano bench and kicked it out of the pit before strapping a duel disk around his pelvis.

The doors suddenly closed, a clicking noise suggesting that they had become locked. "I was tasked to give out Link Monsters to all who I believed worthy, and I don't see anyone who would be more worthy than one who appreciates the powers of the Lightbringer. But! They also didn't say how I could deem one's worth and indeed, what should happen to those who aren't worthy. And as you'll soon find out, there is no getting out of this. You can either duel me, win, and get out, or you can stay in here and rot. Your choice." he laughed nefariously.

"I'll set the conditions. I chose the auditorium because it was modified to accommodate action duels, which I trust you know about. It will be solid vision with mass- meaning the pain from all my monsters will be all the more real. There will be no life points for this match. Instead, it will be an "I quit" match. Meaning the duel will only end when one of us says the words "I quit", and he who does not, will be the winner."


"You know what? I'll activate what I wanna activate! And you know what else? Archfiend Reverse's effect works on your turn too! I'll target itself for its ability, and thanks to that, you also tribute a monster!" Tsunozuka boasted angrily. A smoke cloud appeared over the two demons and when it finally subsided, the both of them had their necks in between scissor blades, before being cleanly chopped off in a manner that only computer graphics could produce, pixels and all.

"I'll choose Edge Imp Tomahawk, and it'll be added to my hand while Archfiend Reverse goes back to my Extra Deck. To my hand from my deck, thanks to Pandemonium, I'll also add Archfiend Atheling, and that means I can special summon it!" Tsunozuka appeared very smug at that point.

"Draw" he savored the moment, slowly taking his time to pull the card from his deck. "Heh. I don't need it anyway. Normal summon, Edge Imp Tomahawk! Level 2 tuner Red Resonator and Level 4 Edge Imp Tomahawk... SYNCHRO SUMMON! Everything it turned back. Return to me! Come, the barbarian barber of beelzebub! Level 6 Archfiend Reverse! I'll set a card and end my turn." he spat.

"Aren't you from the Stardust House? You should be a master of synchro summoning. Why aren't you using a Synchro monster?"


Before Carnel could end his turn, the man in the trench coat wagged his finger. One of his facedown cards was flipped face-up, Twin Twisters. "I'll discard one of my cards, and in return, I can destroy two of your spell or trap cards (whichever two)." he explained. "The card I discarded was Ojamagic, and when it goes from my hand or field from the graveyard, I can add one Ojama Yellow, one Ojama Green, and one Ojama Black from my deck to my hand." In that single move, he had taken out two of Carnel's cards and drawn three, all before even drawing a card.
Thames tapped rhythmically at the side of his trousers with his right index finger. Every six taps the minute hand of his pocket watch ticked up by one minute. He stared, watching mostly quietly at Mr. Fritz who began what were very much his last words, as spoken of by himself. Concepts of things such as "future" were a trivial matter to Thames. After all, his dominion was over time itself! Little did he care for what this man had said. Indeed, when he finally passed, in spite of emotions running high in the room, Thames looked toward the decrepit corpse of the old man and the girl crying over him, feeling no more worsened by such turn of events. Thames had never taken the man for granted. After all, Mr. Fritz was the first human being he had spoken to ever as far as he could remember. Sentimentality, however, was not something Thames cared too much about.

Thames's eyes wandered around the room, not wanting to focus so much on the dead body. The first person he noticed was Senna, who Thames had always regarded as a crazy person. Judging by her pent up body language and her facial expression, the particular positioning of her muscles as seen by Thames, she was evidently angry.

The next person was Ansgar. Thames always hated him, though he could never really fathom any particular reason as to why. He hadn't expressed it openly, though had many a time "accidentally" left an ice cube or two out of his drink, or left a particular spot uncleaned if he knew Ansgar was the next person to clean after him. This was not out of spite though, at least not as far as Thames was concerned.

"Oh. And they're talking to one another." Thames grimaced, wanting to spit if there weren't so many people around, instead swallowing his saliva as he watched scornfully as the two interacted with one another. When a third person; Sai, who Thames also disliked; joined in the conversation, he looked away, not wanting them to drag him in as well.

After them, his focus was turned to the distinct cawing noise which he had associated with Dodo, who like Senna, Thames believed to be a crazy person, though for different reasons. Even if he had the mind to approach her, she had already left the building. Thames rolled his eyes. It wasn't as if she'd have anything substantial to say anyways.

Then, starting a commotion, Zahn. For whatever reason, he felt the need to rally everybody together as if his words had any weight to them. Thames certainly didn't care. Thames didn't quite like this person either. He thought him stuck up. Plus, Thames didn't like cats. He always thought them unnerving and disliked the way they glared, and Zahn was certainly cat-like, up to his pompous attitude.

Nim was not someone Thames ever bothered with, in fact he had hardly even bothered to remember her name. After all, time was a precious thing for Thames and he didn't want to waste it on such a person.

The boy, not wanting to be in the room any more, fled quietly through the window, the same place that Dodo had made her exit though in a different manner. Thames, after all, didn't have all the handy bird features at his disposal. Using his powers, he slowed his fall enough to grab onto a pole, turning around it burn off the extra energy before dropping to the ground.

"Hmph" he thought, hands in his pockets as he wandered off in search of nothing in particular.
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