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22 Mar 2017 17:16
Current Sometimes people just need to fuck off, don't you think?
20 Mar 2017 23:20
A change in environment is good.
14 Mar 2017 6:26
707 deserved his happiness I will not stand for this.
7 Mar 2017 5:08
7 Mar 2017 0:44
And here I am once again.



Yes, that's right I'm a kpop fan. Before you judge me take a minute to continue reading my shit bio!

✨ Kpop & Anime is what I absolutely enjoy (though kpop is shady AF once you dive deeper into the content, but I've chosen to enjoy that part too~~)

✨ College Student

✨ My only assurance is death as I have no dreams, hopes, or goals that I 100% must complete. I actually do, but I like saying that I don't to have an excuse for slacking off~

✨ I enjoy the moon, and the light it shines as well as the stars (Cliche, ik). TORNADOS, thunderstorms, a new shoe/leather smell, ice cream, and last but not least sleeping (though I rarely get some~)

✨ The things I don't like are jump scares, any sort of physical touching without permission, personal space invasion, yelling, and last but not least spicy after effects.

Those are a few things about me, so what about you?

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In Tokyo Ghoul: Virus 25 Mar 2017 4:28 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'll have a character up tomorrow!
I...Have no words for that wonderful post
is this still going to happen?
I love the fact that two villains have walked in on this. Hahah.
It's like someone just pulled up a list and hit "Send All" without looking at the names.

> Can that intern be an NPC that gets yelled at, PLEASE? xD

Neo Priya



"And they think villains are the crazy ones..." Neo murmured under his breathe as he suddenly saw one guy fly through the air, and another yell for the others to shut up as she had walked in. It was a sight to see, and he wondered why he had re-thought attending this good guys meeting. It was a laugh to say the least, but he walked in nonetheless. As he realized who had thrown the poor man across the room Neo gave a thumbs up to the guy as he yelled out to him, "GOOD THROW!"

Glancing toward Ms. Everybody Quiet Neo winked, but started walking towards the armored guy. An asset is what he was, and not talking to him was like purposely losing a game of gold fish. He seemed intimidating, but who wouldn't after throwing a guy.

"Hey," Neo cleared his throat a bit. "Can you possibly throw me too? 'Cause that was pretty badass dude."
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