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20 Jan 2017 17:47
Current I would like to say goodbye to President Obama, the first presidential candidate I ever voted for. Thank you for your service. I would also like to welcome President Trump and wish him every success.
13 Jan 2017 5:12
I was disappointed with ME3 beyond just the ending. The storyline felt half baked and didn't have as many deep choices as 1 and 2. The squadmates didn't have much content either which was a letdown.
18 Dec 2016 7:07
We'll always be lovers because of your eyes
2 Nov 2016 3:23
To guide someone through the halls of hell is not the same as love.
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I use to prefer characters who were older than me but these days I have been playing characters who are five or ten years younger.
Skyrim. All these years later and I'm still addicted.
@Jbcool I usually prefer breakneck pacing that wouldn't be out of place in a Jason Statham movie with the occasional break for a slow period to catch our breath and reflect but that isn't for everyone. Ultimately I'm cool with whatever everyone else wants so far as pacing goes. I can go with the flow :-)
In The Long Night 12 Jan 2017 5:03 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Hey, I don't mean to spam y'all's thread but I just wanted to say this is one of the coolest settings I have ever seen.
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@jbeil Not bad at all. As a matter of fact I really liked it. It helped me get into the 40k mood and find that holy warrior vibe hehe.
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