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24 Apr 2017 21:08
Current Darkness is a strange mistress. However, retooling things for RPG will take awhile. However, I am enjoying Rai's Ascension RP. :P
23 Apr 2017 12:55
Ascension RP - One of the funnest RPs I've been apart of.
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21 Apr 2017 10:37
Anime is ever a bit overdramatic and other times it is a Harem. Some people hate anime and others love it. Which category do you think I am in?
20 Apr 2017 23:03
Darkness is a strange mistress, but not as annoying as writer's block. However, there's more things that are dark and mystery in terms of 1x1 roleplays.
19 Apr 2017 23:45
Great... I am creatin' a 12 days of christmas song for... Ascension RP. lol
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I am Landaus Five-One, I am so far not involved in any role plays but I enjoy Sci-Fi, Space Operas, Magical, World Invasions, Modern, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, and Alternate Universe.

I can play both genders + Artificial Intelligence characters as well. Since I do have two AI characters aka the Massive Starships within my Detailed Profiles topic.

I am looking for a Role play that keeps me interested, mostly. I have a vast quality/quantity of stuff I am working on at the moment classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse + the Main Realm. I am working on 20 profiles, and multitude of other things like a timeline but that's going to take awhile to get started since I still have to think where it all started and etc.

Out of everything, I am interested in role plays that are unique to their genre and etc. As well, I would like if the people can play both genders, just because since I can play them both that is. And other things like that. I have Skype if someone wants to contact me about certain things 'annihilation-holy' is my Skype, I go by Holy R. Enigma on it anyways. That's the only off-site information I am going to give.

I also like Grand Strategy, Real Time Strategies and etc in terms of video games. So I would probably do a Nation RP, if I wasn't so busy with the other things on my plate in terms of my Profiles, the timeline, and etc. So this is the end of the bio.

P.S: I like being called Holy, instead of Landaus since I have been using Holy a lot longer than this one name on this forum.

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Yes, I should work on my post. Therefore, it can be ready for whenever Suley's owner posts. XP

Me: "Err, how ny is it now?"
: "Really ny. Lexi, how do you like me?"
Me: "You are the . Solarians like the ."
Maria: "Pulsar Dragons also like the ."
Me: "Because your rainbow scales are beautiful in the ."
Maria: *giggles*
Zargoth: "Praising her is like looking directly at the ."
Maria: "Zargy... don't make me angry."
Zargoth: "Why not?"
Maria: "Velai is going to get the nickname of Velly."
Zargoth: "Good thing this is out of character..."
Cant have martial arts and elements without avatar.

I was thinking of having a spar and have a bit of character interaction. This might draw out the monk and goddess dragon to be a part of the bigger world.


Nice post this will be fun.

That will be pretty nice. Since Sophia is an awesome character and that OLD monk is very old. :P
Avatar: The Last Airbender = Epic
Too bad Korra didn't live up to expectations of fans. :(
My s are raging because, they weren't happy at that. But at least it is better than that horrible movie.

Me: "Calm down you cannot hold that much anger without exploding into a super nova."
: "Sorry, The True Meta Character within the forums."
Me: "Shhh, or do you want me to keep Mr. Moon in front of you for another million years."
: "Sorry. I don't want the moon in front of me."
Patricia's Mother: "What the heck is going on?"
@13org That conversation will be hilarious. XP
And pretty awkward as hell. :P
@13org Lol. Misunderstandings yes. :P
@13org That is wonderful post. :)
Thank you for bringing us to Page 5 of the wonderful IC.
May the seven s be with you. :P
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