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@Norschtalen I don't have any qualms with the quirk or anything so it's up to the others to decide if they like the backstory, it's a yes from me
@olcharlieboi @NightmareInd @kidjab @Heckno12 @Turboshitter @Lucius Cypher @Kalas @Ryougu @Eklispe @KaijuBaragon @Chaotic Chao @pkken

Putting out an announcement that everyone should clearly state their quirk's drawbacks and limits in the quirk section of their character sheets. People who already don't have this done, this is a priority before they start becoming more heavily used in the RP. If your quirk is just quite mundane in the first place, that's still a drawback in itself and must be clearly stated. If you think you have this already then that's ace.

This may seem out of the blue or you may have seen me say it before, but we've elevated our standards on sheets since the start so it'd really help if everyone could double check :) thanks
@Uno I like it, but we've already spoken about it :P depends what @NightmareInd and @olcharlieboi think

Interacting with @Kalas

He stood up, making a clicking noise with his mouth and pointing finger guns to Karma and Connor either side of him as All Might exited the room. He went to follow, strolling to the Courtyard ahead of most of the class. He stopped outside next to Celestia, looking forward but addressing her.

"I appreciate bold entrances, I'd have said hi earlier but as you'd expect in a class full of heroes you're bound to have ten people stopping you from hitting the ground the moment you trip over. I'm Marius."

He gave a genuine smile, glancing to her but then back forwards. He stood lax, hands in his pockets, but attentive.

Interacting with @Heckno12

"Ah, we better get going."

She stood, brushing a couple of big creases on her skirt down as she walked, hobbling a bit so she could do this. Folding a lock of hair from in front of her glasses behind her ear she zipped out of the classroom in a brisk walk, standing in the courtyard. She looked to Marius and grinned a little, then to Karma, sizing up the competition. Her gaze ended up fixating before her though, awaiting whatever it is they'd be doing.
@olcharlieboi @pkken yah I got no qualms I think its aite
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