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18 Feb 2017 1:22
Current Aquaman isn't cool and all these highly upvoted Jasom Momoa posts you might see on Reddit or Imgur are almost certainly driven by an ad agency and vote bots.
30 Jan 2017 23:41
Is it just me or does that sound really cringey?
20 Jan 2017 17:47
I would like to say goodbye to President Obama, the first presidential candidate I ever voted for. Thank you for your service. I would also like to welcome President Trump and wish him every success.
13 Jan 2017 5:12
I was disappointed with ME3 beyond just the ending. The storyline felt half baked and didn't have as many deep choices as 1 and 2. The squadmates didn't have much content either which was a letdown.
18 Dec 2016 7:07
We'll always be lovers because of your eyes


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Projectiles hissed and whined through the air. Vitruvia Procyon of the Order of Our Thrice-Pierced Martyr smiled and closed her eyes. She thanked the God-Emperor for giving her this opportunity to slay His enemies. What glory! What worship!

A round glanced off her cerimite shoulder plate spraying her cheek with chips of black paint. Vitruvia ignored it as she lifted her helm above her head and lowered it until the seals around her neck hissed and she laughed and sang as she walked into battle.

Hail the Conqueror, the God Emperor
By whose righteous crusades
All mankind is delivered, salvation from the horrors of the void

Vitruvia's stride never quickened or slowed as she walked down the ramp and toward the enemy, drawing her bolter and chambering the first round in the sixty round drum. She dropped to one knee behind one of the landers pistons and activated the thermal vision in her helmet, sweeping her gaze over the swirl of dust before them, seeking the incandescent glow of body heat.

She found it.

The battle sister did not waste ammunition. A thumb flipped the bolter to semi-auto and she aimed down her scope at the center of mass of each thermal glow. An armored finger squeezed once, sending a single .75 caliber rocket propelled explosive cartridge screaming through the air toward her target. Shift to the next target. Aim. Squeeze. Shift. Aim. Squeeze.
@Jbcool I was going to do the cultist thing but sadly I am going to have to bow out. Things are kinda busy and I am afraid if I take on another RP I will end up dropping and I don't want to do that. I still plan on reading though, this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun :-)
Much like NuttsnBolts up above I find that thematically appropriate music, movies and TV shows help me get in the groove. However if that doesn't work I can try to just write anyway. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. When/if that fails I just move on and do something else. No RP lives forever.
If I'm winning ;-P
@Jbcool ADB is one of my favorite 40k authors too.
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