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25 Jan 2017 6:15
Current Sorry I haven't been on in a few days, guys! I'm feeling sick, so going to retire, but will hopefully have time after work tomorrow.
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21 Jan 2017 19:41
Plans for today: clean, reply to Guild messages, work on belated Christmas gift. Repeat. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
20 Jan 2017 8:30
Ah, 3a.m. We meet again. My sleep schedule's become really screwy, and it's messing with my ability to keep up with things. I promise I'm keeping a running tally of my PMs; responses may just be slow.
12 Jan 2017 19:10
Today's agenda: 30 minutes of cleaning, 20 minutes of crochet/reading/Guild time; repeat until either house looks less terrifying or it is dark outside.
10 Jan 2017 23:24
Yesterday, was dispirited because my interest check wasn't getting any hits. Today, bumped it and came back to three messages, TWO of them referencing The Princess Bride. [delighted cackling]
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This bio is a work-in-progress! For now, here are the basics:
  • Marcie
  • 25
  • Hamlet fixation
  • Lover of all things fantastic, supernatural, and just plain cool
  • Sucker for character-driven stories
  • Guild newbie; role-play addict
  • And, most importantly: very friendly, so please say hi!

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No, but seriously, I cannot tell you how genuinely tickled I am that, while my actual interest check failed to get any takers, I may have just made a new friend because we are both punctuation nerds. Our styles may be different, but our semicolon-loving hearts are true. *fist-bump*

Would you like to start a PM and toss some ideas around? Was there anything above that caught your interest? (And, even if we don't manage to start anything, I hope we can still be friends and wave hi to each other around the guild.)
I've edited and updated a tiny bit, so please say hi if you're interested!
But I'm just a dumb-dumb who needed to be in a special reading class in 3rd grade. xP

Hey, hey! There is no shame here in the Grammar Bunker. :)
Personally, I'm a huge fan of semicolons; I find that they connect two related sentences pretty well. (See what I did there? I know, I know; I'm not cute.) I like that they suggest more of a pause than a stop—when I want someone to stop, I use an em-dash. I feel like if you use punctuation carefully, it creates a lot of nuance and helps a lot with pacing.

I'm also a huge nerd who wants to be an editor when she grows up, so I know I'm totally in the minority. (Ask me how I feel about the Oxford comma. Go ahead.)
I do want to update this interest check (probably, as it says, in the morning), but I've been looking to dip my toes back into the Guild for a while, and I'm an impatient creature, so....bump!
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